Immortal Ape King


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He was only an ordinary Chinese youth. Because of the strong refusal of his soul, he unexpectedly arrived in this strange world. He ardently loved peace; yet, he had no choice but to become a Demon God. If cultivating to the peak could lose person’s human nature, then all living creatures will weep with grief, waiting to be slaughtered. Can he still remain calm after this? In the vast wilderness, a handsome youth carrying the wisdom of “Daodejing”, step by step would rise to prominence in this world. Condensing and cultivating his bloodline to the supreme. Controlling and commanding the rivers. Swallowing and spitting the sun…

Tl: 1.Daodejing also mean as “The classic of the virtue of the tao” was a book of dao by Lao tzu, a sacred text of Daoism.

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vkg313 rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c11
Not sure if the story is going to be good or not, but the translation by WuxiaNationTL is difficult to read because it feels machine translated. Also, when you read the story, it feels like a child wrote it, so it might make your head hurt...

The main character has just started cultivating, and is supposedly a genius because his soul crossed over, and how he would be better than everyone else, if only he had resources or was born into a better clan. There's a bit of whining. Then the... more>> author goes on the say that cultivation speed wasn't much of a problem any more in a later chapter. Also I didn't get whether they explained what his previous internal injuries were from.

He was also an orphan in his previous life, and now he has parents. Doesn't feel like he is grateful for having parents now. The crossing over of his soul is also kind of like, "Oh okay, I crossed over. Thank you god." It required no real adjustment on his part...

Also, apparently using a bow will give him prefect control of his strength and coordination of his entire body, which I don't believe that is true at all. Apparently, using the bow will help him refine his body so it gets better suited for control...

I haven't seen any actual character development for anyone either, making you feel like this story might be a bit shallow. Also, I don't feel like anything has really been happening in the story. No antagonist, just the MC trying to get strong.

This story kind of feels like a subpar version of The Desolate Era. It has a water cultivation attributed MC, Houyi archer, alive loving parents, etc

I can't really judge the story properly this early, so I guess we will see how it goes. But if it continues superficially like this, I'll probably drop it soon. <<less
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Dragon-sama rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: --
This story translation feels like its written for kids.I mean it goes like He had a unlucky life he died. He reincarnated into a world of cultivation. He is a genius and randomly from who knows where he has internal injuries which is cured when practicing cultivation. He becomes strong out of the blue and says he is happy to have a family. What kind of story development is this?
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