Immortal Goddess, Please Help Me Achieve Immortality


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Wen Zhixing, a man with a weak body, finds himself abducted and trapped in the Wanmiao Palace, a world of cultivation ruled by demonesses. Despite his physical limitations, he possesses a rare gift – the ability to see the “fragment of fate” on other people’s bodies, which he can collect by consuming his lifespan. This gift attracts the attention of the demonesses, who see him as a valuable treasure.

With the help of his newfound power, Wen Zhixing transforms himself and is reborn as an immortal cultivator, gaining various powerful abilities such as the “Heaven and Earth Furnace” and the “Breaking Illusion Immortal Pupil.” But he is constantly haunted by the question of how deep the cultivation of the demonesses really is.

As he strives to survive and become stronger, Wen Zhixing becomes embroiled in a dangerous power struggle between the demonesses, who fight for control of the cultivation world. He must navigate treacherous alliances and rivalries while fighting to protect his own life and those of his allies.

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