In My Efforts To Runaway From Home, I Accidentally Bought the Great Sorcerer!


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Giselle discovers she is to be wed to a pe*verted Marquis 40 years her senior as scapegoat for her step-sister, and needs to escape before her 18th birthday. She visits the s*ave market in hopes of purchasing a muscular strong man, but unwittingly brings home Elvis, a beautiful boy with a foul mouth.

Unbeknowst to Giselle, the boy is actually the Great Sorcerer disguised as a child, after the temple sealed his magic away for his awful personality. Unable to to reveal his identity, Giselle takes pity on Elvis, believing him to be an abused orphan and tries to win him over with her affection.

“Wha-, El! How did you grow that tall all of a sudden? Ahh, you learned how to use a bit of magic? Wait but aren’t you getting a bit too close to me-!

This is the story of a fateful encounter between a kind hearted girl who wants to run away from home, and a cold-hearted sorcerer who wants to return back to his original form.

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That Time I Bought A Great Wizard In Hopes Of Becoming A Runaway
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