Immortal Path to Heaven


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“Master Ouyang, please smith a divine weapon for me!”

“Master Ouyang, you’re the only person who can forge a weapon with seven attributes. Please make my dream come true!”

“Master Ouyang, could you…”

“Ouyang my *ss! My surname is Ou!”

Ou Yangming was an orphan who was adopted by a reputable old blacksmith from a military camp. After working as a helper under the old man for years, he was given a chance to acquire the Military Fire—a trait allowing him to smith and restore equipment with the Military Fire produced from his hands.

Gifted with mental power, Ou Yangming controlled his Military Fire unusually well and was also strangely talented in martial arts. On top of it, he could also attach Unique Attributes into weapons with a hundred-percent success rate. Those who belittled Ou Yangming because of his background and age eventually honored him so much that they would do anything to get their hands on his equipment.

Little did Ou Yangming know that as he slowly unfolded the mysteries of the Military Fire and his mental power, he was advancing step by step on the immortal path to Heaven!

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Suoh95 rated it
January 5, 2021
Status: --
Another great novel ruined by horribly executed "romance". MC for no reason falls for some chick and the MC just starts giving too much benefits to her family despite how shxtty they treat him. More simp writing.
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terraheart rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c1079
This is a slow starting novel where author likes to introduce you to the world similar to novels like Record of a Mortal's Journey to immortality. As such, if you're looking for a standard fast paced typical xuanhuan then this is not it.

That being said, this is a CRAFTING novel, more specifically a blacksmith crafting novel. MC gains a system where he can easily upgrade his smithed items with attributes. However, he doesn't abuse the system and instead learns how to craft without the system whilst learning many new blacksmith... more>> techniques e.g. Adding gems slots, making set items etc. The whole crafting process is very in depth and highly satisfying for crafting fanatics. A little similar to Upgrade Specialist in Another World, this novel although a Xuanhuan, has a more classical Xianxia setting and the crafting system is more fleshed out.

The downside so far is its pretty crafting intense (approx 50%) so novel can feel VERY SLOW. The author has introduced a few different blacksmith type arcs (tests, new items) but there's very little drama or excitement which can make the novel a bit dull.

The cultivation side is a bit more standard, he gets a "devouring" attribute which he puts on weapons to help him grow faster.

Romance starts after a few hundred chapters and then stops for a long while - generally there isn't much.

The MC is very cautious and calm, similar to Han Li (RMJI) and is very mature for his age (15). The cultivation progress is slow (in terms of chapters) but fast in terms of age. However, the balance isn't as good as RMJI because levels are split into 5 (which is too many) and so to keep the pacing the author has the MC 'skip' many levels at a time and he can constantly jump 1-2 large boundaries to fight. As such you can't feel the impact of a specific level. This is all confounded by the author not having a clear power structure that you don't really know how strong MC is (he was very strong in first few hundred chapters but because crafting chapters occupy bulk of novel it's unclear how strong MC is later on).

The translation quality is great with very few grammar errors while the updates are regular.

If you're looking for a more in depth blacksmith novel with an emphasis on crafting then give this novel a read. Translation should be done in 18 months at current rate.

I dropped a star from initial 5 star to 4 star as although the crafting is great, author has got the balance wrong (too much crafting and not enough cultivation, drama, fighting etc) so novel can feel dry and difficult to continue reading at times.

Update: I've currently taken a break from this novel with <300 chapters to go. One big gripe is he spends half the novel at the same cultivation boundary - because author writes long slow paced crafting arcs and then adds even more crafting e.g. Alchemy and formations, the cultivation time has to take a back seat. These newer crafts feel rushed as he quickly gets to the same level as his blacksmithing without the hard graft we've seen before so it all feels a bit cheap. The kicker is, after waiting for so long for him to gain the next cultivation level he starts getting fast power ups again. It all feels like lazy writing and you wonder why author didn't have a better pacing to the novel.

It's not a bad read but if you're reading this as just a xuanhuan then the cultivation side is very dry and slow that I'd probably skip the novel. Read only if you really like crafting and don't mind slower, longer chapters. <<less
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Allex2001 rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: --
The romance is the worst sh*t here, makes no sense

... more>>

his love of his life that came out of nowhere, is ok with giving up on him for some ''righteous'' cause where she comes the bride of someone else, to sacrifice herself and her husband while fighting some beast to save the human race.. like someone said, is some simp sh*t going on here, giving her and her family everything, while she wants to cuckhold the MC, and didn't they say the power from that sacrifice is stronger along with the feeling, so how tf can she sacrifice herself and marry someone if she doesn't love that person? that's some bs logic here, unless she loves that person, which for some reason it does seem like it, it seems like she loves that person more than she loves the MC, idk about you but if I was that person and had someone like the MC doing anything for me, why tf just not sacrifice myself fighting along with the mc?

anyway, they did this shitty sacrifice technique for hundreds of years and they never killed that beast, just hurt it, so is fking s*upid, I hate shitty romance, if you can't write some decent romance, might as well not write at all, is 100% gonna be a lot better

and the mind of those that plot against the MC cause he isn't ok with the sacrifice, like what are they thinking? if that woman truly loves the MC, she will just kill herself at that moment if they hurt the MC, idk, it just lacks logic, by a lot, it seems illogical af, unless the only thing that would make sense here, unless that woman doesn't love the MC, that's the only way things will finally make some sense here

ofc you might say is childish and all but do you think if someone doesn't want to sacrifice for your own good, makes them selfish? do they owe you anything, no they don't, so why tf do you expect for them to do that? just having the expectations of someone sacrificing themselves for your well-being, while you do nothing, makes you worse than anything, so like I said is poor writing without logic, is not emotional at all, who in their right mind will sacrifice themselves like that for people that are not worth it, if it was something absolute maybe, is it absolute? no, just like the MC, they should strive for fighting but they are like those people that are willing to give up on their daughters and send them into an arranged marriage with some rich fat dude, only to get some money from them, this is exactly how they are, so I don't know how the MC doesn't show any emotion, like he should feel angry from all this hypocrisy, but nah, he is ok with taking everything

and if someone at great ancestor level can't enter the forest to fight the spirit beast, who cares? if the beast leaves the forest, they can attack it, so it will always remain within the forest, and you might say that is to end it all, and kill the spirit beast to stop the hordes from happening, but they did it every 100 years and they couldn't kill it besides the fact that they have no idea about the real cause, is just them that assume is the spirit beast... have read many CN novels and this might be the worst FL I have ever seen, like not even one little bit of trust into the MC, so willing to cuckhold him with someone else..

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Cute Potato
Cute Potato rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: c322
I actually find it pretty enjoyable, but I have to take a break from reading this due to the huge amount of second-hand embarrassment this novel gave me. And I'll tell you why. This novel is the most unabashed, shameless Mary sue novel I've ever read. So far it's nothing but the MC goes to an area and impressing everyone there, be it with his character, his smithing skill, rune skill, fighting skill, gem gambling, comprehension, everything about him.

... more>>

Notice how many skills/abilities he has? He is just that OP. He could steal a fighting skill just by watching, comprehend the most complicated crafting skills in days, and everytime he fumbled around experimenting he discovered a groundbreaking innovation that would leave all the people breathless. Be it innovation in fighting or crafting, innovations that countless old farts before him had tried to do / find but to no avail, but the MC would ACCIDENTALLY discovered. At this point I would not be surprised if the MC one day is pooping and accidentally finds a pooping method that could lead people to the path of immortality.

He also has the power of devour, meaning he can absorb humans and beasts' qi and blood, which is a s*upid power to have. He doesn't need pills, elixirs, spirit stone or anything. Everyone around him IS a walking elixir. The author must have also realized how idiotically OP this power is, I mean he could just absorb a whole city and becomes a god in a day, so he made the MC against absorbing/devouring humans, and strictly devours beasts. Yeah, it's okay to kill people, but absorbing their qi? Yucky, that's immoral.

Every time the MC shows his awesomeness people would go "Oooh ahhh" followed by a must scene of a peon running toward his master screaming "Master, Master it's a miracle, A MIRACLE!" and the master would go "NANI!" You catch my drift. And that's basically the whole novel so far. It happened over and over and over again. The most ridiculous case might be where he fought and stole a guy's technique, improved it in minutes and used it to basically help a bunch of cultivators who are way stronger than him making breakthrough, making them powerhouses. It's insane. Even J.J Abrams wasn't this shameless when he made the Mary Sue Trilogy.

This is like a mix of Upgrade Specialist and Library of Heaven's Path, on steroid. If you've read those two novels before and like it, you'll like this one.

The OP's cheat is confusing to me, it's a "fire" that gave him like a game system (with interface) where he can distribute points, help him smith, turn him into the god of fire, help him fight, astral projection, gave him an insane amount "mental power" that crank his comprehension up to 3000, it's basically Doraemon's pocket that could grant MC whatever the exact ability he needs at that moment.

One of the things I don't like is how the author is sooo lazy when giving descriptions, be it about how they look, what they wear, the environment. Take this for example, the way the author introduced the MC

"Not far away from the training ground, at the outermost area of a row of barracks, a half-grown fellow watched the thousands of soldiers training, envious of them. "

That's it. It took several more chapters before I found out that he's around 15-16. But how does he look? Beats me. He might be tall, short, cross eyed, had purple hair and tattoos, had a peg leg and a severe case of alcoholism, I don't know. Everyone is like this, scholar with gentle face, old man with pure eyes, young man with arrogant face. I mean yeah if it's just a passing character it's okay, but not describing even the MC? That's a new level of laziness. The same with places, it's a garden, a huge palace, a fighting arena, but with no further description. Oh look, it's a city! How big is it? How many people there are? Is it lively? Is it full of majestic buildings or run down huts? I don't know. The author only explains that the MC enters a city, and that's it. It makes the setting of the whole novel rather dull.

So, is this good? Not at all. It's readable and quite enjoyable, in a junk food (novel) kind of way. So, go for it if you have the time to read this.

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Valixiant rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: c79
The novel, essentially goes something like this:

"Wow, I just managed to comprehend some powerful technique or unique skill as soon as I saw it." *Tries said skill out* "I can't let anyone find out about this!". Now, repeat these lines throughout the entire novel, and you have the general plotline.

Main character doesn't really have that much of a personality. Hes average. He gets provoked super-easily, has mediocre if not sub-par intelligence, and hypocritically talks about "using his gift from the heavens to its full potential" while not doing so whatsoever.... more>> Novel remains stagnant, main character gets rare attributes that can help him grow super fast but never uses them to it's full potential. Main character has been doing the same thing for all seventy-nine chapters basically.

The biggest flaw is how various characters (MC and his teacher) say that he shouldn't let his talents be known, otherwise there be hidden consequences. The main character's heaven-defying talent will later be shown, with literally zero consequences. Is this not just an excuse to slow down the novel? If it is, it's a rather irritating way.

Overall, novel is average but is held-down by the subpar plot, and lack of meaningful character growth.

I decided to drop the novel once they introduced one of the most cliche romance-tropes of all time. "[MC] didn't immediately fall for me upon witnessing my jaw-dropping beauty, I must marry him!" Quite frankly, this happens in almost every chinese novel to the point where I'm getting sick of it. <<less
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ughughugh rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: c300
Very underrated novel for the most part. It's a standard cultivation novel in certain regards, but like others have mentioned the focus of this novel is crafting. Now this can be a bit tedious, but most of the time I found it pretty enjoyable.

I also think this webnovel is pretty unique, since while most authors write 10 chapters or close to an arc on this kind of crafting and then forget about it completely, this novel decisively sticks to it. 4 stars is probably more accurate, but I think it... more>> deserved more attention so 5 stars it is. <<less
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moneng85 rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: c19
The way MC keep secret from his trusted adoptive old-man and then uses it without care is bugging me. Smithing is also a tough process especially in the primitive times, not one that can be mastered ONCE and then surpassing his master in quality even with many flaws on his second try (with his golden finger ofc, but his master just take it for granted even though he have been watching the process)

His master took care of him by lying about his magic fire mastery of 3 days (genius... more>> need 10-30 days), saying the tall trees will be blown by the wind, but MC shows his heaven defying cultivation speed and the master sword he crafted. What a waste of effort <<less
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hinokio rated it
September 2, 2023
Status: Completed
The first novel I read that really deserve 3.5 or 3.0 from 5 rate, MC character development in the first part of the novel really bad MC keep forgive people who try to kill him or take his close one hostages, literally any character can make the MC change his choices by just giving favors to his granba or hold him in their hand even by soft tactics and the forced harem is the worest and by worest I don't mean the 3 girls nope they have amazing personality but... more>> the way they interact with MC is rigid as f*ck and all these harem sh*t is the most forced one in any novel I read author really failed in making them interact normal by which he fixed later by never mention them ever they are mentioned like 2 lines in every 100 chapters and later their only use for the novel is be the one MC has to protect or save plots only so you first get disgusted by the harem then author kinda deleted it the rest of the novel lol, and the 2nd and 3rd part of the novel are really bad compared to the first part, in the 2nd part MC is basically being hunted all the way and when he kills the first hunter and 2nd big boss appear which begin the 2nd hunt and thus keep going until you are tired and even the author seems to be tired too then MC lvl up so fast so the 2nd part could end faster 🤣 and the 3rd part became readable but MC adventures in the lowest from the 2nd part to the end MC has only a few destination a couple of sects and regions, many things and kingsoms and sects has no arcs and have no interactions in the novel and the end kinda ridiculous to me the same cliche as other novels and rushed so much that when I finished reading it I concur from the chapter MC goes to upper realms in the 2nd part and the novel went from barely 4/5 to 2/5 till the end, really not worth the time spent on reading it <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
April 10, 2023
Status: c368
Really wanted to like it and enjoyed the whole blacksmithing part and the MC's OPness but the MC is making SO many huge decisions and forcing the entire world to gamble just for the sake of an inexplicable romance that apparently is so strong they must risk it all. CN novel authors give male MC a source of motivation that isn't offending the world for a girl challenge. Literally impossible. ALSO the MC is just a massive simp in general, he keeps getting "annoyed" or tricked or played by girls... more>> and then he's just blushing or letting them off or being like for some reason he couldn't bring himself to stay mad at her. Stop making me choke. <<less
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TundraDweller rated it
December 15, 2022
Status: c113
The synopsis promises a fresh and fun read, and the story delivers that, more or less, until the 100th chapter. There is a transition to a different arc and the author pivots to regular, subpar xianxia. The story has begun to go downhill rapidly and my interest has gone down with it. The boring old tropes and clichés have already started appearing. The abruptness of the pivot and the obvious commitment to the well-trodden path of mediocrity is a great disappointment. I don't know if the author will dedicate any... more>> significant portion of the story to the MC's craftsmanship and unique attributes, but I can sense it will be cushioned with crap. <<less
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rijh rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: c340
This is one of the most shitty MC of all time, who does fear anyone under heaven and earth, tries to make no friends and only enemies, who's ego goes beyond the 9th heaven and is a great simp.

If you feel angry at a lady for recording false blackmail items and fall under a trap you are not supposed to bear with it and forgive her after 2 chapters to simp after her but need to ignore, or show that you are not someone who can be fiddled with easily.... more>> Why try to show masculinity if your lower body controls you. <<less
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Lazy Dude
Lazy Dude rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: c62

-not overbearing deus ex machina/op skill

-tolerable mc

... more>> -no harem


-no ranking of blacksmiths... even if the MC can produce great products at 2/10 ratio (this is his camouflage skill, he can actually make 100% because of his deus ex machina), which is still an above standard, he is still in the shite rank.. even though he's treated like a god... by even an officer.

-his deus ex machina evolves according to the author's whim. one minute it can only do this, then a few chapters its now able to do something else, no level progressions just instant---like making ready to eat ramen. author is trying an all-rounder type/jack of all trades MC to FATTEN "the meat of the story".

-some moves or sword training of the MC, can kick you out of your suspension of disbelief, in chapter 62 "the MC slashed at the speed of light..." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!... oh author...*snicker <<less
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zeshan105 rated it
September 9, 2021
Status: c500

Mary Sue MC.

Not much world building. 500 chapters in and I still dont know much about the location/world where the story is taking place.

... more>> Slow pace.

Plot armor as thick as wall of china.

Cultivation levels dont make any sense at all


Good character development so far.

The romance is not too shabby even though it is a cultivation novel.

MC is loyal to friends and family.

Level headed MC that actually use their brain.

Focused on smithing. Even though MC has a cheat/hack he still learns the craft and does not just depend on his cheat.

Villains are not single minded either.


To be honest its not a bad story. Kept me entertained. It not does not induce anxiety like most cultivation novels do. Even with the above listed cons it is still worth giving a shot. I dont usually rate novels highly but I will give it 4 stars. <<less
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