I’m Supposed to Be Hated by My Step Sister, Childhood Friend, and School Idol, but the Rumor About Them Constantly Talking About Me Never Ends


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Kaizei Riku is a first year high school student.

In class, he’s a mob who shuts himself and has a faint presence.

That’s why he was hated by his step sister at home, his childhood friend that he met for the first time in five years scared of him, disgusted by the class idol, and the Yankee girls were sickened by him and hated his existence…..

It was supposed to be like that, but recently, he heard something surprising coming out from those girls’ mouths.


The person who helped me recently was cool….

My favorite author is super handsome….

The boy who went to the same cram school as me was cute….

My gaming friend is kind….


All of them sounded like they were talking about him as far as he can tell, but when he approached them, everyone was acting salty.

While being at the mercy of the girls’ words, what is the ideal image that he’s looking for to live his high school life in peace and quiet….?

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New DuelMephistropheles rated it
August 14, 2022
Status: --
Meant to rate this novel a half star.

Anyway, if you're mostly curious about the harem aspect and their relationship with the MC I'll try to sum it up based on what I've read.

The step sister- Had an older brother who she was a brocon towards but he died jn an accident. MC has the same name and she hates the fact her idolized late older brother is seemingly replaced with a gloomy guy with long bangs and glasses. Treats him like shit, curses at him every chance she gets,... more>> and he just doesn't bother with her as a result. Some guys tried to force themselves on her, MC (with his true appearance revealed) saves her. Obviously she's too s*upid to recognize him and falls for the "mysterious man". Basically she's a shallow little shit. Well, everyone in this story is, but I digress.

The (ex) childhood friend- A disgustingly prejudiced self righteous petty little girl. Saw the MC (whom she doesn't recognize as her childhood friend, it's a running gag so to speak) beat some guys up who were trying to force themselves on his step sister and tried to chastise him because "using violence to solve problems is wrong". Didn't even try to hear him out, said whatever the hell she wanted, and cowered when he got a little angry with her and she ran away. For some reason she thinks running away without letting the other person speak their peace means winning the argument, just another gross part of her character. She eventually comes to the mc's book signing (he's an author and also showing his face with cosmetics on, uses a pename) and, surprise surprise, like everyone else drools over his real appearance and, only bow that he's hot, does she acknowledge that's her childhood friend. Well, she was a little suspicious about the MC in his gloomy appearance being her childhood friend, but a name change seems to be all it took for her to think she's wrong. Has some delusions in her head about a childhood romance but is unaware that her actions thus far made it impossible for the MC to ever like her.

The gyaru- A stuck up gal who insults and ridicules otakus while being one herself. One of those cases where a person is too afraid to admit their hobbies cause people look down on it and makes fun of people who are open about it. Insulted the MC when she first met him for seemingly no real reason other than to be a b*tch. Plays a game with the MC online (feel like I don't need to explain she doesn't know it's the guy she insulted) and is super obsessive with the MC in the game.

That's just a taste of the tr*sh heroines this story has to offer and it only gets worse. All in all, not a great story. <<less
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New lettersandmoreletters rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: c70
MC starts off disgustingly spineless except with violence since he's a martial artist which is a nice change I have to admit even if I've seen this same story with minor tweaks way too much.

Still, based on the other comment saying he berates before forgiving I'm reading further ahead through google translate to see it then I'll probably drop it.

Update: CH 70, still a doormat MC. Finally dropping it, I can't take anymore.

He eventually seems to forgive his sister and the rest enough to talk cordially with them and there was barely any scolding. Not enough to be satisfied with for all the trouble they gave including forcing their way into his room, snooping on his computer and forcefully giving him a hair cut, bunch of little psychos- who even does that? Worse, the only thing to make this 'betrayal but it's all misunderstandings' story the least bit unique, martial arts? He has one fight at the start and then wimps out at a potential second having to get saved and the third the pretty boy who saved him then turns out to be part of some secret goodie goodie martial arts gang and threatens the bad guys into stopping. Lame ending to a side-plot that could have spiced up this bland story.

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GreenRiver rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: c57
There's typical troupes like the MC is handsome but hides his face, seems like a mob but is secretly a martial arts badass, etc...

He gets popular after his makeover, gets piles of confessions, and his basic reaction is "Why now? Just because I'm handsome? Go away."

The best part about this is:... more>>

he calls the girls out on the bullsh*t they've done to him! He forgives them, puts it behind him, but it's refreshing to see a protagonist that gets angry for the unfair sh*t he's gone through.

He even has a talk with his step-sister where he asks "would you be sorry if I hadn't saved you?" and "would you be sorry if I hadn't cut my hair?"


There's 4 girls, only 1 hasn't hurt him. I'm rooting for Idol-chan... <<less
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