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The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.

Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture. In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and become a warrior. Huang Xiaolong born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined. However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World

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Invincible Conqueror
Vô Địch Thiên Hạ
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pjrc8899 rated it
January 14, 2017
Status: c58
I had good hopes for this one and it is a shame given the great work of the translator, but at this time it seems that we have another Peerless Martial God in the making : (

Peerless Martial God also has an excellent translator. I hope it isn't a trend...

At this chapter, all that is left of the good initial potential of the story is arrogance and mercilessness of the MC vs. stupid blindness of the antagonists. Well at least the MC is not self-righteous like the protagonist of PMG.

I... more>> know that, by my point of view, the story has being constantly descending in quality. And I don't intend to wait for a 1000 chapter until the story finally appeals to me. I don't know if I have the energy/time to discover the truth of the matter.

In the beginning, the story deserved at least a rating of 4, but now I will give it a 3. That is: before I regret it... <<less
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Stark3 rated it
November 9, 2016
Status: c18
The mention of Martial Spirits and a reincarnated MC that brings over a technique from his original world initially brought to mind Douluo Dalu 1, however this novel is nowhere near that gem.

There's little to no suspense - everything gets handed to the MC on a silver platter. Within just a few chapters, the MC's reached the 3rd level mountain peak of cultivation while the early antagonist is just at 1st level, received TWO cultivation treasures (all thanks to a monkey that comes mysteriously out of nowhere), received a super... more>> advanced cultivation technique (with related battle skills!), a treasure saber and space ring.

Zero attempts at world building, MC's interactions with other people are limited to
a. Hiding his higher cultivation level (which I think is BS because that's just asking for trouble. At the very least he could show that he has worth in his clan so that he doesn't need to deal with a lot of unnecessary sh*t)
b. Reassuring his parents that he won't get beat up because of his *lower* cultivation
c. Beating up the arrogant junior members of his family.

The author could have done a better job of giving his MC personality by showing how he interacts with his parents and siblings outside of cultivation concerns, but the opportunities are thrown away in favor of cultivation and getting new treasures, etc.

TLDR - Don't go into the novel if you're looking for a well-developed, living world with a fleshed out MC and an intriguing story. If you don't mind the usual xianxia tropes, near constant treasures and level ups, then there's quite a possibility for the advancement of the MC. It's possible to get hooked to see how his martial spirit will evolve and advance, what skills he'll get, and how the mysterious cultivation technique he received will improve.

3 stars <<less
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odis rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: c600

'Typical' xianxia? Nope, this is a bad and boring xianxia. I got AIDS, hemorrhoids, diabetes, and even breast cancer while trying to kill time with this LN. I hate to hate, but this LN is one of the worst [if not THE worst] I have read.

Here are the reasons:
There's no 'cool' action/adventures, there's no interesting lvl-up progression, there's no romance, there's no human interaction of any kind, there are no feels, there's no comedy, there's no world building, there are no 'isekai' tropes, there's no common sense, there's... more>> no consistency and many more! Here's what it does have: mindless/bots characters, super godlike luck, plot armor over 9k; the world revolves around the MC, and everything is a smooth sailing ["Dora the explorer" shows more danger/drama and adventures than this novel]. <<less
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write rated it
March 18, 2018
Status: c374
MC is insanely OP.

Yet still needs unnecessary plot armor of repetitively finding things doesn't need to ruin more of pace of already badly paced novel. Retarded power ups.

If wasn't enough he was more OP than anyone in story and shits spirit medicine and skills he STILL needs to find possibly 1 of 3 people that are on same continent with possibly being size of entire earth land mass combined. Yet still does it. No less as a child no less than 10 years old.

Now you would think that would be... more>> enough of a handicap... No... MC still needs enemies to be dumb as a bag of bricks. And one time that author realizes that everyone in this world has IQ of 7 year old child he ups his game. Now everyone has IQ of innocent 12 year old. sh*t gets real and MC learns from nothing and instantly sees through this once in life time explosion of complex theory of battle! Because obviously just trying to lure him out. And noone saw it coming cause for last FOREVER of story noone has been smart enough to think of this ingenious idea. But instead of learning from mistakes or finding hints. He just magically knows.

All in all if I was ever in a novel I would want to be in this world. Because I wouldn't need to be OP, sh*t spirit medicine or high level skills, have someone randomly have an epiphany looking at air and decide they need to follow me or die trying to protect me. Just have to have IQ of an adult and you might not be strongest but most likely can do as well as anyone else while having a story that is so much better than this crap. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --
A story that has its ups, and downs. To start, the premise is rather interesting. This being the entire notion of the protagonist being the 'sovereign', which adds quite the humorous twist to an otherwise common story.

Protagonist-wise, there's little to complain of, since the protagonist is essentially a cultivation rock. He cultivates, for he yearns the power to rescue his beloved. Who mind you has great destiny upon her so she powers up in accordance to his own. Yet, the protagonist is wise, so he builds power-bases where ever he... more>> goes, and he also most importantly, utilises HUMAN RESOURCES, he doesn't try to do everything himself. He actually delegates, how astonishing!

Now for the negatives. There's distinct lack of meat to the story. It's Just rather skeletal at the moment, each chapter is seemingly around two hundred words, each paragraph one sentence. Rather Japanese at times. In the story itself, perhaps the greatest problem is that the protagonist doesn't really have an identity of his own. Everything he is has been shoved onto him. He rarely expresses himself, and when he does, it's to justify the acts of violence he has committed.

A story with both splendid arcs, and utterly atrocious arcs. Sometimes on top of the world, other times, staring down at the abyss with a blank gaze. <<less
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kamikazehindenburg rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: c50
I fail to see how this can be an enjoyable read for people.

I am someone who has read a lot of xianxia and I am ok with the tropes and cliches if they are done well or even decently.

Yes, it is filled with the cliches and he has a ridiculous amount of luck even for a xianxia MC, but the

For me the real flaw is that he has never faced a challenge that he could not effortlessly overcome. There is no tension. No obstacle is not surpassed within 2 chapters... more>> and there are effectively no negative repercussions for any of his actions.

This is not a slice of life novel, with an OP MC where this can work. It is a standard, cliche-ridden xianxia novel, and what makes those work is the journey to power, the struggle to overcome challenges that exceed what anyone could expect of them; this novel has none of that. <<less
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albreo rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: c120
This novel is plainly bad. Everything is just too convenient for the MC. Ie. Instant power up elixir, OP legacy on the go, Auto loot monkey, Instant understanding of martial art. Totally OP spirit constitution.

There is no difference between this and other generic martial art novels. Also school arc is just stupid, because author has nothing else to write, he just throw in a school arc for the MC to flex his arrogance, for unneeded boring. Combined with totally royal servants, who kept kowtowing little kid. Everyone should avoid this... more>> novel entirely, unless you have nothing else better to read like me. <<less
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Eriht rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: c96
Picking up this novel I expected... something. First few chapters were readable, but then story followed set pattern:

---> MC whine that he don't have ENOUGH Cultivation Resources (CR in short) ---> Walking from toilet he stumble on some ultra rare/legendary/extinct CR ---> Give like 93% CR to his useless family, leave 5% for himself, spend 2% CR on friends and subordinates ---> Family is soooo proud of MC ---> and we start again

In novel MC have no pressure, no danger, no brain. He is always protected (remember 2%?), always wins,... more>> always trash treasures (CR).

AND he always whine... <<less
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mukkaar rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c510
Damn, this must be one of the most brainless cliche xianxias out there. After the first chapters, it just becomes a repetition of same again and again, not to mention MC is just robot with one-liners. It doesn't have a story at all, it's just complication of cliche bit used over and over.

It gives you constant OPness and maybe the greatest plot armor I have seen, but that's literally all it has. Spare yourself and don't even start reading, I felt like my brain was rotting and had to stop.
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Merciful rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: c497
I have been reading for so long thinking that the story will get better but I am disappointed. The only thing MC does is cultivate quite fast due to his heavenly treasures and his talent. But every time a slight problem occurs his two slaves work that out for him. This guy has enmity with every villain around his kingdom, guess what he had never fought with them before. His two obedient workers who are strongest in that kingdom fought for him. But the author quickly tells that villains are... more>> losing left and right and credits MC with the achievement. You would feel like there are 3 mc- fei you, Zhao su, you Ming. You will see him getting his ass kicked around by li lu, who had weaker martial spirits than him. And even if she had better maetmar spirits MC was getting the best battle skills, heavenly treasures and elixirs for years and still got his ass kicked. This novel is crap. The funny thing is the female MC has even more plot armpar than male lead lol. Don't tell me she is gods reincarnation. If I hadn't invested this much time on this novel I could just kick this novel out of my view. <<less
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Cardman001 rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: c581
I usually don't give reviews for ongoing or not fully-translated web novels, but I thought I'd do one for Invincible to warn others. Invincible is a guilty pleasure for me; I feel guilty because I continue to read it despite the plot being pretty bad and having many faults. Yet, on occasion, there will be a truly enjoyable moment of face-slapping among the many unoriginal, poorly-justified moments of confrontation, and I always take pleasure in those. Sadly, the novel seems to just repeat itself over and over, so those moments... more>> of pleasure are few and far between. Looking at some of the spoilers on the novel's wiki, it seems like nothing really changes. Well, it's still ongoing, so there's always hope, right? In any case, below, I'll give some of my thoughts on the various parts of the novel so far, followed by a short pros and cons list.


The novel follows the growth of Huang Xiaolong (HXL), who is originally thought to have no talent, but actually has talent so high that it's just unrecognizable for a large part of the story (as of yet, no one has identified the grade of martial spirit of his blue dragon spirit). Not only does he have extremely high innate talent, but he also has memories of his life on Earth, and that includes the martial techniques he used to practice. If that wasn't enough for you, then you'll be happy to know that he very quickly finds the inheritance of someone who has been long gone, becomes his disciple, learns an overpowered cultivation method, and becomes the successor for the organization that his mysterious master used to rule over. In fact, throughout the story, the number of lucky chances our MC experiences would make the MCs of other novels wish they got even a tenth of them.

The story revolves around HXL hiding his power, then revealing it in spurts to deal with arrogant people, and repeating this over and over with new enemies and organizations. He advances his level incredibly fast and can fight enemies at much higher levels than him, causing the whole power level system to be meaningless. At first, he can fight people one or two levels higher than him, but then the gap between levels continues to lessen, despite it taking "years of cultivation" to advance for ordinary people. He advances so fast and has so many OP abilities that there's no tension in any of the fights anymore, it's just a matter of "how will HXL beat up these guys?" This imbalance causes the story to become boring and repetitive, with very few truly satisfying moments of face-slapping.

The universe is one of the decent points of the story. It's generic, as there are several dimensions like many other WNs, where once you reach a strong enough level, you rise to next dimension level. However, Martial Spirit World, along with various other places in the lowest dimension are visited and described (albeit not in very much detail). Still, considering the fact that I rate the overall story as below average, I guess you can consider the average/slightly above-average world a positive.

The side characters are basically irrelevant. Half of the characters introduced are enemies that either get beaten up and scurry off, get killed, or will come back later with more pointless enemies. HXL's immediate family becomes irrelevant and even a constant detriment later in the story, and basically contributes nothing to the plot. The people who support him and protect him while he grows are outclassed by his power very quickly, rendering them useless. The love interests are actually the worst part about the story: one of them basically disappears and gets brainwashed, yet he keeps trying to find and save her, despite not having much of a history with her. The other love interest so far came out of nowhere; she didn't care for HXL when they first met, then somehow he felt the need to save her, and she fell in love with him. The romance is completely illogical and is a terrible plot device to explain HXL's motives.



  • The world/universe is decent and continues to grow as the story progresses. While the exposition and description leave something to be desired, it, at the very least, is average at worst, and has potential.
  • There are intermittent moments of very enjoyable face-slapping. Most of the time it's pretty straightforward and repetitive, but sometimes it leaves me feeling satisfied and happy after reading.

  • The plot is generic and repetitive, and considering the overpowered and incredibly lucky MC, it becomes boring very quickly. Sometimes, I feel like passages were just copy-pasted from previous chapters, with only names and fighting moves being changed.
  • The MC is incredibly lucky and overpowered, causing there to be absolutely no tension in the fights he has. He behaves secretly and hides his power just to create fights with other people. The choices he makes are either dumb or without good reason, which overall makes him boring and not likable. Perhaps some moments in the story make him seem cool and heroic, but for most of the story, he's the instigator who can't hold back from insulting others or questioning authority.
  • The romance is horrible, and while this isn't usually a concern of mine when reviewing stories, it matters very much in this one. The motives and actions of the MC are heavily reliant on his romantic interest (s), yet the backstory and choices the MC makes are completely illogical and out of nowhere. It feels like the author needed a goal for the MC, but couldn't think of one, so he tried to shoehorn in the romance as the underlying motives, and ended up taking wild leaps in logic just to accomplish this.
  • The side characters and enemies are basically template-type characters, usually having no unique or outstanding traits. The enemies feel like repeat characters, while the supporting characters and family become irrelevant as the MC grows.
  • There are various contradictions and plot holes throughout, whether dealing with the times of events or the power levels of others, or various other issues. This, however, is one of my smaller complaints, as most WNs will have these sorts of things.
Overall, I think that if you're looking for a novel that revolves around constant face-slapping and humiliation, and basically nothing else, then this is the novel for you (although I would argue there are others, such as Emperor's Domination, which are better and have a more interesting plot). If you actually want something new and exciting, with ups and downs, cool side characters and love interests, stay away from this one. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tenku_kun rated it
April 20, 2018
Status: c502
There's literally only one way to describe the MC...


That's also how the rest of the story goes...

So... If you wanna read some serious face-smacking, read it.

The plot? what is that?

The only thing you gotta know is Invincable (It's a pun only select few get)
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
adsegm rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: c49
Many adjectives can be used to describe this story: cliche, generic, dumb. Unfortunately the one that sticks out for me is: boring. There is no plot or story or even any sense of struggle to get stronger, as everything just conveniently falls into the MCs lap. All we have are a bunch of cardboard antagonists waiting to be added to the MCs trash heap, by his bootlickers.

Even the central theme that almost everyone is a self centered ass who would sellout anyone (including people who save their lives) is violated,... more>> as for some reason a follower much stronger than the MC fails to just kill and rob him of treasures rather conveniently (MC needs him to further the plot).

On the whole, nothing of value would have been lost had this novel failed to exist. <<less
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TaoTie rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: --
What I want to know is whether everyone in this book is a narcissistic sociopath? I mean Im all for doing whatever you want, but all of these characters seem to have the IQ of a dog, and not even a smart dog. I mean literally every other chapter everyones trying to r*pe random girls and declaring death feuds over slights so small theyre not even worth remembering.

For example one of the most major and long lasting conflicts the MC faces begins because he refuses an invitation to a dinner... more>> party...

I mean seriously its a little ridiculous and it feels like lazy writing

P.s. also I wish the cultivation was a little more organized and interesting, at this point it feels sort of random and hodge-podgey <<less
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March 24, 2018
Status: c485
If faceslapping was a genre, this light novel should be the forefront. You would read MC making face slapping after face slapping. The point of the novel is face slapping, forget everything else.

If this is a serious novel, I'd never review this flawed logic fest. But, I gave this 4 out 5 because of the translation quality is good. The website hosting the translation give a good experience. I can enjoy reading the chapters without ad block.
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scribbledoutname rated it
October 11, 2017
Status: --
Whether or not you'll like this depends on (a) how much you enjoy face-slapping and (b) your ability to suspend disbelief.

I'm a huge fan of face-slapping and I love lucky MCs, so the "this guy is too lucky!" thing isn't a con for me. Besides the series of coincidences at the start of the story and the MC's retarded family, it's a solid, believable xuanhuan with an enjoyable plot. The MC starts normal but gradually gets OP as things go along (to the point where people at the same rank... more>> can't even scratch him). He's very hard working and capable.

There were some things I didn't like, like the MC hiding his strength at first (which I didn't fully understand), but he DOES reveal it at an enjoyable moment and, after that, he only hides it when he wants to trick someone, which is good. <<less
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fir537 rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c1615+
Starts casually like every common chinese cultivation novel. Not much different to Ancient Strengthening Technique, Coiling Dragon and similar novels in terms of the start. MC was shown to start weak, slowly reveal strength, and then rules. Sort of. Consider MC the direct opposite of Li Qiye from Emperor, who rely on his own strength for everything he do (rarely has outside support).

If you consider to pick this novel to read long term, only read this novel if you can handle Martial God Space pacing. Although at times the novel... more>> do feel a bit like Mortal Journey to Immortallity. Basically either things go fast or slow, for multiple chapters. I'll just give this novel 3 stars, due to its various defects and also good moments.


MC levels up like every other MC, but he always has a bodyguard from a higher realm no matter when. When he is Houtian, he gets a peak houtian guard. Later he gets a Xiantian guard. In Xiantian realm, he gets Saint realm guard. This goes on for every realm, although he does get an Emperor realm guard while still in God King realm, which is 2 realms below Emperor. Whenever MC reaches his guard's realm, the guard will then loses their screen time, often left behind in various places. MC does sometimes do things directly (rarely goes beyond 3-4 chapters), but fact is he has a stronger or more experienced guide by his side most of the time.

MC does gets heavily injured at times, when meeting enemy of higher realms and either his guards arent close by or of lower realm to the enemy. But he tends to recover basically in 1 chapter. There has been mentions in some chapters of how MC is undefeated, offically, under outsiders eyes he has never been defeated. He does get wreck every now and then, which he in turn wipes out the enemy when he obtains sufficient level of strength. MC has supreme luck, or in real world terms, MC Guard, where he gets what he wants and rarely suffers. Does shows his arrogance a LOT, even when facing enemies of higher realms, when he has his guards by his side. Tho he do tend to run fast if he or his guards cant beat the enemy. His attitudes at times makes me think of him as the villain instead of the main character.

Author also tend to be influenced a lot by comments he received. When people complaints MC is too weak, he gives MC multiple upgrades. When people complaints MC is too strong, he gives us tons of lame chapters. When people complains about MC being bullied, he made MC bully-kill in return. When people complaints of MC lacking harem, he gave us tons of harem. When people complains about MC bodyguard, he kicks them out and let MC go solo.

Oh yeah, MC gets harem in this novel. At the moment reading this novel, MC currently only married one. I dont exactly enjoy the way the harem members are included and introduced, especially the way they randomly fall for the MC. Author tried to explain this, but I call bull. Gold Horned Azure Bull. I say Li Lu is the only one I can believe, since she was already engaged to MC in the early chapters. Mortal had the best way in introducing its MC harem, albeit he never has true harem life (he soar too fast).

There is also a small similarity to Martial God Space, where it has been hinted multiple times that normal Earth is somewhere in the world. And the unexplained reason for how and why MC transferred to another world. MGS MC randomly pops in to the body of some dude named Ye Xiwen (his original surname was Zhang) one day without any explanation, this was never explained up till the end. While Invincible MC becomes a newborn baby, without explanation of the reason. Usually someone would first die in their previous world before transmigrating into a newborn, or at least gets summoned or fall into a random hole/pit before appearing in another world.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JustDiededed rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c45
First of all, I'm only giving this a 5 star, because I think the 3, 9 current ranking is a little too low.

This is a really good novel, but only for those who seek it. If you're not interested in a serious, profound novel at the moment, this is for you. Because I can tell you that MC's luck at least doubles that of Yun Che's.

... more>>

MC WILL go out as a child to find a secret cultivation manual. MC HAS a martial spirit that his grampa, in their tiny clan, misidentifies. And, absolutely, he WILL find people who'll offend him that won't live to regret it.


So, it's just a novel to read when you have free time and don't want to think deep stuff. It's, as was said in another review, a novel to read as you see fun, stupid action movies. You know that things'll go well. And that there will be some serious reckoning for the smallest mishap in MC's path. <<less
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Anonymousse rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c160
This novel is so average, mediocre, typical cliche, and predictable plot.

Author just put a silver if not a golden spoon to the MC mouth in every single chapter.

    1. MC needs an OP item? He pick it in a lake cave (at least its not on the bare street)
    2. MC needs servants/followers/whatever you called them? He just auto promote to a sucessor of an OP sect bcoz of his dogsh*t luck in point 1.
    3. MC met OP enemies and need some help? his follower/servants/whatever u caled em are all around the world and FORTUNATELY (!?) are OP one above another in following sequences...
    4. ETC, ETC, ETC... too many of examples of it.
Basically, author just put a Super armor plot for all MC miracles which makes this novel so dull...

Theres no challenge, no thrill, no suspense in it since everything is so predictable and cliche that killing the reading mood.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lurk rated it
March 7, 2017
Status: c87
It's well enough written generic cultivation novel, but what gets the fourth star from me is the main character. He is actually a decent human being. It's refreshing when main character retaliates properly when someone tries to murder him or his friends while still being reasonable with his violence. Might have something to do with him being a reincarnated monk.

I grow tired of MCs who just go around murdering and stealing everything they face while still supposedly being a virtuous person.
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