In the Middle of The Night in the Duke’s Residence


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Aristasia was a noble lady of the Verdic family, loved by the Iron-Blooded Duke as well as the Sword Master.

It all started with a single word from her— she, who had called for a gigolo.

It had been a long time since she had her debutante, yet she didn’t have a lover.

Meanwhile, in the next room, the sound of her brother mingling with courtesans could be heard day and night.

At the naked moans that flowed through the thin walls, it aroused her curiosity and her body heated up.

After completing the preparations, she avoided her brothers’ eyes and waited for a gigolo. But for some reason, her brother Evan came to visit.

“Have you been curious about what you are going to do with a gigolo?”

“No, that’s . . .”

“Right, Aris was curious about what you were going to do with a gigolo, but I don’t want a gigolo to come. If you’re so interested, shouldn’t this brother teach you?”

Her brother, who was usually friendly, smiled coldly. She bit her lips roughly.

After that night, the two brothers’ gaze on Aristasia changed quite a bit.

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한밤중에 공작저에서는
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