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For He Gu, to be secretly in love is like a strong alcoholic drink. Obviously, once it flows into your system, dizziness, the loss of self-control and suffering will follow closely by, making it possible for anyone to be fatally attracted like moths to flames, and willingly endure the hardships.

While you made sure to not overdo it, I’ve become completely intoxicated…however, for every intoxicated feeling, you will inevitably wake up from it one day.

When Song Ju Han continued to act childish and recklessly destroyed He Gu’s tenderness for him, he had never imagined that the man has already been written into his destiny. Even more, he had never imagined that—the person brought to him by destiny—would one day want to escape…

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Wolvelyn rated it
September 18, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel started off with the toxic relationship of He Gu (MC) and Song Ju Han (ML) who is a very famous singer.

He Gu has loved Song Ju Han since 7 years ago. He basically live, sleep, and breathe for him. But, it seems like Song Ju Han only takes him as a f*ck-buddy, as someone who always be there for him no matter what. Thus, he took He Gu for granted.

It doesn't matter whether Song Ju Han fooled around with other people, as long he comes back to He... more>> Gu, He Gu would always wait for him and swallowed his bitterness quietly. (Which is kinda stupid, but hey, I'm a sucker for stories like this).

Song Ju Han was HORRIBLE to He Gu at the beginning of the story, and it will slowly get worse. He basically abused He Gu physically and mentally.

Eventually, He Gu's love is replace by a sense of helplesness and tiredness. He's basically saying 'f*ck it', then he began to treat Song Ju Han with indiffrence.

Song Ju Han cannot stand it and gets more aggressive (he's a f*cking bastard, I don't know what He Gu sees in him tbh). It makes their relationship more sour and drives He Gu away.

I think after he got away from Song Ju Han, He Gu becomes more like himself and slowly bloom, which attracts bees and butterflies (other guys). But of course, Song He Jun always be there to ruin it.

The situation is now reversed (OOHH MY FAVORITE PART, THIS IS WHY I READ THIS NOVEL). Song Ju Han realized that he is obssessively in love with He Gu.

But He Gu was like, 'Nah, I don't want your love anymore. I just want you get the f*ck off, so that I can carry my life in peace. Bitch, you have more drama than the Kardashians, and I want none of that.'

Isn't funny that you have to lose something first to understand how important it is to your life. (IM GLARING AT YOU SONG JU HAN)

And isn't funny that you have to go through all the abuse just to realize you worth more than a whiny bitchy singer. (YES, IM LOOKING AT YOU HE GU)

This story is basically about that.


oh, but unfortunately they end up together.... which is why I reduce 5 stars to 4 stars, BECAUSE I THINK HE GU IS MUCH MORE SUITABLE AND HAPPIER WITH THAT GUY HE f*ckED IN EUROPE (sorry I forgot the name)

23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eden rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c51
I actually gave it 5 stars in the first half.


It looked promising. I thought the ML would rebuild a sane relationship with the MC, but he just changed from a slag to a yandere. And when He Gu finally looked liberated, it turned out it wasn't entirely the case. He never got his dignity back. It was so frustating to read the second half.

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mmem rated it
September 27, 2018
Status: c5
Honestly I'm not sure what to think about this story.

The relationship between the MC & ML is... complicated. On the one hand the ML takes him for granted but also seems possessive of him, not to mention they've been in this toxic relationship for 6 or so years, but on the other hand, the MC is a stalker. I mean I don't think it's okay how the ML treats the MC, but the MC kind of lets him, I feel like they're both responsible for how their relationship turned out.... more>> And while this is titled Intoxicated I think Obsessive fits better. MC is obsessed with ML, to the point I'm not even sure I'd call it love. Sure he's older now and tired, and according to the summary he eventually moves on, which seems much healthier than what's going on now, but can someone so obsessed with another person actually truly move on and let that person go?

Guess I have to keep reading to find out. <<less
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ikitty03 rated it
September 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Most people dont like Song Ju Han because the way he treat He Gu. Song Ju Han doesnt believed in love. The story tell why Song Ju Han childhood is like. What surprise me how can Song Ju Han stay with He Gu for 7 years. It started of 7 years later but also tell how they first meet. There was love traingle in the story, ah. Yeah it is sick he sleep with other people beside him becuase he have a strong s*x drive. Talking about sex. It was... more>> tag was yaoi and then I remove it becuase there no yaoi aka sex. He has a possessive way toward He Gu with no one else.

I really like He Gu. Hes antisocial just like me that why Song Ju Han like him.


I was shock when He Gu begin to dump Song Ju Han but he wasnt havent it. He tried to win he's love back. Talking about love he didnt understand it until later. It was annoying at the around 40s chapter.


At the end they had a happy ending. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hiryukaede rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: Completed
This story... Sigh...

Excually I want give it 5 start, but, when the MC starting to give his forgiveness to ML... Sigh, I take back the rating...

7 years, the ML treat the MC like a trash bottom, and also, the MC so naive, and still stick around and hope The ML Will falling in love?! Sigh, love really is blind,.. even im the reader feel so sick just look at the ML,...

And then, the MC finnally tired, and want to run away, forget the ML, is then, this novel starting go... more>> to a good story, and the MC also starting go around with other man, its good, really,.. finnaly he move on!!!

....... And then, the ML go crazy yandere mode search the MC, and force him to comeback,.... Sigh, really, if only the MC go with another guy, and move on completely,.. maybe this novel can be a Jewel,.. but, the ending, dissapointed me a lot...

Anyway, the ML was bastard int beginning until the end,.. force someone to stay beside you, r*pe him, the obsession,.. nah, if someone want to read the so masocist feeling, here, the novel for you,... <<less
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kisa-chan rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: Completed
it feels so melodramatic... and exhaustingly slow.... I wanted to stop reading at around ch. 35, but I was reluctant since I already came a long way... and then Zhou He Yi, the whirlwind romance, came and I should've just ended it there...

afterwards, it's so bland already.. QwQ I just skimmed throught it all from chapter 59.. I can't take the pacing of the story anymore..
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