I’m The King


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The story is about a guy who was an expert fighting in close combat. After earning an enormous amount of money to live freely, he retires from the underground fighting club but because he ended up making many enemies, he ended up dying after he was betrayed by his boss. As a result he swears not be betrayed again…

After dying, he regains consciousness but this time in the body of a young 18 year old boy which also has the same name. This young boy was beaten to death as he tried to save a random girl…

The heavens gave me a second opportunity so I’m not going to let it happen a second time, I will not be betrayed again. This new life, I will use my iron blood as a sharp blade and I will defend myself and the important people to me. This is my world, in this world — I’m the King.

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Tellestarle rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c1519

This novel is a GEM. An absolutely brilliant masterpiece. I was like Patrick who ate his candy bar... I should be satisfied... BUT I'M NOT.

The premise of the story, as one might imagine is about Gao Yuan's rise to power and him ultimately becoming a king. Yuan, a former illegal underground fighter, revives in the body of a deceased young man, the adopted nephew of a low-ranking official of a small county bearing the same name, who was beaten and stabbed to death.

As a man who could stare in the face of death for decades in the ring and reach the top, his skills are naturally top-notch and as the story progresses we see that he has significant military training and a brilliant strategist. (Goodness knows how he ended up where he did.) Raising a group of rabble and misfits from the local guard he builds his prestige while using his knowledge of modern warfare and ultra-wicked combat skills to boldly defeat his opponents one after another. However, not to worry, the battles aren't easy and some victories are hard won. There are even losses here and there. It is definitely not a smooth journey so the interest comes from not only how the MC out-wits and out-maneuvers his enemies but how his subordinates do too.

There isn't only just enemies and him building an army to defeat them. Even though his past life drives him to be the player than the chess piece, he isn't like most main characters that are hack and slash and destroy everything that gets in the way. He focuses not on on the immediate gains but thinks of the future, even when he is long gone. It's not all about him.



For him its not all about preventing the mistake he made in his past life but also make the world his descendants live in when he is gone a better place.

The story also isn't all testosterone either. This novel has possibly the best romantic plot of all time. His dream of having a family was kind of why he wanted to become a king in the first place. The more powerful he is and removing all external threats the safer his family will be. Compared to his plethora of skills and decisive nature on the battlefield, Love tends to make him an idiot. The intensity of the love he has and happiness he shows for his family would make you think he is a different person.


All in all the journey made me so emotionally confused that after it was all over I felt an emptiness that couldn't be described in words. After breaking down in tears, I sat staring blankly for a good long while before I came here to write this review. Like I said in my other reviews, I may be over exaggerating and my opinions are purely subjective.

Settings 4.5/5
Characters 4.5/5
Writing 4.5/5 (as nothing in this world is perfect :P)
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