Invincible Magician ~Akashic Record Overwrite~


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I, who was transported as a magician in a different world, realized that I gained a peerless condition.

Beating a demon with beginner level magic, healing a fatal wound with (my) healing power, gallantly rescuing the royalty who were being attacked.

In spite of that, I wasn’t able to achieve the template event of heroine-ifying after peeking at someone changing clothes, being challenged to a duel and then turning the tables on them!

The first princess who has transcended beauty is, someone I’ve failed to beat no matter how many times!

Still, while being stubborn and repeating “returning death”, the world’s deception that I couldn’t see in that first week was becoming clearer little by little!?

I will definitely save the princess who killed the me of that first week expressionlessly even though it will take several weeks!

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Izure Fuhai no Mahoutsukai ~Akashic Record Overwrite~
いずれ不敗の魔法遣い ~アカシックレコード・オーバーライト~
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02/03/18 LN~Desu~ c1
02/01/18 LN~Desu~ prologue
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