I’m Stealing the Divine Right in Great Xia


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In the first year of the Taihe era of the Great Xia dynasty, the world reached the pinnacle of prosperity and excitement.

In the capital city of Yu Jing, the emperor pursued the art of longevity, while the empress in the palace worshipped the Buddha.

The Lu family had just constructed a Spider Tower that could traverse mountains, and the Mo family built a Flying Roc that overshadowed it.

Among the upper echelons, a sage of the heart emerged to continue the legacy of ancient teachings.

In the lower echelons, a swordsman appeared to create a new era.

The strategists’ blades and weapons could slaughter millions, while the rhetoricians’ words could be lethal.

Secret techniques of Yin-Yang could reverse heaven and earth, and political maneuvers could disrupt the land and rivers.

The northern barbarians were ready to invade the south, and the ancient gods of the old order were eager to open the seas.

In the royal court, many sought fame and fortune, while in the martial world, chivalry was not scarce.

Kings and bandits vied for supremacy momentarily, while profound doctrines and righteousness were passed down through generations.

The world’s conflicts arose from the pursuit of fame and profit, but true justice resided in people’s hearts.

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