Immortal Becomes a Stay-at-home Dad After Return


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500 years ago, Chen Xi was devoured by a crack in the void and was transported into a cultivation world.

500 years later, he returned back to Earth after enduring through several hardships and discovered that only 5 years had gone by.

In the courtyard, beauty at the side, a candle flame wavering.

A gush of clear wind, half a full moon, the peach tree remains unchanging.

Wait, whose kid is this?! Why is she calling me papa? Gazing at the little girl in front of him with skin as pale as jade, Chen Xi froze.

Returning home from cultivation, starting as a stay-at-home dad.

In this life, not fighting to be a king nor claiming to be a tyrant, only praying to peacefully be a wife-pampering mad devil and a child-protecting daddy!

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Becoming a Daddy After Reaching the Apex of Cultivation
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Seregosa rated it
July 6, 2018
Status: c50
Well, what to say, garbage? Revolting tr*sh that makes me cringe as soon as I see it?

This MC is the embodiment of what makes japanese MCs (although he's chinese) so damn pathetic most of the time, like just wanting to go home all the freaking time despite having so many chances and succeeding well in another world. Now, he can't even stop b*tching about it after 500 years and never stopped trying to find a way home. Given, this was the idea of this novel, an OP cultivator in a... more>> modern day world even though it would've been more interesting and with far less racism if it was the story of an immortal at the peak of a cultivation world with a child instead. He's also an emotional wreck with way too much need for familial love, which you'll notice quickly.

Okay, so what you need to read this trainwreck is:

1: A love for modern day stuff and a modern day world.

2: Huge tolerance against racism and other sh*t like that.

3: Either you need to be a father yourself or you need to have that "father" attitude and like children.

4: A weird sense of humor, because the humor in this novel is subpar to say the least.

5: A preference towards MCs who are overzealous with their love.

6: Not minding a MC who isn't using his powers properly, that is, exploiting them whenever he can for his own good.

7: Not minding a MC who clearly haven't matured/toughened up at all after 500 years. Hell, the 500 year period is unnecessary, it's there just to give the MC some basic martial arts powers. He's the same as he was when he got over there, which is bullshit. The author should've went with a wuxia theme instead or something with a MC that trained to the peak on earth and then went back to his family after a few years, this would've been WAY more realistic and interesting since there's essentially no real difference since the 500 years serves no purpose and the cultivation doesn't matter much either.

Seriously, you can try it, but for this particular category, that is, parenting and stuff, I recommend japanese novels any day. They have a huge amount of them and most or all of them are better than this. <<less
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r3s rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c188
Damn cute. Read the raws to recent, fairly simple story. Super OP doting parent. The children are believable; wife story is nice as well. He srs OP, despite broken soul, or whatnot.

... more>>

There is a small misunderstanding at some point, as to why he disappeared, which the MC takes literally 1 sentence to clear up. He shows her his 500 years worth of memories.

The mother's reason for leaving is believable as well. She is from a cultivator family whose, dumb as usual, rules prevent her from having a kid, hence asking auntie Zheng to take care of her daughter.


The story is pretty new, as it only has 188 ish chapters at the moment, but I liky liky. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: C.528



... more>>

This is half xianxia-half family novel. If one want to read this good novel, one must keep in mind that the writer writes this novel for the Chinese people, not the tantrum English readers.

The novel starts with the high cultivation base immortal comes back Earth. He was originally sent across-the-universe immortal world by some accident. So when he comes back forcefully, he have to pay the dear price. Although he is not dead and the base remains, it's heavily injured, and most of his power could not be used. That's fine else he would be Omnipotent Father to people of the Earth instead of a half superman papa to his girl.

As the Earth is at the pit of the buttom of cultivation environment, his remained power is the highest. He doesn't use it for personal benefit except for caring his girl in the current Chinese culture. Love this Chinese Genre, or leave this novel.


The story is in the nowadays world with a very small fighting. You may need "parent attitude" to enjoy the story. There is up and down. Family raising is not easy. You have holy honey moment and scumbag mood. Author tries his best to transform the day-after-day of boring repeatitive household works and child caring into Novel. He successes at 4/5 stars.


Do not read this novel if you are bothing but hot head teenage who want actions and kill-kill-kill xianxia.

Worst about this novel is : it's darn s l o w..., , , ,


Update 15 Apr 2019.

Did I say this novel is slow?

It's previously slow. But now it's almost halt. The story flow is almost stagnant and reversing in some sense. Boring starts to accumulateand expand.

In some chapters, the plot goes nowhere; as the author tries to show his psychology knowledge, and fail. More, he tries hard to describe, explain, compare the situations, the thoughts, the world, the situation, the pebble and the sand; All details in every facets.

Slowly transform the novel into classroom textbook. He also changes the MC from the cultivation genius into country bumpin boy who accidently wins billion $$ lottery. Rich but still no-brain bumpkin boy.

He's cultivation genius who becomes super rich (in cultivation). But still want his girl to be the next bumpkin girl because she is good Chinese Earth people, so should learn how to be good Chines Earth girl, not the Holy Fairy Maiden of the myriad realms.

Because he thinks being the happy girl of Earth as same as other billions of country bumpkin girls is good for her.

He's also confident that the Chinese Education is the best on this Earth. in fact, in this country bumpkin boy nouvo rich's mind, the Chinese Education System is better than any Cultivation.

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Draganark rated it
June 1, 2019
Status: c300
I really hate this author ... more>>

Even though the the novel was kind a fun to read at first but then this idiot had to start up propaganding China is great and what so ever but that wasn't bad and all, but the fact that this guy had to very specifically mention other countries and down right degrade them and being very disrespectful towards deities (GOD) of certain religions this wouldn't have happened if this guy had a certain level of respect for others or by creating a fictional character but no he didn't, as such I Fcuking hate this guy

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Novellover008 rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: c210
A very well-written masterpiece.

Don't let all negative reviews sway you, This is the kind of novel that gets better the deeper you go!!

let me give you a brief summary. (Beware of spoilers)

... more>>

A strong immortal manages to break through the boundaries of space and get back to earth so that he could reunite with his family, he lost most of his powers due to injuries during his space/time travel but he is still OP considering the level of earth. After finding that he has a kid he decides to be a good dad while looking for his wife. He finds her and the family comes together. His wife turns out to be of Martial artists family. He later discover that the martial artists on earth are not weak as he thought which would lead to some exciting battles.

This story later changes to an OP man who tries to lead a fulfilling life with his family while sometimes dealing with those martial artists who does not know how high the heaven is !!


The MC is mature and steady and not like those blood thirsty, idiot MCs in you typical xianxia. <<less
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madghost rated it
March 15, 2018
Status: c203
First of all this one had a lot of potential. But it truly turns into sh*t after the first few chapter.

Yes as most of the review says this is cute but only when the author doesnt know any interesting sh*t he will use it.

The author himself forgets what the title of this novel is. This not a action novel thats what the title says but it litarely is one whole action novel. The cuteness only comes to make people not get bored.

The chapters had litle to nothing in story progress.... more>> Most of them are only information of some type or some random bulsh*t poem or whatever sh*t he writes to make the chapter long.

And most of all I dont know if only I ferl it but the author says it more than one time that to the MC the 20 year in the planet earth was more contributing to him than 500 year on the cultivation world. I mean what was he talking about. 20 year may have formed his personality but 500 year wasnt enough to change a little bit of it?.

The 500 year is more like a plot armour if it contributes to nothing.

The thing that more than anything makes me hate in this novel is MC not having his divine sense. It would be ok if he just forgets it but the author reminds the readers on every single arc about how the MC doesnt have his divine sense. And one thing that makes it more is that the author belives divine sense injury cant be fixed with out external help.

On more than one novel its mentioend tgat if divine sense is injured it can be fixed with time and practice and our author just dont belive in that. He belive it can only be fixed with some pill thats not on earth. Sinse its easy with that kind of plot armour.

The other thing is that although the martial art fedaration knows everything they dont know that a important person has married and had a children. Not only the fedaration even their family didnt care about it. <<less
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alwayscolder rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: c568
I didn't f*cking knew it was incomplete. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mmm, dude disappears one night, cultivates in another world, comes back to earth after 500 year/ 5 years earth time. When he gets home discovers that he's a father, but his girlfriend also disappeared, leaving the little girl alone with her nanny : (

... more>>

She didn't wanted to leave her daughter, her family was part of like a hidden sect and from birth she was appointed as a sacrifice to open the portal to another world for the gods to come to earth... or something like that.


I started this novel for the family interactions, but later it was more about fights, beings from other worlds invading earth and him trying to save his wife... both leaving their daughter alone once again, even if it was just one year.

I really, really, really felt bad for the little girl. She was traumatized, always thinking that everyone would leave her :/

The last chapters about her school life were good, sadly this novel is incomplete. <<less
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Allex2001 rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: --
He lived 500 years in a cultivation world and yet it doesnt seem like it at all, why does he act like a goody goody two shoes tho, he should have realized that power is everything and you can barely trust anyone but noo.. Acting like that towards everyone and also respecting laws does not mean you have principles, principles are above law, law most of the time makes no sense especially since justice is not just almost everytime

you will think that after living 500 years in a cultivation world,... more>> he will become mature, not care about every little small thing and realize that genuine people that you can trust are rare so why tf does he act like the fake personality of the criminal father in Bastard? <<less
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errantknight rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: --
[EDIT: Sadly, it appears that this translation may be done as the translator enlisted (Thank you for your service) Hopefully someone else can pick it up, because it was very interesting.)

I don't understand the hate in some of the reviews unless the novel changes greatly after what has been translated. This is a really interesting idea. It's basically the story of a modern guy who lived in martial arts world for 500 years against his will and who was finally able to return home. He was surprised to find... more>> that only 5 years had passed on earth and he sets out to find his wife. Instead, he finds a child whom he didn't know he had and devotes himself to providing for her and to finding his wife. Thing is, he's not really a modern man anymore. He's a near godlike cultivator and alchemist who spent 500 years killing to stay alive.

Apparently the character demonstrates a pro Chinese bias that amounts to racism later on. Personally, I don't see that as an issue since he's never presented as anything but flawed. He constantly has to reign himself in to keep himself from committing crimes, including mu*der. Honestly, racism is probably the least of his issues, but it's very interesting watching this morality challenged guy navigate the modern world and protect those he loves. While the family dynamics contain fluff, this isn't really a fluffy novel. Those who are expecting it to be just cute fluff between a father and daughter are going to be disappointed. It's both deeper and more cynical about humanity than that. It's a somewhat dark Xianxia with a veneer fluffy slice of life.

I'm seeing complaints that the guy wanted to go home and why didn't he just stay where he was an be powerful. I don't get that. Does every character in every novel have to be the same? What's wrong with one who just wants to return to the place where he was happy and who misses the life he had? This is far more interesting to me than yet another 'transmigrater becomes a transcendent being and takes over the martial world' novel, especially since while he wanted to return, he's become a man of the world he wanted to leave and basically brings it with him.

The translation is quite literal, but I don't dislike that. I prefer it to ones that lose Chinese expressions in favor of more familiar English ones. The first 23 or so chapters are marred by extraneous comments from the translator and editor that pull one out of the story, but that stops, luckily. One super annoying thing it that the 'next' buttons on many pages are missing and the on site index stops at chapter 13, which means that you have to go back to novel updates frequently to get the links. That really should be fixed. <<less
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aiya03 rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: c31
so far, I like this novel better than the other stay-at-home-immortals. It's not obnoxious as to having multiple lady leads, though there are beauties nearby, the male lead is still dedicated (so far) to his missing wife.

btw, I gave it 4 stars since chapter updates almost nil or maybe the previous TL just forgot they are working on it? Anyway, as before, so far the story is good and sensible. So here's to hoping more updates in the immediate future will come (someone please pick it up!) :)
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Tfuinsah rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c195
So damn friggin cute. An overall relaxing story about the return of a father and his reunion with his wife and adventures with their daughter.

Although there is some discrimination against certain races around the later chapters the author does explain this in an understandable way while acknowledging that they may or may not have some positive properties too. In my opinion, this adds to the story instead of detracts from it, as the way the author does it adds depth to characters, unlike some other writers who are overly discriminatory... more>> (and no, I am not Chinese).

Overall a very enjoyable read so far. Definitely recommend to read on a lazy Sunday. Also as a side note I do recommend reading this on lnmtl if it hasn't been translated yet by a Chinese translator, as the current mtl version is more difficult to read. <<less
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yogesh12 rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: c108
Kawaii, it's the only thing I can say for this novel.
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MangoGuy rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: c36
This review can be considered to be extremely short-sighted, as it is coming in only after a mere 36 chapters. But the translation seems extremely wobbly, so I might as well review this and forget about it.

Firstly, this concept and its variations have been tried out before. So, what sets this project apart? So far, absolutely nothing. The cute moe daughter is not really cute. The translator tries to do the job by repeatedly using cute words and such, but the character itself hasn't been shown to do any acts... more>> warranting a diabetes reaction to attract readers. It is a regulation attempt at a cute character, and so far, it is ordinary.

Moving on to the MC, well... He is interesting. Adjusting to the new life is definitely going to be interesting and so far, there is promise. But even before the promise could sprout, we are introduced to the average baddy. And what follows is much the same as what you would expect.

The deal with the female lead can be guessed by readers who have read a decent number of CN novels. Giving the benefit of doubt to the author, am I willing to sit through maybe 60 or so chapters before the plot happens to move ahead in a direction that is not stale? To be honest, I might just be able to sit through. Except, the author hasn't given any hints that after some point, that freshness will definitely come.

Consider this review with a pinch of salt as it is coming in so early, but this is not Mango approved. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong. <<less
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