Infinite Lucky Emperor


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As a game designer, Xia Ruize loves to play games, but he doesn’t like to play games with lottery, because he is too lucky and has less fun.

Until one day,

Xia Ruize fell into a real infinite survival game, relying on excellent luck to survive in a desperate situation. He finally realized that being lucky was cool for a while, and being lucky has always been cool!

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Infinite Jedi European Emperor
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5 Reviews

New Nikkiart
Oct 06, 2021
Status: c31
I agree with a lot of people in this about how it did get a little too smooth and monotonous after a few arcs. The selling point of this novel for me anyway is that it's got quite a few unique and really interesting "worlds" or tasks. Additionally the MC is not a crazy person who adapts super easily in the first world and is instead led to overachieve by the ML who doesn't settle for less. Though that's only really for the first arc because they become crazy op... more>> after said arc due to all the extra points from the beginner stage extended quests.

The extended quests were really exciting at the beginning, but because they happened at every arc and you knew they were coming without fail and that the main couple would always pass, they lost traction after a while. It's just too smooth with no setbacks ever. However they were very interesting still sometimes even though I expected it and I really liked reading the progression of them like "leveling" up without the monotony that a lot of cultivation/fighting novels tend to have with boss fights and such.

I was mainly reading this almost with a slice of life kind of attitude in that I was relaxed and not really expecting very much tension from this anyway so it was good. Like I didn't really mind that there was nothing much or unexpected happening because I knew it wouldn't. I liked the uniqueness of certain arcs bad how mc/ML sort of solved them and I enjoyed the way the MC broke down gaming logic as he's a game designer himself. Idk how to explain it- you have to go into this knowing that the mc/ML pair will just succeed at whatever they do. It lacks the complexity and tension of a lot of other survival games on this website so don't go expecting that. Not many returning side characters of any interest besides mc/ML couple (except for the short amount of time they had a third teammate person who was like a hacker but it wasn't very long in my opinion nor was he expanded on very much). I appreciated the fact that they sort of had to work to find each other kind of (like they didn't remember the identity of the other person after the game but the ML found him through some descriptions MC gave of his life).

Romance was also ok at best. ML kind of is a little crazy (like the tiniest bit yandere without actually going there) because he doesn't really care about people excluding MC which can be argued that neither does MC, but he's like a little too ok with death and killing and stuff I guess? Idk how better to explain like he's toeing the line at being a little bit psycho. He gets pissed at people for even wanting to be friendly or just the most basic interaction with MC which sometimes is common in webnovels but that much jealousy honestly makes me personally feel like the relationship could get abusive (even though I know it won't in this) because it's such a red flag in real life. I also do agree with other reviewer about how it progressed a little too quick and was also kind of annoying to read the two of them after a while. I really hated the descriptions of their interactions after a while cuz its like the same thing over and over- like I found myself skimming so much of their relationship and other stuff going on outside the survival arcs (and that's usually some of my favorite parts like seeing them grow and the plot in the real world also progress, but on this there was basically no real world plot anyway).


like technically the ml's family tried to murder him which landed him in the survival game in the first place, but literally handled in like a couple chapters. Like probably gave that plot line like 2 paragraphs between every arc and that's it. Besides that, it was entirely just mc/ML being "romantic" but with little substance IMO.


But overall, I think this is a good novel to read if you like the survival genre and are lacking content. Its actually pretty good and I liked it, but it just couldn't live up to the better novels in the genre like Card Game and The Earth is Online. It's kind of it's own thing and not really the same as a lot of the survival/horror in that it's really not as complex or serious IMO but that could also be considered it's positive because it doesn't have a lot of convoluted logic or plot that sometimes make those novels tedious. Treat it less seriously and something to read if you're bored since it's interesting and quick. Horror tag doesn't really apply except like one arc or something. <<less
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Jul 19, 2021
Status: Completed
The downward thing about this novel is, it's quite monotonous. Sure, the first 3rd arcs (up to chapter 70) are exciting, and I admit I read every chapter expectantly, however, as the chapter went up I find my excitement couldn't catch up with the later arcs. The survival plots are still exciting, but the survival methods and ways to advance are relatively monotonous and aren't new or surprising, hence unable to evoke my interest.

That said, for those who mainly searched for survival novels, just wanted to have some fun... more>> and read survival stories while didn't expect a high requirement for rare plots, and feel alright with any type of romance, then, this novel is suitable for you. Because I myself finished this whole novel just to pass the time, and while I was in the mood of reading survival games.

But for those who seek perfection in plots and romance, then my reviews below would perhaps add more consideration whether you want to continue forward, or put this novel on hold, waiting for the times your mood of survival games spiked, lol.

Before coming to the reviews, I would like to thank the translator here to bring this novel to novelupdates, regardless of the translation's quality, without their effort to put the novel here, I won't be able to locate this novel among the thousands of Chinese Novels out there.

Now, let's get to the review.

Perhaps If I read this when I haven't read other masterpieces, I will still find it amazing, so blame me, and lament the fact that I didn't read this novel much earlier that it failed to keep up with my excitement, lol.

While the survival plots are interesting, forgive me but the romance is quite... flat.

Once again, blame me and blame the fates that I didn't read this novel early on, since after reading other romance masterpieces, my weary heart could only skip all over the paragraphs containing MC and ML's supposedly "romance development". Why? Because it's flat and again, it's not new that it's worthy to evoke my interest in their romance development. It's not bad, really, but it's so-so.


Sure, I can understand the part where the ML is only soft and kind in front of the MC while being fierce and unreasonable towards others, after all the MC is his comrades who had shared life and death with him, it's natural to be biased towards this kind of team mates.

I can also understand the reason why even when they're still in the 1st arc, ML was already hostile towards a girl who wanted to hug MC's thigh and ride his coat tails. After all, if it was me, I would also feel annoyed if there's suddenly a handsome guy who barged into the comradery between me and one girlfriend. I will be afraid the handsome guy will become baggage dragging us down, and even more afraid that the teammates whom I had been comfortably cooperated with, suddenly will be hooked by the uninvited guy, I will have no good feelings towards the guy no matter how handsome he is, LOL.

However, in the next arcs, the ML's hostility towards others who actually just wanted to make friends with MC, had gotten me annoyed. This is just my own personal taste, but I didn't really like a Gong or Seme who had strong dominance.


My last dissatisfaction about the romance is the pace.


The MC and ML here met in the first arc, then they got separated in the 2nd arc, and met again in the 3rd arc. The ML has already shown ambiguous advances since the first arc, and finally, they dated in the 3rd arc.


But of course, it's probably just due to my own personal taste. When it comes to survival or action-based novel, I really didn't like early romance. I would rather like action or survival novels to have a slow build-up and gradual change in relationships. Since that way, I would feel happy to focus more on the plots, while also following the step by step of their relationship change.

After all, in my own personal opinion and my own logic, in the world where your death is waiting for you like the Sword of Damocles hanging on top of your head every day, the mentality of humans would be survival first and love later. To build a close friendship in a dangerous world setting might already be quite hard in my opinion, much less experiencing lovey-dovey entanglement. Therefore, in this kind of setting, I would rather have a romantic development with the direction of : friends to a trusted partner with a favorable impression, and gradually love realization.

I will compare it with other novels, that are popular and more people have probably read it, for my reviews to be understood better. It's not to disdain this novel while elevating other novels, but to make a comparison, of WHY I have to evaluate this novel as average, in my own personal opinion.

An example of slow-burn romance is, of course, Earth Is Online, a survival novel where the MC and ML can be truly seen and described as acquaintances, to friends, to partners, and finally lovers.

Even if the novel has early romance, at least, the interaction should be natural for me to like it. An example of it is, Supernatural Movie Actor, a novel where MC and ML have begun to date since the very beginning, however, their interaction is very natural, and not cringe-worthy. The meaning of cringe-worthy here is when others read it they won't feel like they were about to roll their eyes. The couple is harmonious, and the affection shower is not awkward or inviting any face-palming motions.

Of course, in the end, what differentiates it was the way the authors wrote their MC and ML's interaction, and how they tweaked the details here and there to make it appear natural, and not ambiguous. I prefer a natural way rather than a highly ambiguous interaction. Even if it was ambiguous, then I prefer to have the should be ambiguous interaction turned into naturally created.

An example of a novel where the MC and ML already have an ambiguous relationship from the start is MDZS. However, the scenes where it should be ambiguous, like, how LWJ caught WWX's hand, was turned into a natural scene because the author didn't add unnecessary details like, "LWJ's heart beat faster. WWX's hand is slender and white, it's nice to touch and grope", etc. LOL. Another one, even if LWJ and WWX ended up sleeping in one bed and one room in the Inn, the author once again didn't add unnecessary narration like, "WWX's heart beat faster, he could feel the temperature of the person beside him. He woke up in LWJ's arms in the morning, and shyly evaded LWJ's eyes" etc, etc, LOL!!!

Instead of adding the cringe-worthy narration, MDZS just goes forward with the plot. The author let the readers cried in surprise and squealed happily, but then aloofly and calmly advance to the plot. The author gives us the ambiguous scenes but just let us imagine the details by our own, thus stimulating our excitement, without adding those UNNECESSARY narration, lmao. That way, even the ambiguous interaction would be natural and not cringe-worthy...

That's right, the addition of narration from the author is what makes the MC and ML's interaction in this novel, in my opinion, causing me to facepalm, and later skip them all and just read the paragraphs about plot, lmao. <<less
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Jun 02, 2021
Status: c37
this is OK, but my attention started to wander after the third extended quest popped up and forced them to continue with the barbarian scenario instead of letting them finish the novice game already. I was done with it by that point and wanted to move on, but there were still another fifteen chapters to wade through before the end of volume 1 (each game world is divided into volumes on jjwxc). Going to stop here for now and maybe try again some other day.
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Aug 31, 2021
Status: Completed
I love it. Compared to other novels where the characters directly became overpowered, this is different.

There is a clear gradual process of their strengths and growths.


... more>> At first chapter, Xia Ruize was panicked and afraid at his inexplicable encounter but after some experiences he became more active to solve hidden missions and more calm to understand the situation.

I really the fact that the Author didn't let them meet in their second mission after their novice world. It made Xia Ruize grow more and become more independent from Cheng Huaiqian.

The plot is good and the worlds in their mission, love it.

I love how they had one more teammate excluding the two of them.

The romance is not slow which is I'm happy about. It's not too fast just right.

And when the couple become official, the Author didn't flaunt the sweet like the novel is all about romance, which is another point I'm happy about.

You can see their love to each other throughout the novel with them just doing the missions, it didn't say they kissed, f*cked.

The writing quality of it is okay. In raws, it was understandable. I teared up a little when it ended.

Anyway, left this story happy that's all that matters.

Recommended when you're looking for unlimited flow/quick transmigration with BL. <<less
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Jun 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I read this via MTL a while ago so I might miss something but this story is ok overall. I'd rate it 3.5* but there are parts that I like enough so I'll be nice. The main selling point of this novel is not the main quest itself, but the reversal they did for the hidden tasks and the many ways the author make the copies with the theme 'survival'. In this novel, the survival is mostly against being they can actually fight.

For example:... more>>

other humans, mutated animals, competitions, money. Only one copy have 'evil spirit' as the 'enemy' but, like every other copy, there was a reversal at the end.


One thing that stood out for me is the lack of conversation between everyone. The sadest part is

the fact that MC really only befriended ML (who became his boyfriend) and one hacker specialist side chara. Too little character pool. There are other players mentioned... but just mentioned. They get maybe a paragraph worth of existence? Yeah...


Also, it was too smooth? No suspense whatsoever. Main reason I was disappointed:

It was even revealed that they were basically nurtured by the main God of the world. Soo yeah.


However, I do think the reversals are interesting. Bear with the first arc (the worst and honestly just a block of descriptions for the most part), and wait for our CP to reunite

in the 3rd copy

. <<less
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