In My Previous Life I Was a Saint, but Now I Want to Cut Corners


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Renaria suddenly remembers her memories from her previous life. In the past, she was a saintess who was proficient in light magic, However, using this magic is life-threatening…

The princess fakes attempting to kill herself because she is in love with Renaria’s Fiance, the second prince. Using holy magic as is the duty of a saintess, she loses her life reviving the princess.

Now she is starting off her teenage years with her memories intact and a goal in mind to avoid being noticed by the royal family. Can she protect her identity? Will she be married off? Only time will tell.

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Zensei Seijou wa Te wo Nukitai Yokiyoki
前世聖女は手を抜きたい よきよき
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Rinee rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: c3
I was brought here after reading the manga version. As the description said, the MC in her previous life died because she revived the princess. When reading the manga version, I was completely speechless and thought 'Why did she easily throw her life?' and 'She was so s*upid'. It made me really upset. Still, I try to look for the novel version because of my curiosity as well as my belief (based on my reading experience so far) that most manga versions omitted some information from the web novel.

Anyway, after... more>> reading the first chapter of the novel, it started to make sense.


So, the MC in her previous life was a commoner. And, by the system in that era, all commoner children who have magic power were taken to the church. And, basically, all that commoners were exploited there. They must help people (mostly high power aristocracy people) and in the end sacrificing themselves. By the way, there are no aristocratic children in the church, because, of course, the aristocrats didn't want their children to become a sacrifice so the country used commoners.

MC was the last saint in her batch because the other was already dead after losing their life force. Then, finally, MC was ordered to revive the princess. MC, of course, didn't have any choice except to obey the order. Then, she died.

So, it makes sense that the MC didn't object to the order to heal the princess. She just couldn't. I find this novel really interesting, so I'm looking forward to the continuation. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: c1
I don't normally drop the hammer on a series after just one chapter. This series has the honor of being the first and only in nearly a hundred reviews

here's why

... more>>

Oh man oh man, the opening for this one was just something awful.

MC in her last life was the recognized saint and was in love with a noble named Lord Marus. Thy planned to get married as soon as her term as her term as saint was over. This plan comes crashing to a halt when she gets word that the princess committed suicide and she has to save her.


Naturally without so much as a hesitation the MC saves the princess, and as she is dying sees her say "There goes the tr*sh now I can marry lord marius"

1000 years pass she reincarnates goes for her magic assessment, has a really powerful Air magic, remembers her old life, has her old, still has her healing, SO SHE DECIDES TO WORK REALLY HARD SO SHE CAN BE AS MUCH OF A NOBODY AS POSSIBLE.


This plotline just makes me want to bang my head into a wall. I don't even want to think how bad it is.

Hmm she committed suicide you say: I just need to get my holy relic before I save her. Yeah that's the ticket holy relic. {Runs as fast as possible to another kingdom that doesn't have an extradition treaty}

Hmm it's been a thousand fricking years they must still remember me (maybe they do as that pathetically s*upid saint), I'd better hide.

Saints are healers, so I need to hide my air magic to throw the people looking for healing magic for the past 1000 years off the scent.


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Daitengu rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: c1
I dunno if it's bad translation but the first chapter mystified me so much.


Basically the MC (commoner) was to marry the prince so royalty can have strong magic.

The Duke's daughter, who is labeled a princess takes poison so the MC has no choice but to cure her at the cost of her own life, because ''that's just how it is'' for church raised s*aves, I mean serfs, I mean saints.

    1. Wtf is with a duke's daughter being called princess. That should mean she's related to the prince in that case. Which means she wouldn't be able to marry him anyway as they would be half brother and sister at minimum.
      Historically, 1st cousin marriage has been done, but political marriage was preferred. Sibling marriage only happened when the King/Emperor was a total despot. Why bring this up? Because only the main royal family get princess titles. Even if the Duke were the King's brother/uncle his daughter still wouldn't be a princess, because a prince/princess can only ever be the child of the monarch.
    1. The Duke's daughter would never marry the prince anyway. She'd most likely be sent to another country for political marriage. It's not like women had the right to choose who they married even as nobles.
    1. MC already knows she (princess) poisoned herself, which means everyone else does too. Considering the Prince treated his fiance gently, he'll be really pissed once he learns his sister forced her to die. Plenty of royalty have tortured and killed for less.
    1. Losing trained healers is the dumbest thing ever. They'll basically kill off everyone in their populace who has magic aside from nobility given enough time.
    1. Instead of having say 6 or 8 healers share the burden, they put it all on one person so that they die. /Facepalm

I wanna say nobility are smarter than that, but inbreeding apparently.


Basically I think the premise is dumb and executed dumbly. I hold no hope for the rest of the story.
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