Indestructible God King


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Wang Ke is a money-driven merchant who happens to have knowledge from modern-day Earth. He navigates through life with brilliant mind games, a silver tongue, a “uniquely powerful” energy technique, and a fair bit of luck. Having rescued and escorted an influential princess back to the Heavenly Wolf Sect earns him the privilege of becoming the Sect Lord’s disciple, who in turn would become his business backing and the dispeller of a curse which haunted him. However, this newfound position dragged him into conflicts with both the righteous and the demonic sects.

He travels through those troubled waters with his craftiness, fooling both factions and in the process attaining prominent positions on the two sides. After all was said and done, money was still his top priority! Making money with Earth’s modern ways! How will this money-grubbing fellow influence the righteous and demonic balance, and the fate of the entire world?

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RajSanthosh rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: Completed
From the Author of

    • Immortal
    • Everlasting Immortal Firmament
    • The Emperor of the Immortal Realm
One of my Fav author,

This Novel has Comedy, Sceming MC and little plot armours...

MC is Smart, A big Money Grubber

, shameless, thick skin,....

FML is almost Sakura from naruto or that Tess from TBATE.. Thank goodness, later she didn't stay that way....

Side characters are also best, his big cousin sister, his scaming friend, his rival in sect.. Lol

Its a great Timepass, don't expect so much so that you can enjoy this..... Just read it for Comedy... Thats all...
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October 11, 2021
Status: c44.2
The most important thing I like about this novel is humorous way of presentation of the incidents that takes place within the novel.

And the most funniest part I found up till now within the novel is when the monk temple was destroyed within the battle between Wang ke and She tianba afterwards, young monk appears. Even though he is monk, but the curses which he said were humorous as we do not expect such words as from the mouth of a monk.
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MyRAMEN rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: c10
The setting /MC was pretty interesting, but the plot and character developments held me down, especially once the FL was rescued
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LWolf rated it
July 31, 2022
Status: c149
Ahh... what an interesting comedy this is...

The story tells us about Wang Ke a transmigrator fighting to survive in a cultivation world from amny years... he is not completely talentless nor is he the victim of a broken marriage agreement... he is just a guy trying to accrue resources to enter a sect... by the time the series start we learn that he has an intricate network of helpers/spies/labourers and what not... all in the name of a "Wang Clan" whose origins can be traced to a mortal empire...

Soon enough... more>> the MC gets involved in a series of conspiracies and (unlucky) accidents involving a certain woman (the ONLY romantic interest, which is fantastic for those who hate harems)... which he solves with massive amounts of ingenuity and comedical schemings that lead him to enter a sect and beyond that... soon enough the MC decides that his goal is going to be so rich that even the strongest cultivators are going to be in awe of him

Specifically the woman's father, one of the strongest cultivators EVER


What really sets this novel apart (besides the MC's goal) are two things: the fact that the MC cultivates a self-immolating/anti-demon cultivation techinque which means that he REALLY doesn't want to improve his level: every increase makes his Qi more volatile, thus leading him closer to death; interestingly his unique cultivation technique renders him nigh-invulnerable to the attacks of demons near his realm and below and even helps him level-up when he is attacked... the second thing that sets this apart is the fact that the MC makes no distinction between demons and cultivators

he even holds a high position in both realms at some point with him telling the leaders that he's spying in the other camp

thus exposing both sides to his money schemes... because why fight and rob when you can convince them to happily (?) give you money?

In the end, as a xianxia-setting comedy this is a fantastic and hilarious work filled with misunderstandings, shameless schemes, comical manipulation and money-grubbing tendencies whose only downside seems to be not enough chapters to read <<less
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Borer rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: c102
Would be great if author is more decisive in finishing off secondary antagonists.

I mean.. Stop making them survive each time, escape and return to bother MC. They are supposed dead but miraculously ressurected in a way or another. One is still fine but having 2-3 and more such individual is getting annoying. They are just used as sidekick and comic relief. In my opinion they are even losing their original personality and getting one dimentional. At least as far as I read.

If this isn't for that, it would be a... more>> great novel to read. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: c100
The MC is not smart, everyone else in the story is just mentally challenged and most of the "clever" things that the MC does are not even planned, he is pushed into them and by struck of luck things work out in his favor, but MC is oblivious most of the time. Very rarely does the MC actually have a strategy, I honestly can only remember him using strategy at the start of the novel, everything else feels more like stumbling about, or enemies being tricked by the s*upidest of... more>> tricks.

Also all of the so called "Earth's modern ways" of making money are things like banks, insurance, and other financial services. I get that the cultivation world is usually less advanced then modern earth in this type of stories, but that usually has to do with technology, not with finance. Banks have been around on earth since very early on in civilization, so it just shows how dumb everyone in this novel is, they will be amazed if you tell them they need air to breathe.

This novel is more slapstick comedy than anything else. <<less
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Imperial Soy Bean
Imperial Soy Bean rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c120.1
The MC's characters are not bad, but the plot and character development are the ones that are bad, mostly on the "clever schemes" that are not even clever considering that most of them are coincidental and rely on random variables that the MC hasn't even considered. That's all.
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R-E-I-N rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: c50.5
Not bad.

I thought this was going to be a novel about main character being an indestructible tank and overcoming enemies without a single injuries but the amount I’ve seen his tanking ability is twice so far.

Rather than overcoming enemies with strength, he actually uses his wit and I like it. Not to mention, he’s greedy for loot.

Although he said he was unlucky at the early part of novel, it’s a lie, in truth, he is actually lucky.
When I’ve read the comments section, the heroine seemed to be really... more>> hated but I kinda like her. <<less
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