Immortal Demon


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Only the cultivators can represent the truth under this dark, starry sky! They are still regarded and celebrated by mortals, no matter how selfish and shameless they are!

It’s the story of a demonic cultivator who is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of immortality.

A thousand years of impermanence, killing endlessly. Fame is the same as dirt, disdaining the ridicule of the virtuous.

His sword cuts through iron and kills people when he’s furious. While consuming his share of wine, he laughed at ghosts and gods.

Killing and fighting on earth and in heaven, terrifying the underworld. The act of killing one is a crime, but the act of slaughtering ten thousand is heroism.

You are a hero among heroes if you have slaughtered nine million people!

Seeing through a thousand years of benevolence and righteousness, but let this life display the majestic wind. There is no love for my name, no condemnation in my heart for having killed a million people!

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NothingIsEternal rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Immortal Demon. Is a story that mixes passionate destruction and bloody mu*der. It is a story with a very black frame. The protagonist has a mission to kill all the beings of the universe in which he is will success, the only way to improve himself is by killing.

The mentality of the protagonist is simple and his Dao is ''pure'' only self-improvement is important, nothing else is more important, to improve continuously, to evolve, and never to stop.

The author does not hesitate to give explanations for each of the additional... more>> elements that he introduces.

The protagonist kills, kills, kills a real butcher.

There is a woman but no feeling or romance

(she dies)

To conclude, if you want to read about a book with a protagonist who has to grow constantly and who wants to achieve immortality no matter what the cost and that slaughter millions and which don't have a plot armor always, this book is for you. <<less
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SlicrHK rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Feels rushed and boring. But you can read it to kill time if you really can't find anything better to read or do. The ONLY attraction here is bloodshed, but its written like a fact, not action.

Cultivation levels have almost no meaning here and MC lvl up just by "killed 2 billion people this week, took me a bit more to lvl up than I thought". Its like with distance in billions in some novels, but here its a kill count. Half of system functions Becomes useless after their intriduction,... more>> and its existence is useless too. Author could change it for anything else, giving MC op skills and it wont change a thing. Mission giver is redundant too.

This whole novel feels like a first attempt at writing cliche webnovels. If it is, than okay, good luck to author to refine his writing skills and stories. <<less
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