Invincible Sixth Prince


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Yun Zheng transmigrated into the Great Qian Dynasty as the sixth prince. He didn’t fight for the throne, nor did he engage in palace intrigues. He just wanted to secure military power and be a carefree sixth prince! With military power in hand, the world is mine!

Emperor Wen: “Sixth Prince, your elder brothers are becoming increasingly outrageous. Lend your father 100,000 soldiers to teach them a lesson!”

Prince: “Little brother, let’s talk this out calmly. Don’t come back with troops and scare your elder brother!”

Minister: “Your Highness, what do you think of my youngest daughter?”

Associated Names
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Sixth Prince Of The Great Qian Dynasty
Transmigrating As A Carefree Sixth Prince
Transmigrating Into The Sixth Prince
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goyowah701atdarksedotcom rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: c30
This is definitely a harem. Wasn't labelled as such at the time I'm writing this review. Within 30 he has a wife (still haven't been able to understand why the emperor married off the last unmarried daughter of a loyal soldier to a prince that he himself believes is worthless). Then he buys a maid who he plans to "enjoy" but only after she is older (currently 16 or smth) so add some weird g*ooming angle. Then add that he seems to be going after his sister in law, whose... more>> husband left for the battlefield on the day of their marriage and died there. So MC is tr*sh.

Who knows, maybe within 500 chapters he fills out his pokedex of heroines tropes to capture into his harem.

Beyond the tr*sh harem aspect that I dislike, people really aren't smart in this novel. First the way he gets to show off is really contrived and childish (first time is by solving a Rubik's cube and second by solving a geometric progression). Also, after a series of events, the emperor goes and makes a s*upid declaration along the lines of "no matter what happens I won't believe the 6th prince intends to rebel and anyone who accuses him of such will be punished" which is just setting yourself up for being rebelled against. <<less
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