I’m the Only One Who Knows the Secret of the Perfect Neat and Tidy Committee Chairperson Who Lives Under One Roof


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Svetlana Kurokawa is a well-behaved, high achiever, and super chairperson of the committee. She is also my childhood friend whom I have not seen in several years.

However, this seemingly perfect Kurokawa has a “certain” secret…

“Tak-kun, you’re here! There’s probably something in there.”

In fact, she is so timid that she cannot go to the bathroom alone at night!

When Kurokawa’s parents were transferred overseas, I decided to live with her and help her overcome her weakness.

“I’m afraid of …… being alone, so why don’t you sleep with me?”

I’m afraid of being alone, so I’m going to sleep with you.

“Hey, are you okay with my high school life!?”

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Hitotsu Yane no Shita de Kurasu Kanpeki Seiso Iinchou no Himitsu wo Shitte Iru no wa Ore Dake de Ii.
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06/08/22 Defective TLs v1 prologue
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