I’m The Only Granddaughter Of The Strongest Duke


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Lord, please allow me to sabotage his business again today.

That’s how my dad will not die.


A weaponsmith who lost his life while crafting weapons for the warrior’s party.

That foolish man was my father.

Upon realizing the future, I took drastic measures in order to save my dad’s life.

That was through sabotaging his business!

“Darn it, why is such a cool sword can’t even cut this tiny potato-!”

“It can’t even slice the ham this time!”

“There’s no way that the sword made by ‘Sir Royce’ would be this useless-!”

My trick to sabotage his business was successful.

But I didn’t stop here.

I spoke courteously to the warriors who came for my father.

“Nial Royce? I don’t know that person. I only live with my mom.”

Sorry, father.


My plan was a huge success.

Only flies flew to my father’s weapon store, and the warriors didn’t come to ask for a sword from my father.

I thought I could live happily with my father now…

“You….How old are you this year, child?”

The most powerful duke of the empire suddenly claimed that I was his granddaughter.

What the hell is going on here?

What is happening with me?

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최강자 공작님의 하나뿐인 손녀딸입니다
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