I’m Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically


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I am a second year in high school belonging to the male only「Human Culture Research Club」.

A beautiful female transfer student, Mia Kurusu, joined the club.

Kurusu had a perfect appearance and character.

Of course all the guys in the club were charmed by Kurusu.

In some way or another they had become desperate trying to get close to her.

Due to a strange event, I stole a march on them to get closer to her.

After that, dazzlingly erot*c days awaited me.

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Nukegakeshite Moushiwakearimasen. Dakedo Boku wa Eroi Hibi wo Okurukotonishimashita.
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Rayleh rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: v3c145

For a Real life R18 novel, this one isn't the type where MC have s*x every two chapters, in fact the sexual development of the novel is slow.


and the MC first time s** takes place in between chapters 45-52


As mentioned in novel description, this novel only plot is to show how MC's slowly change from boring high school life, to one where he has a harem and is surrounded several beauties, ranging middle school girls to probably collage/university woman (maybe there will be an adult working or married woman, maybe?).

All this without some silly super power, s*upid charm/s*avery magic, there is no super natural powers at work here.

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San-Kyu rated it
July 20, 2018
Status: c35
Easily one of my current favorite R18 novels (web and light). The author takes a much more slow pace to the lewds, building up characters and sexual tension before starting with... foreplay and nothing more. Even this is build up to the actual s*x supposedly later on.

Character-wise, there's no supernatural elements besides the main character's amazing luck with the fairer s*x. He starts out as an every-day average guy but his habits and the girl's situations just happen to coincide to make for a somewhat believable romance between them. For... more>> example


one girl had the problem of being too beautiful, inside and out, and the ensuing popularity with men and jealousy from women practically ruined her life. Upon transferring to the MC's school the MC, being the average guy that he is, sees her as being massively beyond his league and doesn't really pay attention to her much. All the other guys on the other hand just can't get enough of the girl, and the girl sees the MC as being the one guy different from all the rest, someone she can bond with and trust not to go gaga on her (despite the fact he kinda does but just acts realistic about it). One thing leads to another and MC and girl become secret close friends and then slowly becoming more intimate as chapters go along. It doesn't even take long for the girl to confess attraction to the MC, because of what he initially provides her - companionship without having to worry about her looks and such. It also helps that our MC has an amazingly large penis, yes thats a thing.


The other girls in general also start out not being in-love with the MC but first become aware, then interested, then smitten, with him. Its honestly a refreshing vanilla pace compared with other R18 novels such as Pure Love x Insult (pace is somewhat similar but Erocom is much more vanilla and uncomplicated), Saimin Regulation (Mind control in high school but paced well with alot of mental f*ckery rather than insta-YOU ARE MINE), Marietta-Hime no Konrei (Innocent lewds but in medieval kingdomy place), amongst others. <<less
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Aho555 rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: c108
The high ratings are not a lie, this is a good story that takes its time to build up the heroines so that the eventual R18 events are interesting and enjoyable. Yes, the MC does not have any super power or magic (apart from one unfair physical advantage). I guess it's like a dating sim game in that each heroine get their own intro and background and the goal is to get to the 'finish line' with them. There is no other story going on in besides that.
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Robertp3001 rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c13
I wouldn't normally comment but I had to for this one. So far this is one of the few stories which takes the R-18 content slowly and more realistic pace. The story is interesting enough for the type of novel it is and it is well translated. Hard to give this a bad review because my expectations were rock bottom.
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February 23, 2019
Status: c80
For R-18 novels, it's well done for multiple reason:

    1. The character development (yes there is a character development), MC start as a boring under-confident man and slowly change.
    1. The s*x scene are progressive and well done, not your typical R-18 with cheats stuffs and dull action start in 1 or 2 chapters.
    1. The slow development is really hot and immersive. It feels like a real relationship.
The only downside I can find it's the fact that's a bit too slow for my flavor.
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October 4, 2019
Status: c68
I'm not really giving a full review here; I just wanted to drop in and say that this is well written and well paced, but terribly illustrated. The illustrations of the girls are so depressingly boring and non-erotic. It feels like an R15 artist trying R18 stuff. There isn't any sense of arousal or attraction to them. Even the art style is hopelessly generic and boring; I went in looking for a sense of what the character looked like, and came out feeling like I'd had a better defined vision... more>> of the character before I saw it.

I recommend giving this a read, but avoid the pictures; even looking at them detracted from my interest in the characters. <<less
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Vandille rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: c120
Very nice and much more appreciatable MC, although somewhat of a hetare, it's only to a reasonable point and doesn't go "awawawa" at the sight of women, MC's personality can really change as more women join his little or*y party, this makes it much better and the introduction of each character albeit cliche, their attitude towards MC is different and much more wonderful.

I'm still waiting for the TL, but If you're looking a for a harem but it isn't just a bunch of kids walking and looking at each other... more>> shyly, this one is for you. <<less
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Kalor rated it
February 7, 2022
Status: c136
Very enjoyable, fixes most of the issues I have with not-R18 romcoms: lack of libido, holding in relationships, misunderstanding to prolonge inevitable ending, etc. Characters are also portrayed very well, 'slice of life' parts are good and overall is very fun to read, author definitely has quite skill in writing, and I'm not writing about r18 scenes, but about whole novel.
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bvdaf rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: c83
I enjoyed it at the beginning but with every next scene with Edo the rating of this novel went -1 star. I just can’t stand that blackmailing b*tch and her manipulative thingy, why does she think she has any rights to decide on MC’s relationship. Turned into garbage real quick at chap 82, why all these girls behave like they own MC. I understand jealousy, but he MC wasn’t in relationship with any of the girls, it’s their expectations that made them think that MC is theirs. At that moment... more>> in chapter I really wished MC would just leave them all, choose one or choose everyone except for Edo b*tch. <<less
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August 26, 2022
Status: c53.
A bit of a spoiler but I really like this novel in general. Not just the h parts but all of it though if I had one thing to complain about so far its kusurus character. I understand getting mad at him and calling him a loser for some of the things that he does and him asking s*upid questions but it's almost every interaction so far she has to say something like "I thought I was gonna do this with someone more manly and cooler." Or something similar which... more>> I think is distasteful. Shes out here acting like he don't got 4 other girls ready for him lmao. Good novel. Don't like kusuru. <<less
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Nightfeld rated it
February 26, 2022
Status: c82
(Edit - I was frustrated at the story when I wrote the rant below, and the issues I mention do get better. I still think this novel is 4 stars because the frustrating parts of it detract from the good parts and there are some sentences/paragraphs that are hard to understand grammar/context wise - the translator does a good job of trying to convey an understandable meaning but apparently the original author wasn't clear enough.)

Like someone else said, it starts out good and then gets worse around chapter... more>> 70 until at 82 I felt like throwing my computer.


MC basically decides to love all the girls and form a harem, which shouldn't be a problem considering this is a harem novel. The problem is, the reasoning is horrible.

First of all, the whole situation is manipulated by Eda. The MC clearly knows this but lets Eda form a harem for him because "she is a good person." HOW? She is manipulative and has done nothing to show she is a good person. The only thing she has done to MC is blackmail and ruining his relationship with Mia, but he allows her to fix the situation for him? Granted, its his fault for doing things with different girls at the same time in the first place, but that doesn't mean she's in the right. Eda is a b*tch.

Next, MC goes through a short arc where he seems to mature. He accepts that he likes Mia the most even though he has feelings for other girls, and he realizes that he should be confident in himself. He realizes that not making a decision and maintaining ambiguous relationships with the girls will only hurt them.

So what does he do? He follows Eda's plan and forms a harem. Like sure, I guess the relationship is less ambiguous, but there's no way they're really going to be happy sharing him. He thinks he's making a mature decision but he really isn't. He's still being a coward.


Now all of this shouldn't be too much of problem, because it is a harem novel. The problem is, the logic feels forced and it feels like the MC's growth is fake. The progression of the MC's relationship with the girls doesn't feel genuine at all because there is literally someone manipulating the feelings of all the other girls. Some of the girls even seem like they are being forced to accept the situation because they like the MC and don't know what else to do. If you actually pay attention closely to the plot while reading it, it feels very uncomfortable.

I understand that harem novels are supposed to be the MC doing erot*c things with a bunch of girls for the enjoyment of the readers, but I found it impossible to enjoy the novel when the MC's relationships felt so forced and uncomfortable. Now, I know that the situation may improve in the following chapters that I haven't read, but I still think this novel deserves a 4 because how the MC views the situation totally doesn't match the reality of the plot, but the author clearly tries to make it seem the the MC has matured and recognizes what the right thing to do is.


If he really did, he would say f*ck off to Eda, who he knows nothing about except she likes BL manga and has big boobs.


The problem is that there is a huge discontinuity with what the author is telling us through the MC's perspective and what common sense says about the plot. It seems like the author is pushing logic out the window to force a harem, when there were clearly ways to do it that are more natural and highlight the MC's supposed growth in maturity.

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zaneith rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: c111
Thanks to Krazyguy75 for the warning. I didn't try to look for official illustrations of the novel. I can see just from the cover how the character art is very generic and unsexy, contrary to how they were described. So yeah, don't go looking for the illustrations for a better experience, in my opinion.

The story is really well-paced and the scenes are very detailed and exciting. The build-up for the character relationships are not rushed and each character has their own you know, character. Also, there are no fantasy elements... more>> so it has a reasonably different feel compared to other ero novels where harems are accepted.

All in all, it was really enjoyable so far. <<less
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September 3, 2018
Status: c50
Pretty good novel. If you're on the fence about reading this, then don't. The story is pretty detailed compare to most R-18 novel and you'll enjoy it quite a bit.
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January 5, 2021
Status: c57
I think I'll try to update this review once I got to the lastest ch, but well; if I dont then... I dont? Anyway, shall we go?

Modern day setting in Japan is quite a very defined way for SOL/fluff to go into, I mean what else would there be other than your typical cliches of school, spring-time encounter, school festival and all the billion troupe exists for SOL to function as it is, albeit "I'm Sorry for Getting a Head Start but I Decided to Live Everyday Erotically" is no... more>> exception to this, it's pretty much your standard MC that solely exist in the background and that spring arrived when that schooool numba wan idol goddess arrived and he's like "welp, I dont care since I'll be forever virgin anyway", his interaction is split between me incel tilting and me actually groveling and praising the author for a work like this.


numba wan school idol goddess is the epitome of flag that has set every thing in motion, this is a hot take; because well; if it isnt for her, we'd get osananajimi troupe and I'm tilting for that to stop already. Idol goddess is liek, the start and the end of MC's life as being a background character... Why? Well because he's LUCK stat suddenly went through the roof for whatever reason even tho God blessed his MAX stat on his dick's size; yah it doesnt make sense... Why the f*ck would our GOD bless this MC with 2 max stat in his average soul? Seriously... his interaction with our ummm heroine 1 is well paced to the point that, hey I actually liked how they initially converse; then slowly and surely it gets to the point that we see more foreplay, and heroine's affection to MC building up. It's one of a very well paced time and MC's monologue despite me incel tilting so high that it shot through the heaven, I find it quite well organized... I mean, he's literally the absolute bottom-tier in the entire world (in MC's perspective) and school numba wan idol goddess is like the flower that he cant even reach.. well except he can touch her ti*s and pu*sy that is but aside from that, ehhh yah he's no match. That's why I dont mind his how he behave in front of her or when they're literally 2player mastubating... or whey she's giving him blowjob. Like that you know, make sense.... I mean even if the author still play this inferiority complex card in like past 200 chs, I wouldnt even mind. I mean that's just how self-insert werks I guess?

OHHHHH boi dont get me started on this osananajimi troupe for f*ck's sake.... She ought to exist to be someone that will never see the daylight of her entire life... I think it's safe to do the NTR if it's osananajimi tbf, like why would you not when it does not really affect the story that much? Ahhhhhh I f*cking hate osananajimi like how the f*ckkkk can a cardboard copypasta from the Acient Greek god of f*cking who knows what scripture it that, that even mentioned this whole f*ckery that we're on? Anyway, in this WN, I feel like, the osananajimi troupe is used as a foil for the heroine 1. I think of it this way; if heroine 1 is the flower that's at the peak of the world to be only seen as it is; osanajimi troupe in this case is is precisely the opposite of that; which in this case is the flower that the MC can only hold as and no one ever will be, it's because of this whole bullshitry with TIME. I mean, MC and her pretty much had known each other since they're young; and through that culmination of time had made their feelings for each other strong but at the same time distant. In my opinion; familial love I tend to see in osananajimi troupes are far more prevelant and strong than romantic love tho, it does switch when you know... THAT character appeared... well, she is very submissive, MC even, at this point or throughout their sexual encounters shows his ego/confidence. Which I think has a different flavour compared to his behaviour with heroine 1. It's just that the way osananajimi push forward is always because of, or in this case; after heroine 1 did it; that makes me want to f*cking puke. I mean, for the love of f*cking god I hate osananajimi troupe and this is one of them.

MC's living his life at its highest peak, this I will tell you. It's quite funny that, I feel like truly; unconditional love do exist because; hey even if MC just shrugged their confession, he'd still be allowed to f*ck them.... At the very least; well the heroines still wants his dick, and for me this is quite interesting show of affection that no other harem/SOL/Fluff romance could have f*cking shown. It's like... I dunno, gommensorry because I havent watched a lot of harem anime nor I have read a lot of harem WNs/LNs but boi this WN is at the peak of being one of the best comedy WN to ever exist.

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starlightglory rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: c47
For R18 novel, this one definitely deserves 5 stars rating. The story progresses not too fast not too slow. It tells enough story for us readers to understand every characters thoughts and actions. Not like other idiots protagonist wandering around fuxking girls without any proper reasons. Well, if you are looking for a fast pace action (sex) screen then maybe this novel isn’t just for you.
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cbrtlsseca rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: c120
IMO one of the better Harem stories and isn't even Fantasy world. The maturity level is extremely high compared to 95% of Harem stories. The MC will react initially similar to other Harem stories at the start, but has the ability to adjust and act like a normal person quickly and then responds to the girls needs whether it is conversation, romance, or during XXX. The MCs vocabulary is a nice change with every praise not being "It Suits you, or Your just to cute"...

Not sure if the TL... more>> will be picking back up as I hope they will as this is a really good story. <<less
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shyevsa rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c111
This erocom is actually better than what I expected. Most of the "ero" scene are quite wholesome and enjoyable.

The romantic relationship between the character also quite developed and not "instant" meet then s*x.

There is actually harem plot and somehow no "ntr" or depressing rivalry (from the MC point view at least)
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