In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS!


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When he woke up, the world has changed.

Through astral projection of his soul, Wei Feng found himself in a world of beasts.

Everyone here has the ability to tame beasts – that means everyone here is a beastmaster!

But beastmasters have clear strengths and weaknesses. Some people can control wild beasts and stand at the peak of this world, while some can only control cattle, sheep, and livestock, and they are at the bottom of this beast-taming food chain.

To begin a new life in this strange world, Wei Feng summoned a stone man, but he had unexpectedly awakened the ability to extract the core abilities of beasts he encounters.

Moreover, the more the growth of the beasts, the stronger these abilities get.


【NOTICE: You have unlocked the [Armored Skin] ability of the beast-guarding [Stone Man]!】



【NOTICE: You have unlocked the [Strength Enhancement] ability of the Royal Beast [Dragon Ape]!】



【NOTICE: You have unlocked the [Speed Enhancement] ability of the beast [Blue-scaled Eagle]!】


Hence, with all the core abilities that he has extracted from these beasts, Wei Feng has transformed into a living human beast!

Whenever the enemy thinks they have successfully defeated all of Wei Feng’s beasts, the corner of Wei Feng’s mouth would raise, revealing an innocent smile, “No, no, no! The battle has just begun – I am the biggest boss here!”

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XanWasting rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: c118
This is THE armor plot MC novel.

There are no battles. No intrigue. No character development. No real dialogue. MC has no friends, no family, and is so emotionally stunted his main girlfriend is sexy b**ba demon he has to summon and ens*ave himself, and reason qhy he chose her over any other female character is that she's a sexy b**ba demon.

All this novel is, is MC doing ok on his power level, receiving some insane power-up for no reason that makes him 5 times stronger (magnitude of strengtening varies, admittedly,... more>> though the average would come to about 5x), then MC tr*shes appropiately stronger mobs. Change location, rinse and repeat.

It's boring. Jarringly boring. Some ok novels also have this stage right before ending when MC is so powerful that big bad demon lords die by him farting, immortal medicines jump into his mouth of their own volition and all the women want MC Jr., except those novels have to common decency to end after few chapters when reaching this stage, and readers are already emotionally bonded to the characters enough they enjoy this final, earned omnipotence. This novel starts from this stage, and ends with this stage, with the only difference being that numbers denoting MCs power are higher.

I can't nor want to reccomend this novel to anyone. <<less
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OpposeTheHeavens rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: c36
If you're looking for a masterpiece of a novel to read, this isn't it. If you're just looking for a casual novel to read to pass the time than this is more your speed. Don't have any expectations though.

The character gets in a way 2 different cheats, reincarnation and a system bind. The reincarnation honestly doesn't seem to add much at the moment, perhaps it matures his personality to make more possible rational decisions but that's about it. The system on the other hand is definitely the real cheat, the... more>> amount of growth the MC has seen in these first dozen chapters is explosive.

It hasn't been explained in detail as of yet the classifications of power, the known highest limit, and where the MC stands in it so perhaps maybe his growth isn't as exaggerated. Another thing is that the world building isn't really there. It's very vague and neither the MC or us know much of the current world, how society has changed, the rules and functions of the changed society. Not much is brought up in regards to the MC's personal life except for a afterthought of his parents circumstances. Perhaps the author wants to make it exactly like a beasts world, survival of the fittest.

On a side note, the pacing is also I feel much too fast, random events just pop up in the MC's life and in a way forces his growth and adventure to keep pace.

As an example, I want to say that in a time frame of maybe 3 months or less, the MC has found a way to make his own money by fighting, wins a school competition, moves into a different city. His life is really flying by, with not much in regards to his school and personal life.

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JoseBright rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: Completed
İt started good and was going to some places but suddenly story's progress speed become %100000 everything happened before any development can happen it was just like a rollercoaster idk what happened but this story could easily become 400 chp story with same ending. I have no idea why but in the latest chapter plot change too often every 3-4 chp plot became entirely different and about ending idk if it's just axed, maybe a sequel or author just wanna ended there.
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