I‘m the Only Stabilizer for the Yandere Male Lead in the BL Novel


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“I—I like you!”

Possessed as the weakling in a waste BL novel.

The only guide and stabilizer in this story.

It was a matter of my immediate survival—

This place is full of obsessive, deranged maniacs and yandere psychos who were raised as experimental subjects and lack emotions!

At this rate, one guy will destroy the lab and we are all going to perish forever!

Let’s do whatever it takes to survive for now—

“… What?”

“I like you!”

He looked at me with a subtle expression.

“I’m a man.”

Right, I am a man right now… !

Because I’m terrified—

Let’s try harder!

“I like you more because you’re a man! I mean it!”

Now I have to be your ray of light,

Feed you well,

I’ll nurse and treat you,

Be with you when you’re sad or in pain.

Thanks to my tearful efforts

The madman destroyed the lab, but he didn’t kill for fun!

I managed to get out of there and now say goodbye to him so that we can live our own lives.


“I—I like you.”


“I like you.”


“I like that you are a man.”

“… But I am a woman?”

It was the first time I saw his eyes glow like that.

A vivid obsessive madness on the verge of going utterly insane.

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집착 남주의 유일한 안정제가 되었습니다
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11 Reviews

Oct 13, 2022
Status: c15
Basically imagine a world where x-men like characters, with various powers, are rounded up and isolated in horrific, sterile, laboratories and experimented on, nazi-death-camp style, but with far better tech. Stripped of their names, they are ranked, A-Z, with A being so weak power-wise, they are essentially treated as garbage s*aves, and Z being insanely powerful. If you don't go insane, aren't too powerful, and play your cards right, you might make it out of the lab lockdown to be used in hinted-at missions, but the majority of those who... more>> enter (usually as children), never exit, and die wretched, early deaths from the painful, useless, experiments.

Our main character is Alisea, a transmigrator who wound up in the body of an A-level drudge in charge of janitorial and caretaking tasks in the lab. She is aware that the super powered Male Lead is going to slaughter the entire lab soon and escape, and seeks to befriend him to try to avoid dying with the masses.

For reasons inexplicable (hello, convenient plot device), she has a necklace which turns her body into a boy's when she wears it (like the original character she inhabits) and returns her to a girl body when she takes it off. A secret the higher-powered, teen boy, lab specimens she cares for quickly catch on to. (I will say that it can often get very, very confusing on whether the MC is male or female at any given moment.)

She is the lone female presence hiding in plain sight in the all-male lab. So, you can imagine 18 year old, super powered, teen boys. Who are kept in isolation unless they're being hurt in an experiment. Who have not seen a speck of kindness, nor a real, human, girl or woman since they entered as children... and how they would react when an extremely beautiful person starts being nice to them, and turns out to be a secret, even more beautiful, tiny and helpless, girl.

In an environment starved of emotions, connections, and personal privacy, she is water for men dying of thirst, and she definitely has these boys by the nose.

The chapters are quite short, but the concept is interesting. There does seem to be a whiff of omega verse, or guide-sentinel, in this, since the male characters seem drawn to the MC's blood and scent.

The rating, and the set up, promises to be steamy, and the tone and style indicate that the abuse the characters undergo will remain in the lab setting, and not be included in the romance/relationships portions, outside of the normal nervousness, tension, and power difference inherent when one side is a hyper-powered yandere. One gets the impression of a tiny kitten leading around a number of bears, each determined to keep it's little fluff ball all to itself. <<less
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Mar 04, 2023
Status: c143
This novel gets 5 stars from me because it is the perfect blend of science fiction and a regression novel. Consider three handsome males (Kalisten, Alexis, and Felix) trapped in a science lab with a revolutionary rebellion and a female lead who can transform into a male using a secret necklace. The author has written an engaging romance novel with many s*xual angst and yandere moments. This was my favourite Korean novel, and I never regretted purchasing it. I hope you will support the translator with her good works and... more>> the webtoon will be released by end of 2023. Below are the spoilers to motivate future readers to read the novel.

Spoiler of Alexis

Alexis is the Z-898 who discovered Aselia's real form as a female. He is described to be quite good looking with blue eyes and red hair. At first, Alexis treated Aselia as a toy, forcing her to dress up to please him, but he gradually fell in love with her. He even made a deal with the Deputy Director (an evil woman) to marry her and gain their freedom to kill the rebellion leader (turned out to be the Kalisten twin brother). He later joined the rebellion and he even captured Felix. He loves Aselia very much but he forced his opinion on her because he is afraid of rejection and has spent his entire life in the lab without experiencing love. There were some touching scenes in which you felt invested emotionally for Alexis, who would rather die without remembering Aselia because his life is meaningless without Aselia. I suppose he learned to be more humane because he loves Aselia and wishes to have a family with her.

Out of gratitude that Alexis loves her, Aselia agreed to Kalisten's suggestion to manipulate his memory and restart his life as a Duke's son. Despite the fact that it was done without Alexis' consent, she wished him happiness with a fresh start in life. The Duke (minister of Emperor Kalisten) appears to be grateful to have a son to nag and he sounds like a caring father.I hope Alexis is happy in his new life as a noble son with a title (something he desired in his entire life) and he will find another female who will love him.


Spoiler of Kalisten


Kalisten is the Emperor's son (Z-999). He is the rebel leader's twin brother and he is very handsome with red eyes and black hair. He is initially perplexed about his sexuality because he frequently sees Aselia in her actual female form, which Aselia dismisses as hallucination. To save Aselia, he braves another maze (some sort of forest lab) filled with failed and cannibalistic experiments with mutated animal forms to save Aselia. When Aselia was burned by fire and she transformed into a female, he reawakened his power. However, he misunderstood that Aselia was dead and he roamed the desert for a year inside a lab (some sort of controlled lab with a desert). Aselia was rescued by Felix, who brainwashed her into believing she was his fiancee. Once she regained her memory with Kalisten, she rejected Felix and joined the rebellion. In the midst of struggle, she sacrificed herself to save Kalisten. Afterward, Kalisten was crowned Emperor. During his lonely rule, he waited for Aselia to awaken after THREE YEARS IN COMA. He waited for her to awaken because he adores her. Kalisten is a ML you want to root for, and his story ends happily with him marrying Aselia and starting a family.


Relationship Spoiler between Felix and Aselia


Felix is A-888 and Z-987. He is a Duke's son with green eyes and silver hair. He is the step brother of Selina. Behind his attractive feature, he is actually a sad*st who controlled Selina since he fall in love with her as a child. As Felix's step sister, she captured Felix's attention with her beauty (platinum blonde hair and dreamy purple eyes) and innocence. FYI, Selina's mother is Felix's father mistress and he is quite similiar to his father who is deeply obsessed with Selina's mother.

Selina and Felix are not related by blood. As a reader, it made me felt uncomfortable whenever he called her his beloved sister and he caressed her blonde hair. Felix is very obsessed with Selina, and I believe he has sexually harassed her. At one point, Felix mu*dered her mother and his own father in order to possess her. She can't take it anymore and manages to obtain a necklace that allows her to transform into a male form to hide in an all male science lab. She changed her name to Aselia after she lost her memory.

Felix was able to re-capture her after she had been burned by fire and save her life with the assistance of the Deputy Director. With his power as the Duke, he brainwashed her into thinking she was his fiancee. Aselia is in love with him and is planning their wedding with Felix. He treated her better for a year, but he kept her under control with mind-control medicine. His fate is unknown after Alexis captured and imprisoned him in the dungeon. This is my understanding of his ending because it is difficult to mtl the novel from Korean hangul into English words using Google.

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Feb 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Great premise, I was excited to read this one. It falls short of my expectations.

Its literally a love story in an insane asylum. But it doesn't make for good reading because no one is likable. Since everyone is drugged, tortured, brainwashed and on hallucinogens. The male leads all have the mental strength and vocabulary of a five year old. The drama is repetitive because if they die, they get resurrected, if their memory is wiped, it comes back, if they create a catastrophe, the bad guy magically escapes to start... more>> the drama all over again....x3. The author really enjoys torturing the characters, instead of developing them. I get the appeal, but I don't care about anyone. They are all crazy, and not in an interesting sort of crazy. If you are looking for depth, this is not the book for you. <<less
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Sep 12, 2022
Status: c11
As the other comment said the chapter are really short! BUT the novel is really good! I like it so far, it's interesting, cute and funny. The translations are good too. I wish I have waited a little bit more to accumulate more chapters haha

I wish we had updates more often tho:c I cant with the curiosity. I have high expectations that this novel will continue to be good
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Nov 02, 2022
Status: --
I found the raws of main story and really loved this novel.

I appreciate all your efforts to keep going with this project.

Please, please share with us till side stories.

... more>> The MC will grow up with the story and Felix is the worst jack ass in the world. Alexis is also not a good guy. But the plot, at least for me, is new as they can manipulate memories and will bring a painful moments to our MC and ML.

We will have so many other characters that we will love close to chapter 90. Thanks a log for all your hard work!!! <<less
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Sep 03, 2022
Status: prologue
Not much is happening since it's only 11 chapters so far, and each chapter are short has heck, but despite that, I think it's kinda cute

Spoiler down below bc I do not know how to use the spoiler thingy on here

... more>> .






The MC is trying to befriend the ML just by smiling at him bc it's been said that the ML killed the OG MC character bc she didn't smile or laugh. Theres man name felix that seems to be the Villainbc he told MC that he's looking for someone that looks like her and wants to kill them. Then theres a 3rd guys that discoversthat shes a woman and had her assigned to him, and he seems nice so far <<less
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Nov 13, 2023
Status: c94
I literally could not get enough of this, it is so good. Unlike other novels, there's actually a reason why everyone is so obsessed with the FL, not just bc shes pretty or "not like other girls" The FL is a little weak but isnt s*upid or annoying, she's actually pretty smart. My attention span is so bad and this novel actually kept my attention. It can be a bit fast paced sometimes but its not so fast that you can't understand what's happening. The only thing I dislike about... more>> it is how short the chapters are 😭 <<less
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Sep 20, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is really good!!! Everyone should definitely give it a try. The plot is amazing with twist and turn. ML is so sweet (only to the FL though). FL is smart and never annoying. Their love for each other is definitely to die for😍 You will never regret reading this novel!
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Nov 27, 2022
Status: c27
I know it's still in the early chapters but I enjoy reading this story! It's so thrilling to know what will happen in the next chapters and if only I have money 😂😭 I wanna read the whole novel already hahaha 😍😚 Kudos to Author-sama and ofcourse our Lovely Translator-san! Amazing work as always and can't wait for more chapters in the future! Love the premise and the leading characters so much 💖💖💖
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Mar 04, 2024
Status: --
This is so s*upid! I admit this story had great potential but after 100 chapters literally nothing of significance has happened that didn't already happen in the first 20. At first the asylum was interesting but now it's just boring and repetitive. I think they will get out of the asylum in the last chapter at this rate...
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Oct 25, 2023
Status: c90
so far, i’m completely in love with the plot and all the side characters! I love how different and intriguing the situation they are in and the environment. So much so, i’m trying to find other novels just like this hehe. I’ll update my rating when I finish, but so far it’s a 5/5 and i’m hooked!!
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