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Shen Tingwei, an omega who couldn’t drink, had cranberry wine pheromones ever since he differentiated.

But this time, the smell of wine seemed particularly strong.

So, he was truly drunk.

After waking up, everything seemed unfamiliar and ‘abnormal’.

He endured the omega’s first special condition, dragged himself into the pharmacy with difficulty, and said with a pale face, “Please give me an omega inhibitor spray.”

The other person looked blankly for a long time: “What?”

He was unable to buy inhibitors, in desperation, he had to find a place to stay first.

Shen Tingwei: “Hello, open a room.”

Hotel front desk: “Show me your ID card.”

Shen Tingwei failed to hand over his ID card, but the other party looked at him with complicated eyes. The person quickly stuffed the ID card back into his hands, and said in a bad tone, “It has been strictly checked recently, and you can’t stay without an ID card. You can go to another place to check it out.”

Shen Tingwei hadn’t left the place yet when he heard the person behind him whisper: “Gender, omega! I’m even being scammed, even those who commit forgery nowadays deceive others too much ba…”

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Drowning in Wine
Ni Jiu
Nịch Tửu
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New JJQRC78 rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: Completed
Well the lead characters... MC was a meek, weak, gentle& not that strong omega type.. no further explanations (cliche). Ml.. maybe people will say he was a jerk. First, he was mold to be in that behavior and attitude because of his surrounding, upbringing, and his life history. Well, I’m half blame and half admire him, from how he’s treated MC first time and slowly tear down his wall and make effort at understanding MC, well after many mistakes (after all because he never had intimate person in his... more>> life or people approached him with no intention), and how to be a good husband and father too... and I appreciated that effort even though he became a love bully (well, what I can say... it’s a love spice too). The story was suddenly ended without resolved, even the extras not satisfied enough at the time skip explanation. The side couple character? that mentioned (lin Chen X Lin Shan) was too short for the progress, it’s a disappointment.. or there will be a side story story or a continued story book? (I don’t know) <<less
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LeniSnow rated it
February 6, 2022
Status: --
Please dont believe other reviewer's comment. Hopefully future readers don't have MC bias syndrome especially when things are logical. If you have that syndrome please stay away so you dont rate low just because of that and go back to your pampering novels with low iq omega MC who only knows how to run and or ask for affection.

If you are in the place of ML would you actually believe when someone just suddenly approach you and tell you they were pregnant with your child. He is a lot better... more>> than other MLs. He didn't deny the child and treated MC better, to be honest there was no way for MC to survive in this world without the ML, and to make matter worst he didnt have identification, which ML helped him get one. Like you can treat MC better than him. <<less
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abodammen rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a good story with decent amount of smut, but not something I'd be inclined to reread. I kinda share the same sentiment as Shorng with MC being transported to a different world and him being misunderstood and verbally hit by ML, his white lotus personality is indeed a bit annoying but not hateful. It both had angsty/bittersweet parts and honestly, it made me a bit emotional (but not enough to make me cry. Guess I'm already used to pain lolol). It has loads of drama (family drama, relationships, etc.)... more>>

About MC


MC is a beta for 22 years and suddenly differentiated into an omega. He's a law student advocating gender equality (and he would've been a great lawyer if only he didn'tー) Only a year passed after his differentiation, he got into a car accident because of an alpha forcefully inducing his heat causing him to get transported into a non-ABO world. He got pregnant after he spent the night with ML in ML's villa.

Kinda bugs me how someone who grew up to be a beta all his life only to differentiate into an omega be accepting that he's pregnant (but ig it's because he grew up in an ABO world where second differentiation isn't uncommon)


About ML


ML is a great businessman and was adopted when he was young. He has a mood disorder and has been doing theraphy since highschool. He has an adopted kid (who's really nice, smart and cute btw) who he kinda neglects (neglect in a sense that he's not really socializing with the kid, so they're a bit distant with each other) but he's providing him with everything that he needs. His adopted dad wanted him to get engaged with his daughter to chain ML to his family (he's close with his sister but they grew apart after this engagement) but he doesn't want to, so he married MC.

PS. MC told ML the truth about his pregnancy because he only has ML as his support.

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Shorng rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: c71
I read in shuboaw site so not sure if the chapters are in check. Anyway, the MC is innocent and pitiful from day 1, got mistreat by ML but ML also helped him alot in a lot of matters too. But I just feel unhappy toward this story of how MC is so kind and tolerating and kinda annoying at times lol but not hating him entirely though. He's still healing ML emotionally and carrying a baby with a round belly 'tada!' whatever I just hate that I'm almost at... more>> the end and there's no sign of MC getting his emotion healing period yet bruh. One star off.

But seriously, it's a good story to pass the time with a lot of scene that happen in hetero relationship too. <<less
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Scarletsky rated it
July 14, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtl-ed it all the way but I think because it’s a modern fic that is more focused on their daily life, thus it was easily understandable in mtl.

I honestly don’t get the low rating for this one, tbh I’m not really the type of reader that likes slow paced nor like of slice of life aus but I really liked this one. Maybe it has something to do with how precious the characters felt like to me.

I saw a review that said the ML was a scum, but really... more>> our definition of a scum is not the same, ‘cause when I say scum then it’s definitely MLs like those in 188 boys. The ML in this story really wasn’t a scum, at first it might seem that he was acting like an a-hole, but it was a fitting reaction for someone who’s been on guard with everyone since young. Also, he has an affective disorder so it makes sense that how he process emotions and how to express them will make it difficult for him to appear as not insensitive, but he is definitely trying his best to take care of the people he likes in the way that he can.

Also, I do admit that I like stronger characters but the MC in this story makes me empathize more ‘cause it makes sense for him to be disoriented/unsure/insecure about himself in a world that is both similar but totally different from his own. Realistically speaking, it’s a feeling like being transported to another country without a proper identity, anyone in that situation will definitely be lost on what to do. Especially given the fact that he’s in heat when he got to the other side.

Lastly, I really like reading their daily life when all three we’re slowly adjusting to living with each other and slowly realizing how happy they are together wishing it could stay just like that as always. Although there were things that were not cleared up (such as the case of his mpreg) and that might bother some, but for me it was okay ‘cause it’s not a story that really demands me for it to be and even if it seems like the ending was abrupt for others, for me it was a sweet end for a promise of new sweet beginnings (though I really would like to read a few extra chapters when the baby comes out and how cute the family dynamics would be then)

Overall, I definitely liked this story more than I thought and if you also would like to read a story that isn’t so heavy and more focused on how two people awkwardly gets along at first but tries to show how they care in their own ways, then I think this would be for you. <<less
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Ukee rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: Completed
It was quick and enjoyable read. Nothing dramatic, no dog blood drama. But one or two turning points in story that actually works as main arc and not as driving fillers.


More like slice of life bl with overbearing (actually not) president ML who has problems with his expression and white lotus MC with actual personality.

MCs character was 4/5. When ML was openly questioning MC s blurts and mumbles about it's original world, MC did not took actions to explain it to ML, such as why he could get pregnant and... more>> how the pheromones comes from his body. So communication issues.

ML was one of those characters who seem overbearing, possessive and even beast like at the beginning, but throughout story he does not actually do anything harmful to their partner's. His only problem was emotional indifference which was mentioned as trauma from childhood. Which was the main plot driving tool in their relationship.

Story shows pregnancy and childcare process. Which was actually interesting to read compared to other mpregs so far.

Also a few scenes of smut exists (wink wink), and pretty much steamy. Recommended to read <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Karou rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Read it in spanish.

The story could be worse or better if it was longer. I bet for worse

Entertaining (not in a funny way, I cried) enough story of angst with happy ending. Some might want a stronger MC but it didn't bother me. The ML is malicious during s*x (even when MC is pregnant) which only doesn't happen at the very last s*x scene, and even then I have another problem with it since they make an important decision while MC is in heat.

Nothing disgusted me but not because of... more>> lack of perturbing things made and said by ML... it might be because of the writting which doesn't focus on most of them.

Things you might want to know before reading: 1. Does MC and ML talk about the ABO world? 2. Do the ML apologizes to MC for being a scum and changes? 3. Does ML have a reason for being like that?


yes, in the extras. ML only seems to take it seriously years after the main story ends tho



He never apologizes for raping him, sl*t shaming him, not listening to him when he says something hurts, etc. He apologizes for forgetting certain thing towards the middle-end where his tiny regret arc starts. He regrets, changes, doesn't apologize.



He is under a difficult family situation and therefore suspects MC when he appears. ML was also diagnosed with dissossiative emotional disorder since he was young; had treatment for years but hasn't gone for a consultation for a decade or so.

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rimirinrin rated it
January 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Tag Warnings: Steer away if you're MC bias. No crematorium or dogblood here.

Shen Ting Wei (MC), an Omega, woke up and ended up in a normal world while in heat. A normal world without the omegaverse. He met Lian Jue (ML) who offered him a helping hand. There's a few readers scolding ML, but I feel that Lian Jue is a nice person at heart even if he seems like the dominant CEO type. Even though in the earlier part he seem to say nasty things to Shen Ting Wei,... more>> putting up a stranger at his house, helping him get his ID and giving him money to help shows a lot. He just didn't know how to love. I like the small details in his actions that shows that he is an attentive and caring person. Also, his world does not have ABO settings so of course he would treat MC's actions as weird and ridiculous.

Shen Ting Wei is a gentle person, super good wife material. He's strong at heart especially this being drastic experience he went through. I really find the family settings very heartwarming, I shed a tear during the bedtime talk with Tong Tong. The smut is plenty and long

(pregnancy s*x plus lingerie play was oomph)

. I like Lin Chen, the personal assistant a lot. How can the family do without him!? Wished the extras for him could be more to make a side CP though. There's a few funny moments, added in a sprinkle of angst but appropriate amount without dogblood. It is a mutual salvation story with MC learning the truth about his world and the new world, ML's character changed a lot too. I love this novel with all my heart. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Luvd007 rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: Completed
This was actually pretty good. I tend to steer away from ABO particularly mpreg, (I absolutely detest the idea of ppl being reduced to beasts in heat who get r*ped or ‘makes do’ with random strangers because of a physiological imperative, just ew) but this manhua caught my attention for some reason. After I read the last updated chapter, I found that I was invested in the story and wanted to know more, hence, I read the novel.

I like the MC, which is surprising, as this type of MC... more>> (weak, quick to tears) is not my cup of tea at all. ML was also pretty decent and quite thoughtful. And I love little Tong Tong. It was a pretty quick read as well.

Recommend to those who are iffy on the ABO/ mpreg universe, and want a quick lite read <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rinmoyi rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Slow paced but satisfactory. Not the regular ABO or cliche BL story. Most of the time, while reading, I felt it's rational & relatable. And smut part was also good, Ahem! The plot was quite unique. About the review maybe because many didn't read it, it's still underated. ( ̄▽ ̄)
MC who transmigrated from his world, was relatively slow but also cute. Maybe because the world was completely different where he used to live. He was gentle, kind & emotional. ML was cold & indifferent but had his reasons... more>> why, still changed when he really had feelings. The romance came in the most realistic way.இ﹏இ
In a world where man can't get pregnant, MC's pregnancy was not believed by ML. Even though after "really " finding out, ML took responsibility. Due to his circumstances ML can't show or feel any emotion; still the small gesture & consideration he showed, warmed MC 's heart as well as mine. Same goes for MC who with his warm gesture made his way into ML's heart. (っ≧ω≦) っ
The adopted child was also cute, but mature. He didn't play much role in their romance but still had a great part in novel. And their biological child was a surprise for me I really didn't think there would be someone like it. (ꈍ⌓ꈍ✿)
Also I don't think ML was scum or anything; if I or anyone in their right mind & rational in his shoes would also think what he thought about MC when they 1st encounterd. It was also described why ML thought that. And the part where ML forced MC it was actually not how it seemed because before due to "heat" MC showed eagerness his about it and later when he refused ML simply didn't believe. (T^T)
Some side characters such as ML 's adopted family and MC's family wasn't explained enough, and had rushed ending. The story was short, someone might not these parts but beside all it's still interesting.o ( ̄ヘ ̄) o
If someone wants read simple and quiet uncommon yet common slow paced novel, can give it a try. (。'▽'。) ♡ <<less
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someonewithemptyhands rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: --
Let me at first tnk translator sama for her hardwork and that she let me read this awsome novel... tnk u so much for choosing this story

This is an amazing emotional story and I really love it.

Dont let rating prevent u from read it.I cant und the ppl that gave it low rating.

Yes if u wanted to read cliche ABO story : cold president amazing gong that only shows affection toward shou and pamperd him and nobody could do anything ab him (cuz he has a golden finger) and... more>> that kind of typical shou that has a golden finger too, good at everything, and everyone admire him and fell in love with him and They get to know each other easily and fall in love at first sight face slapping their enemy and other thing.. yes this isnt really for u. So dont start reading it and left it here.

This is and emotional story that u will cry with it and u will feel the pain that ML and MC had felt. Here we have a unique plot..a realiatic slide of life plot Without any special happening. So dont come here for action and blood pressure


As u see too In this novel after MC transmission he didnt face an Environment or golden finger not even a system that will help him or a book that he could know ab future. He didnt even have money or usefull id card so he could spend someday before starting to know new world. He didnt have a usefull skil for working too he was a lawyer and the rules that he have learnt change completly so he face new world with almost 0 ability for living.

And at this moment he face ML and they start to have interaction.

Good point

1. Such a unique and emotional plot. It rarely happens that I could be so emotional after reading such a short novel. The author writing style is really powerfull and amzing. The most imp thing here is the aspect of realiatic in this story. When u will transferred to another world without having anything and u are just a normal human not some Genius person with amazing skill that will impressed everyone. Another amazing point in this plot is the deep meaning between text that author has tried to make us understand. Eventhough I always read many diffrent danmei and like many of them, moat of them are just for fun without any usefull meaning or aim in it.

2. MC and ML personality I really love both of them. Such pitifull and poor children eventhough MC has a kind and mild personality at the same time he is really Tough too and does his best to help people he loves. On the other hand ML is another poor baby and has mental issue but he was really simple and after recieve Mc's kindness he tried to chnage himself too

3. Didnt have many mimiscommunication and MC and ML reslove their misunderstooding really fast. I really hate it when cp in novel didnt tell their true feeling to eachother and it cuz seriuos prob in future eventhough ML here is kinda tsun but after their relation becom better he try hard for keep MC happy and let me tell u that I agree with LeniSnow, ML was really kind toward MC and didnt do any crual thing toward him and MC know that too.

Bad point

1. Rushed ending !! The story is really short. We couldnt see the future after resolving everything and their interaction after all these things happend not let me mention they unborn child.. whattt about him/herr?... (i should say that I didnt find anyting on raw material so maybe author had writen extra ab them)

2. Undeveloped sub-characters. The Ml's child the Assistant, ml's family and even the mC's friend.. I think they need at least 1 ex so we could see their life too and knowing them better


ML didnt know ab Mc's past eventhough MC knows ab Ml's past. I kinsa hope that they would tell their secret to eachother completely


So at all this is a must read in my opinion <<less
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marywithnolamb rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: Completed
The concept is really good, amazing smut even though I only read the mtl and I cant help but imagine how better the smut would've been if I read proper translations. The characters are also likable and you can understand their actions and whatnot. However, I also think that there's so much wasted potential and convenient turn of events just to progress the story esp because it's technically supernatural.

Overall, the story is enjoyable.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
darkelf01 rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: c26
Hmm this novel's similar to Do You Want To Hold Your Wife, except that this one's in modern era, the MC's weaker, has no golden finger, his situation's more miserable and the ML's crueler (but thoughtful and reasonable). The smut was hot but uncomfortably dubcon and sometimes annoying.

To be honest I almost have no hope of HE for this novel, since everything was going against MC, even the ML. He did helped MC out of his tricky situation, but he was terribly suspicious of MC (I would, too. If I'm... more>> wearing his shoes) so they didn't get off to a good start. I'm also dumbfounded that MC never explained his situation as an omega clearly to ML, despite being helped by him a few times and already confirmed that this world wasn't omegaverse. Do mind that MC used to be a law student and he came from a well-educated family but he acted more like a clueless but prideful bambi. He never reached out for help or trusted anyone, not even to the side characters who were kind to him. Idk what's to be prideful about if you're sick, at disadvantage and penniless. At that point my sadictic side kinda want to see what this novel would look like if nobody helped this MC since he didn't seem to like being helped.

When he fainted by the roadside, he didn't thank ML once, even deliberately made ML angry by saying that things that happened between them could've happen to anyone else who picked him up. I was like, dude, a rich and handsome guy picked your sorry ass from the roadside, carried you away in a comfortable car, put you in his comfortable flat and that's what you said? Let's see if he could still say the same thing when a group of grungy homeless with AIDS dragged his unconscious body into the dirty alley instead.

At least thank someone first, it's only polite! MC was said to came from a scholarly family, but I didn't see the result of his upbringing from that behaviour. Also, it totally didn't help with MC's dodder flower personality, so I decided to drop this novel at ch 26. This MC's honestly worse than a white lotus FMC. <<less
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FrostyDragon rated it
October 23, 2022
Status: Completed
4-4.5 stars.

Sweet story about an omega who finds himself transmigrated to the regular human world, in heat and meets the ML, who 'helps' him out and becomes interested in him (but doesn't want to admit it to himself at first).

In the beginning the ML seems kind of cold and rude to the MC, partly because he thinks the MC is either a prostitute after his money or sent by his competitors to dig up dirt on him. Also the ML has psychological issues (he has problems experiencing and expressing emotions... more>> due to his troubled upbringing:


He's an orphan adopted by a rich businessman as a teen, but was never treated as a family member except partly by his spoiled adopted sister


The ML's family is not very fleshed out - the dad is scum and his attempt at continuing the family legacy is pretty sick


he wants to have his adopted son the ML marry his biological daughter, even though they're lived as siblings for 15 years - and gets super upset when the ML in the end rejects this idea - the ML did it in a very rude way, but the dad deserved it, since what kind of sick person comes up with an idea like that?

And then afterwards try to ruin the ML's business, stalk him and lets his nephew try to mu*der the MC as revenge.


The sister is hardly in the story even though she seems to be the only one who has an actual semi-close relationship with the ML. The step-mom is just the worst - closing her eyes to her husband's worst behavior, then acting concerned when she gets a guilty conscience. The whole family is pretty toxic, but not very fleshed out.

The main part of the story though is the MC and ML gradually getting to know each other, starting a family life and growing close. It's quite sweet and makes the story worth reading. The last chapters made me concerned it would be a sad ending, since it has the 'tragedy' tag, but it's


a happy, but for the MC a little bittersweet ending. He realizes that he feels he can have a home with the ML and the ML's adopted son, and that he loves the ML.


Tongtong is very cute, there's a decent amount of smut (dubcon in the beginning because of the MC's heat and the ML not knowing about omegas, but fully consensual later). The way the MC learns to understand the ML, and the ML realizes that he loves the MC and the way he shows it is pretty good.

The extras were underwhelming - we get little glimpses of their future family life and what happens to the baby


the baby turns out to be a female alpha, which will inevitable make her a hermaphrodite in the world she's in, so that's kind of complicated


but it didn't really feel satisfying. The main story ending was a bit rushed, but felt complete and gave closure. <<less
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xjgg rated it
March 9, 2022
Status: Completed
MC is really pitiful

... more>>

he got completely transmigrated, not only his soul. So he really had nothing on him and couldn't even get a decent job because he didn't have id, certificates, or money but he still had his heats. ML helped him but thought he was sent by a rival company. He can be quite mean during s*x and didn't believe MC until their child was born lmao. He was cold to MC but otherwise fulfilled mc's needs and wants. And after MC disappeared because he suddenly got back to his world, ML became even kinder and gentler to MC and teased him a lot.


honourable mention: ml's assistant, lin chen. He is really funny (so considerate and attuned to his boss' needs and habits he ended up confusing himself lmao) and I wish he had more extra about him lol <<less
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May 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I rate this 4.4

This was just so satisfying to read, I dearly love the MC and Kang tong. MC temperament is such a sweet boy. Just so lovable. I did wish though it was longer and went more into depth with the concept becuase this was truly a good unique concept I haven't read before. I now feel empty. I hope they had a happy life afterwards.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HiddenHermit rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: Completed
Liked it. I had finished reading the novel long ago and started following the manga after. The plot is different since there are lots of stories with regular humans going into the ABO world but this is the only one I know of where it is the reverse.

MC is kind and gentle. He is trying to do his best in an unfamiliar world. Although ML is cold and hard to connect with.

... more>>

Omega MC finds himself in the regular human world. He meets ML during his heat and MC ends up pregnant...

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Irissska O_o
Irissska O_o rated it
October 2, 2022
Status: Completed
I started reading this after I read the ongoing manhua based on it. It is not the best story and translation I read was mtl but it was still intersting and somewhat original.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rameowae rated it
October 1, 2022
Status: Completed
quite frustrating but definitely worth to read. there can be some questions left unanswered but it's all good anyway.

the story was medium paced for me and is addicting. I finished it in one sitting, idk how I managed to do that... the story is focused in their problem in terms of personality but still manage to be kind and gentle in some ways. I love how the author portrayed that we can have flaws but create peace and happiness with people who really cares and matters.

... more>>

the MC and ML has a contradict personalities, one too meek and one too indifferent, that in turn created a lot of misunderstandings/miscommunications. at first, I almost cursed both of them from being s*upid and dumb then I stop and analyze their situation and realized "ah, they really are a strange pair but still quite compliment each other". there are a lot of drama and the fluff could only be seen behind it. PLUSSS BRO THE SMUT IS SO DELICIOUS (there can be sum dubcon at the beginning)


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