Inside The Black Mist


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No one knows when the first Clough door appeared. All people know is that a new era began when it was pushed open.

Fortresses, sublimators, pillars of star essence, three-dimensional armaments, infinite energy, who can escape the sweeping tide of the times?

In the abyss, the reverse realm, the skins, the alien gods, the mad king, the rulers, and the dark creatures, all howl in madness!

Inside the black mist, the demons and ghosts crawl forward as a cross-dimensional migration silently brews.

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hypersniper159 rated it
May 11, 2023
Status: c11
I am pleasantly surprised. The translation in the beginning is rough, but is still readable. I think it takes away some of the raw's charm, , but that happens with all translations. I feel that way because the author has a really interesting way of connecting plot and characters- the characters feel emotion and then there is plot, not that there is a plot/premise and then the characters react to it- I quite like it. However, so far there are no really notable long lasting side characters, which can be... more>> a huge downside to the novel, it's only 11 chapters in, so I hope it doesn't happen, but I am afraid that there are no side characters and that the story will just become about an op protag. I think it's likely to happen since it definitely is complicated to keep track of all the characters and their emotions/ambitions. <<less
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