Inferior Magic Swordsman: Using the Skill Board to Become the Strongest


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A normal office worker, Toru Minasuki, was swallowed up by a dimensional fissure and reincarnated into a different world. Upon reincarnation, Toru was given a [skill board] by God. Make the most of it to acquire all the necessary skills! Even though he is an “inferior person,” he’ll make his way to the top!

Associated Names
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Rettoujin no Maken Tsukai Skill Board wo Kushi Shite Saikyou ni Itaru
The Reincarnated Inferior Magic Swordsman
劣等人の魔剣使い スキルボードを駆使して最強に至る
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Electro rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: c8
I would like to give this a chance, I would. Plot's the typical cliche, but tr*shy novels are ok once in a while.

The real problem lies in the translation and translator's website. It is absolutely plagued with intrusive, redirecting ads and it missing the skill names for every singlr time a skill is mentioned. This means a bunch of sentences either start out of nowhere or end out of nowhere and you have no idea what ability the MC is using.
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AcceptingTanuki rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: c23
The protagonist is transported to a world where reincarnated people have the system stacked against them and struggles to get stronger. Sounds like a decent premise, but is ruined pretty quickly by the author's repeated, thoughtless lack of logic.

The most nonsensical offenders are below--major spoilers--but rest assured there are others, large and small, sprinkled throughout just often enough that you can never reach immersion.

... more>>

The protagonist doesn't actually struggle at all because he's the only reincarnated person to ever pick the Limit Break skill and is also strong enough to defeat a whole cave of giant worms right from the start. Really?

The attractive female lead is practically begging the protagonist to party up and offering to teach him about the world that he knows nothing about, but he repeatedly runs away from her and refuses... umm because why exactly? Still no idea--there was literally no valid reason.

The female lead doesn't return from a quest and he waits three whole days before searching. Of course, he finds her engaged in a monster battle and moments from death (again) despite having waited so long. Are we supposed to believe she's been fighting without food and sleep for that long?


Sigh... I'm still trying to understand why the author thought any of these were reasonable choices, but I'm throwing in the towel. <<less
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DuelMephistropheles rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: c67
There should be a new novel tag on this site "saved female lead is useless". Calling someone in a novel like this "useless" is subject to interpretation but I think after 60 something chapters of being around and not doing a goddamned thing of note most would agree with me she's utterly useless and pointless. Obviously I'm talking about that blonde ponytail wannabe knight on the cover. The MC saved her from a horde of goblins and she pretty much latched onto him like an annoying parasite ever since. She's... more>> weak (despite numerous guild personnel stating her to be strong and talented she has done nothing to back up said claims, any impressive feat or strength growth she might have is solely thanks to Toru), not particularly intelligent (easily duped and out smarted, can't for the life of her tell when someone is trying to screw her over subtle or otherwise), has no great connections to use, loud, annoyingly jealous despite not admitting to herself she has a crush on Toru (she becomes a gross mass of sticky petty jealousy when a receptionist flirts with him and treats it like his doing despite that obviously not being the case), never shuts up when Toru shows his strength, she's the kind of idiot who leaps first, thinks of nothing, then gets best up and saved. Honestly, I have a mountain load of issues with her, not like the other women are any better. A rude annoying stone faced 100 something year old elf loli, a gold digging receptionist who can't really do crap, a lazy ass goddess chucking annoying things onto the MC without his permission. Of course, he's not better. Your typical goody two shoes Mary sue wannabe nice guy who never kills people despite them rightfully deserving it, let's everyone walk all over him unless they try and hit him, just a sad doormat of a person. All in all, this sucks. <<less
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twdavis78 rated it
December 4, 2020
Status: c49
The story is okay. It is a typical isekai. I also find the translation okay but at times the Point of View Switch can be confusing.

What makes this translation suffer is the website it is hosted on. By rights, you probably need to get a virtual machine that you can throw away after viewing the website. The adds are very obtrusive with some that are very questionable from a browsing safety perspective. The last chapter I viewed I could only read for 20 seconds before the page would be flipped... more>> to some advertisers website. Awful, awful website. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
November 1, 2020
Status: c43
Pretty so-so.. The beginning chapters have misplaced names where the actual person speaking is different..

I think this has potential but some things are just too nonsensical that I don't know what to think/feel. Like why is telling someone your level too private? At the very least the guild should have the privilege to know the adventurer's level so as to make a minimum requirement for the rankings, maybe they are too s*upid and sends someone who has a low level but with many quest complete completion to a higher rank... more>> just to send them to their deaths? Or waste someone who has a high level doing low level jobs, With the guild knowing the levels they can also put a level-area restrictions like in the game to lower the mortality rates. I mean they are of the belief of high-level equals strong, they don't even think of the possibility of level 1 being strong because of the level gap meaning level=everything so long as someone is high leveled enough he can take on somebody lower leveled.

The author is pushing the "inferior"=weak concept too much rather than low-level=weak,

I mean if the guild just asked for the MCs level most misunderstanding's will be solved I mean they should be already suspicious why an inferior is able to beat a goblin horde, or if they don't believe that then beating the queen worm with solo or 2 E-ranks (from guild perspective) which could only be defeated by c-rank party & above is pretty suspicious enough


As for the MC for someone who came from a modern world as earth and described as a serious person why oh why is he so clueless/lacking in common sense.

By ch.43 he already knows the reason why reincarnators are called inferior yet why is he still so focused on being called an inferior is he a masochist? I'm not telling him to be like those lunatics/masochist MC who claims men who don't want to be king are are not men but at the very least show more backbone why does he even care if the surrounding's no longer call him an inferior, what's the point of hiding when you are already standing out.. Sorry it's just my bias view but instead of purchasing better armor the MC instead prioritized buying lower quality armor just for the sake of not standing out and inferiors can't buy good quality armors.. (Sarcasm) yup a modern person should go YOLO no need to care about safety, we got the protagonist aura YEAH..


As for the main heroine well.. It's not too the point of stalker level if you ask me.. I mean it's more of a clingy solicitor/sales man.. The MC is too perfect of a party member candidate (in heroines POV) who wouldn't try as long as possible, from my understanding most people there prefer to party so rather than passing a good chance she is taking a more aggressive approach. Although there are signs of a jealous woman at least she is not hitting the MC at most just glaring at his way but from my opinion that is more preferable it's not like she is restricting him in any way (yet).

btw I've read some of the reviews & about the heroine going about 3 days without food or water.. Please read the chapter again, it was said that she has enough food & water (thinking logically one would usually bring food & water when traveling into far places) and she only fought on the last day and that didn't even last long, she was mostly running (& got lost since she was not familiar with the place)

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KA2094 rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: c15
Pretty obvious what you are getting into.

Inferior refers to the fact that people from other worlds have a limit of lvl 1.

However they can select skills to learn with skill points.

... more>> The hidden skill you are meant to select is "Limit Break" in order to get rid of it and allow you to level up and gain more skill points.

This is cool concept.

However I hate that the MC literally only gets it because "It sounds cool". Wasn't even a reason of "seems like an emergency lifeline" which would actually be smart. The god describes the MC as diligent and careful and whilst the MC does slowly check skills and how they work, the most egregious thing he does is spend ALL his skill points right away before fighting an enemy. Why. It just makes me lose respect for the mc's intelligence. And I wasn't even expecting much given the type of novel this is...

Anyway yeah, the story is fine as these things are usually. Doesn't seem too harem-y which is nice. <<less
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Pokeswap rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: --
The story isn’t good even for isekai standards

the TL has no editing and I wonder how much is MTL. There are numerous mistakes, and the characters names aren’t even consistent. For example, in one sentence they are talking about Toru and soon after Thor appears. Who is Thor? I have no idea, but he keeps coming up where MC should be. you can’t even get MC’s name consistent? Truly lazy. Also, it is very difficult to get to any chapter from the TL’s website with multiple unusual difficult hoops to... more>> jump through... when the site actually loads <<less
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azkii338 rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: c87
I didn't have any serious expectations about this novel. And it hasn't failed me. MC gets transported to another world. This part as always could've easily be skipped because it makes absolutely no difference whether Toru is native to this world or not.

He levels up. Gets rewards. Everyone "OMG!!! You're so powerfull!!" And he responds "No, I was just doing my quest!" The writters have to cut this overwhelmingly ret*rded level of modesty.

But everything was relatively OK until the last five-six chapters. And they made me drop this novel. Idiocy... more>> and boredom have gone from ground level to the stars


Toru and his female companion Esther have to go to the capital because they're extremely powerful. They meet Esther's tsundere father. And that's the moment where sh*t hit the fan.
There's ret*rded law which doesn't allow to decline any marriage proposals from nobles without any serious reason. So, father had to tell everyone his daughter died, because she wanted to become an adventurer. And now there're in the capital. With the most influential nobel families.

Recall all your LN/WN/Manga/Anime knowledge about cliches and try to imagine what's going to happen. <<less
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Overclock rated it
September 2, 2020
Status: v1c19
So I wanted to read this as the manga was interesting and had good fight scenes. Web novel however is... not that great. Cliche in a word. The heroine is a freaking stalker who hours after meeting the MC gets mad if he talks nice to other girls (I think the author read too many tr*sh jp novels, and rushed the whole jealous love interest thinking it's the norm), tracks him down wherever he goes, and wants to be his party member despite MC saying no. Saying no was a... more>> highlight for me as a reader that maybe the MC won't be a complete cliche, but already I saw a forced plot about to unfold to guarentee they make a party.

The premise of what god tells the MC is a complete lie. She tells him it's a harsh world even with the cheats she gives the MC, but it's all a lie. The world is fairly easy to live through with his cheats.


The MC half a day after arriving beats a c rank adventurer in one move, and was holding back. His cheat skills are that broken. So why does god says it's a hard world. Why do the people of the world look down on reincarnator like the MC as tr*sh? Well its simple. Reincarnators can't level up, and even the people of the world have hard level caps they can't break. So this is a world that rather than being difficult, its difficult because their are absolute limits to growth you are born with and magic for skills won't change this. So why is the MC OP as hell? Well despite god not explaining much of the world or even add skill descriptions, MC because it looked cool chose Limit Break, a skill to level up beyond your limits and the skill is even upgradable, so I imagine at his next LV cap long as he upgrades the skill he can level up some more. This here. This skill alone makes the MC a god in the making in a world with absolute limits imposed onto the people. MC chapter 20 and level 10 or so is probably an A class level warrior seeing how easily he beat the c rank guy and then learning basic magic. And the MC isn't aware of how broken he is because the people of the world view reincarnators as inferior because of their lv 1 cap, and MC just accepts it and thinks he's not even at the average level of power, despite being so capable and holding magic to blow away towns. Oh and to top it off the MC has broken skills and passive skills.

MC meets god later and asked about limit break and her not telling him how essential it is. Well her reasoning is that humans won't improve if she spells out anything, to make it fair since humans aren't special and part of nature. She likens it to a Oracle you need to comprehend on your own, but the Oracle in this situation are just skill names. Her whole demeanor makes me believe that she was just too lazy to add descriptions.


The Web Novel is okay for what it is and hope the LN and manga turns out better. <<less
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pIRaTZE rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c53
Great at the beginning but downward reclining at chapter 40-ish with lousy humour which makes me more annoyed rather than laugh. I kept asking myself, did the author really dried up all his creative juice and become degenerate with his reasoning to story telling? And he kept doing something that he didn't do at the beginning too..'Multiple-POVs'.. It's pointless because at the end, he just gonna write the same thing in every POVs which made me really tired of rereading the same sentences from different POVs.. F*ck you author..
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sjmcc13 rated it
August 19, 2020
Status: c12
I have not read enough of the story to rate it, but since people often judge things without giving them enough time to develop...

The inferior in the title (which comes up at the end of ch 11 when he reaches a city and actual adventurers, and is explained in ch 12) is effectively a racial slur in their world for reincarnated people, because they all died due to the God doing the reincarnation not explaining things properly (MC is given no explanation for what the skill board options mean other... more>> then their names), or in many cases sending them to a world they can not survive long term.

The MC is literally the first person that the god sent over to make the right choices in what skills and abilities to pick up. So we have a OP protagonist seen as a underdog due to bigotry that is somewhat justified.

Note the series starts a bit slow, with the first part being the MC dealing with the circumstances of his new body and avenging the deaths of the bodies previous owner and parents (dooming the mu*ders to die at the hands of monsters) <<less
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ZeroA2 rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: c141
This was a nice little story with a couple flaws but suffered from railroading in the final arc.

First, the author note at the end of chapter 141 says that's the end of the WN, so I'm not sure why NU still shows that as ongoing.

In terms of world-building, the extreme racism against isekai'd individuals was wild to see. They all get stuck at level 1 so they're treated as tr*sh, but there's also only a handful per year for the whole world? It would be like if every person you... more>> met had really, really strong opinions about people with an absurdly rare disease. The MC internalizes that feeling almost immediately and continued to have reasoning based on it even after learning the cause that everyone else got stuck at level 1 and it doesn't apply to him.

Still, it was consistently enjoyable until the final arc where the author really made their presence known forcing things to get to the ending they envisioned. Probably should have been at least two or three arcs for that to not feel forced.

On that point, though I've enjoyed every story told by this author (that has been translated), there's a tendency to end the stories when the characters finally get to a point of being considered powerful in the systems of their respective worlds. This particular MC is probably the most OP of all the MCs the author has written. Even though the power of the MCs start to take off by the end, the inter-character relations never seem to progress beyond established fondness. <<less
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July 19, 2022
Status: --
I created an account just to drop this.

I dont even know how good this novel is because the translator website is SHIT.

It stops adblocks, so I tought I could give it a chance and turned it off. Turns out its nearly impossible to read on a phone with ads on. One of them will constantly deprive you of 40% of your screen and theres so many more ads during the text it makes it so you’re actually reading ads with some lines here and there.

whats the point in having so... more>> many ads that are driving people away from your site? Does repelling visitors earn you money? <<less
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K1r0 rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: c98
Super cliche isekai. Super dense protagonist. Super lack of common sense. Super underestimating himself for many chapters and I'm sure he'll think of himself as weak in future chapters as well. Super no character growth.
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GreenRiver rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: c80
Some of the reviews say that there's huge flaws in the MC's snd/or author's logic.


The MC is a typical dense protagonist. Even at c80 he thinks that he's nothing special (he's weirdly strong and has saved the town a few times). For the first several chapters everyone keeps calling him inferior (most reincarnated people don't pick the right skills, skip they can't level past level 1), so he seems to think the FMC is taking pity on him.


There's nothing special about the plot, but it's a decent story.
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