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Qin Tian accidentally transmigrated into a sickly body, a body with broken Dantian that was unable to practice Qigong, in another world. Fortunately, God had mercy on him by giving him a level up system. Useless? That was him in the past. Not worrying about practicing Qigong, he was now able to kill Monsters to level up. Easy! Level up when killing Monsters; level up when killing people. An unbeatable sovereign of the clan in the eyes of other people, but in his eyes, he is a glittering big BOSS.

With this level up system, he will no longer encounter any bottlenecks during a breakthrough in cultivation like other geniuses; all he needs to do was kill as many monsters, clan heads, sovereigns, world experts … to have a better life.

Dedicating his life on a road to become an expert.

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Invincible Upgrade
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Pleasefilter rated it
December 8, 2016
Status: c10
Early review for the tepid, the newbies, and the chapter hoarders.

TL;DR: ILU is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get novel and an easy read — see the genre listing to see what you get. Thoroughly average despite mild creativity in setting from the author, thus 3 stars. Recommended for: beginners to Chinese Novels, people who don't shed blood tears when MCs decide personalities are unnecessary in the face of gaining power, fans of game elements. One harem candidate introduced in one scene so far.


This is about as Xuanhuan as Xuanhuan gets. But don't change... more>> the channel yet! This Xuanhuan comes with a free game element twist thrown in to explain the circumvention of a crippled dantian (Qi accumulation organ, if you're new to the Chinese scene) rather than the typical "mysterious true family sealed me before abandoning me to peasants but I'm slowly unlocking my power" or "I reincarnated into the body of this POS but thankfully I can cure myself with some crushed flowers" routes. The game element saves us, so far, from painful descriptions of accurately-thrown acupuncture needles, emotionally dead "even if I'm adopted you're my real dad!" scenes, and alchemical process descriptions. In return, expect painful descriptions of the MC taking multiple chapters to describe his "kill X trivial animals" XP grind. The "inherit mysterious legacy immediately" trope does reliably step in to make sure the MC can begin fighting enemies several levels above him almost instantly. The author adds in minor, temporary consequences for possessing this ability, but the plot armor is still adamantium from the start. (I did chuckle at the MC's first choice of XP exploits though, and won't spoil it.)

The most interesting aspect of the novel would be the game system overlaid on the qigong cultivation system. Best example: the self-aware, cheekily written fusion of elements like JRPG "BOSS" identification mechanics with "has eyes but cannot see Mt. Tai"-style low-grade villainy to explain the MC's irrational desire to immediately rail against powers that far exceed his own. An entertaining (and woobie) fat best friend (see: Li Fugui in I Shall Seal The Heavens), possibly the greatest Chinese literary mechanic since the phrases "YOU'RE COURTING DEATH, " "YOU DARE, " or "DO YOU BELIEVE I WILL [do exactly what is written here in the next scene]" inserts comic relief dialogue while our serial-killer MC plots his MMO-style min-maxing and fails to develop an actual character.

Translation quality, since Vesper started the whole deal from scratch (I read both TL attempts by accident), has risen tremendously. An editor with a keen eye for improved sentence structure and English clarity would be beneficial but they're already doing a 7/10 job where the previous machine translation did a 2/10 job, so kudos to them. And that about wraps this (p) review for the novel. I'll continue skimming and revisit the review if content warrants. Happy reading. <<less
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OniNomad rated it
June 28, 2016
Status: c8
The grammar is rough but the story and concept seem enjoyable. If you can get past the poor translation it's a decent read and I've read worse translations, once you're used to it's readable except for chapter 5. Chapter 5 is gibberish.
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Jarrow rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: --
A chinese version of the all-too-common online japanese light novel written by middleschoolers. Author changes plot points at a whim, characters are are a one-dimensional list of tropes (ex: "obedient dumb fatty", "loli scardeycat powerhouse" etc.) which don't match their situation, and events are described as 'this happens, then This happens, then THIS happens". This is unfortunate, since the premise and concept behind the story is between decent and good.
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mrttao rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: c45
Mostly standard xia story.

MC is an otaku from earth which somehow transmigrated into possessing the fresh corpse of a cripple-tr*sh boy with a broken diantian who can't cultivate.

For no reason at all MC has an MMO like RPG system (more similar to world of warcraft than the gamer) where he can farm XP by killing things to level up quickly instead of cultivating, despite his crippled Dantian which is NOT healed by the process and resulting in a huge WTF moment whenever a cultivator of rank 2+ looks at him... more>> and sees that he has a torn up dantian with what looks like an invisible wall plugging up its holes. On top of that, he soon randomly encounters a dying old man that gives him a heaven defying cultivation art

Initially it was not bad, with the MC being somewhat clever and a little amusing. Getting a job as a butcher in a meatpacking house to exploit his cheat by killing a massive amount of animals for XP. Has its share of annoying s*upidity and contrivances. Overall not horrible, but not special either. An average 3

edit: it got dumber so I am dropping a star. Also dropping it. The humor all but disappeared and all that remains is a bad story <<less
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Loure rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: --
The story itself doesn't really have much depth as many problems that are introduced are quickly dealt with and barely have any repercussions. Which actually makes sense as the MC has quite a honest and discerning persona while he assumes many things given his prior knowledge about games.

This is a long and really hard to understand review for nobody in particular about a Chinese novel.
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Darkzeta rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: c139
Weirdly. I'm one of the 4 star fans of this.

I agree with some prior reviews that there were some weird plot holes.

BUT.... damn me if I wasn't distracted by the good translations from Fantasy book people. Their top notch editing and translations made the fighting and drama rather entertaining.

... more>> So overall: -1 for some plot holes. + 4 for good entertainment.

Read at your own risk. But honestly if you can't avoid the plot holes mentioned below. You shouldn't read this. But if you're good with a cunning player/cultivator/grinder/lifer/farmer character, then sure. give this a read. <<less
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Foxnine rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c94
Ok. So this is my first review. I had to stop and review because of the bitter taste this story left me with. Now this is as standard as standard can get for a Chinese novel. The author had a really good idea going but no follow through. Instead of feeling thrilled to read the MC beat up his opponent your left going, oh.... I feel as if the author is in a rush leaving you confused and let down. Overall if your a beginner to this genre this is... more>> a easy read that won't get you heated up, or frustrated. <<less
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Silvertin rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c53
I want to enjoy this series, but there are so many core parts of lore

and system that are unexplained, a gaping plot hole that bothers me, and certain things the story taught that just ruined it all for me (covered in ranting spoiler below.) I will also mention that, like another reviewer has stated "feels like a novel written by an inexperienced writer in middle school."

... more>>

The MC has a "Crippled Dantian"

(previously called broken in early chapters; then at some point they started using the term crippled) kept him stuck at warrior level 1 in cultivation, he could apparently cultivate but never get past that bottleneck which is equivalent of a 5 year old child (warrior level 1). The level up system can somehow let that crippled dantian hold and circulate the qingong and power far above that, way up in spirit formation levels (in level terms 10+) so far, but despite that, apparently the MC cannot cultivate normally; which I understand, but he CANNOT gather Qingong himself? In early chapters the MC even said the previous owner of the body tried to cultivate to break past, that means GATHERING QINGONG! You mean this spirit formation level person with that much qingong and strength, has to RELY on pills to restore his qingong? Yes they say that! As if its non-regenerating MP!? (though also goes up/recharging with killing enemies via his cheat level system). This damn so called "crippled dantian" is a bunch of nonsense to me, its contradictory, doesn't make sense, and frustrates me beyond belief, I really think this shows how sloppy the way things are in thi sstory.

It hasn't happened and it might never happen, but this so called "crippled dantian" needs to be fixed, because this nonsense about requiring killing or pills to restore Qingong is what can best be described as rubbish. When I say fixed I mean story-wise, writing-wise for coherency, or even its been repaired and works as it should. ANY of those would be fantastic compared to this garbage we got going on now


The story starts off with an interesting premise and backstory, it did however leave a few important questions that are thus far left unanswered.

As the story develops there are plenty of tropes at play, and I love them when used right, however in this story it just feels like they were just packing the typical tropes in and ran with it, so it feels incredibly shallow much of the time. With little to no explanation on why it is as it is (such as the MC's only servant that followed him with fervor when things went south)

Now to ramble on about my massive problems with unexplained and very important details that ruin the story (for me at least), such as what the heck "Survival value" is? Our MC has a level up system, I get that, they somewhat explain that as he levels up he is essentially the equivalent of "That level of warrior" which is basically the first tier of cultivation, then you start getting into spirit formation, gathering, and refining levels, is it just going to level 10 is spirit formation? They never explain, in fact, even the explanations on just how "powerful" and what stats our MC has is just getting glossed over at this point. The only thing they really explain is he has "HP, Qigong, survival" stats, they say nothing about whatever his actual "strength" is aside from his equivalent non level up system based level (ex. spirit

formation 4.) How "strong" is his strength? what about his defense? They also state absolutely NOTHING about what he does or where he sets with "Free attribute points that can be freely allocated" from leveling up Why is he supposedly and somehow at "master" level in technique and this "one with nature" stuff? when and how did he get this veteran-like experience? It is even stated when his level goes up, outside of the HP, Qigong, and survival stats" everything else goes up at the normal rate of cultivators, when for various reasons in the story it clearly hasn't!


Also, the translator never did explain why apparently that one girl has what seems to be the exact same name as her brother, "Xiao Rufeng" and it looks like I am not the only one wondering about that given the comments. Lets also not miss the fact that apparently that sister person is apparently 16 and has apparently slept her way around enough to have... certain noticeable tell-signs of it on her *ahem* yea. Seriously do all the men involved in her scorpion like schemes not seen (those parts) or heard anything? How much this minor clan character gotten her hands so easily on these strings to toy with? Also, the tropes are too strong here, seriously. People walk into conflict and being rotten to the core with self-interested schemes its absurd, it probably wouldn't be so much of a problem if it wasn't these characters being so self serving and packed full of treachery that you would feel they wouldn't be held together as a clan or a society for longer than a year. Or how some could still be a great clan with how much they aim to shoot themselves in the foot!

*edit* Around chapter 50 a small footnote of a reason is mentioned on why the MC's follower decided to follow him through thick and thin, and in 51, sure enough all the clans fall apart and a war happens, at least the author had the sense to make things hit the fan when the scheming and nonsense overbearingness went through the roof, Seriously the Zhao clan knew they weren't ready and took center stage with their plans anyways then tried to pull back, seriously?


All of my very well deserved ranting with valid points aside, I still give it a 3/5 because it may still have some future developments that explain many of these important questions and plot holes. However I wouldn't get the hopes up. Overall I guess it is an average or below average story, it has reasons to like it, but for me, the holes in the story strongly ruin it for me. <<less
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VvAnt rated it
June 16, 2019
Status: c30
Sorry bad Grammar. 😑

A 2☆ story

Full cliché story, from useless tr*sh MC that got sudden power up, meet old man, slay monter that much" stronger than MC, 1D girls fall in love, arrogant-idiotic young master, fatty BFF, and dumb ancestor/backing.

Well~ far from my expectation of this novel. No chara dev. (ofc)

Comedy a meh.

Romance a meh.

Villain a meh.

So...a meh novel.

I already feel so bored even only 30 chaps.

A novel that can be enjoyed by beginer (maybe?) But not veteran.
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Niiquito rated it
November 26, 2018
Status: c179
For me, this is a great novel, it is true that there are too many novels with the same plot, and certainly most of this kind of novels begins with the same principle, (was an otaku, reincarnated in a body with broken meridians unable to cultivate., and then get a level system), most have this, but at least they can adapt a little better, the bad thing about this novel is that it does not have translators, it only has creative Novels and it goes only for the 179th... more>> chapter. Chapters more often, there are many people who like this genre of novel. <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: --
The novel was probably written by some kid or someone who just copy pasted a lot from other novels.. Cliche young masters/thrash MC etc. With a game system that is not even well explained. Honestly, one of the worst novels I've read.
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