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“To me, you may not tell even a word of lie.”

Year five of the unified Chang Empire, San the emperor, who brought peace to the chaotic world, returns to Changchunsung, his home, in disguise. There he runs into Kang, a demigod cast out from heaven and living as a human, and senses a strong attraction. Kang tries to distance himself from San as in Chang, relationships between humans and demigods are forbidden, and he would be executed once his demigod identity was revealed. Unable to disobey the orders of the emperor, Kang decides instead to deceive San. What does San know, and what has Kang forgotten? Bound by a tremendous fate neither can refuse, their lives intertwine yet again.

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sanlang3003 rated it
March 3, 2022
Status: c2
Translation: Very well translated, 7/10.

Story: So I am reading the officially translated manhwa on Tappytoon & currently on episode 42, so the story has progressed quite a bit already. Major spoilers below so read at your own risk! ... more>>

Kang is a demi-god banished from the heavens to live with the common people on earth for 5 years to repent for a sin that he committed. However, he doesn't recall his sin. He has 2 years left before he can return when he meets San, the Emperor. San takes a liking to Kang & aggressively pursues him & basically threatens Kang to return to his palace with him, or else there may be trouble for Kang's foster father.

Kang knows this & decides it's best to go along with San to protect his foster father & to try to survive his next 2 years in relative peace. San is unaware that Kang is a demigod but notices certain special abilities Kang has. As they spend more time together San grows fond of Kang & Kang eventually returns those feelings.

However, palace life is never easy as Kang gets his fair share of assassination attempts & jealous concubines while trying to maintain a job. As if that wasn't enough, he has to avoid getting impregnated by San! As apparently demigods can do so if they don't eat their little natural birth control. Wow, Kang sure is busy!

Characters: Kang is a gentle, mostly mild-mannered demi-god who has so far lived a mundane life in earth. Meeting San spices up his world while also complicating it. His personality starts to shine through the more he spends time with San & we learn he's quite feisty & can definitely take care of himself. Go Kang! While Kang has mostly been passive & keeping his nose out of trouble pre-San, he's shown to be very righteous in the way he critized the Emperor in front of San without knowing his true identity. Kang is also very smart & surprisingly considerate of his foster father & brother for having taken care of him for the last few years. I really like his character & he has a lot of layers to him. I appreciate that he's not some weak, helpless fellow who goes along with everything.

San must have some kind of traumatic history that is yet to be revealed. He's very smart & intuitive & reads people and situations almost like he's psychic, but one thing he cannot stand is liars, those with religious affiliations & those who directly oppose certain views of his. So... essentially he's a bit unhinged. He's unpredictable & like I said, there's gotta be some backstory to it. While San & Kang have their cute & sexy moments, I didn't appreciate how aggressively San pursues Kang. Definitely lots of dub con moments. Also, his unpredictable explosive extends to his interactions with Kang as well... he yells & threatens Kang in one moment then is spooning him in the next. I'm supposed to think that's a healthy relationship? It's not & no matter his trauma history, it doesn't excuse that behavior.


So far, I enjoy the story & will at least continue reading the manhwa on Tappytoon if I drop it here. <<less
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