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What got summoned was the world’s strongest sociopath.

His ability is one that allows him to buy anything, [Heart of Gold].

The Demon King is dead. Now, it’s time to kill the hero.

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New Mahesvara_
March 29, 2020
Status: c22
This is a good read ~

So, it's a story of a death row criminal who survived 2 lethal injections walking to his third execution. He's going to be executed but the police are trembling in fear in front of him. lmao

It's kinda serious and somewhat dark but it has a comedic undertone.

... more>> I like the humour. I mean the interactions of Menticide & Necro are really humorous. Menticide and Saint are both funny and cute too.

The only thing I dislike was the author dump information in one go. It's quite boring to just accept every info straight.

    • Story - 4/5
    • Concept - 5/5
    • Characters - 4.5/5
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chochocobo rated it
July 2, 2017
Status: c39
Most of the negative reviews seem to focus on the ditzy female character, the main character that seems to have no common sense, and the flat plot. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but let me try and dispel those notions.

First off, almost all of the important characters introduced so far hide themselves behind a mask. The author makes it a point to emphasize certain actions, and in the case of the saintess female character, it's her ditzy behavior. In the end, it's all a mask. She has... more>> inner demons, namely her trying to reconcile her personal morals and the actions her group takes in order to reach their goal. She doesn't agree with the path that her group takes, but she recognizes the fact that not everything is perfect and well in the world. She is a character on the verge of disillusionment and falling out with her own beliefs and therefore puts on this facade of innocence and idiocy in order to cope. She's spent her life trying to save people, but in the end, more people have died than she has saved. As a result, the common people have labeled her with the stigma that she hated the most, that of a murderer. That is her character. And like her, many characters in the novel share a similar incongruence between their actions and their thoughts.

As for the main character, he's impulsive because he doesn't know any better. He was raised in an environment cut off from the world, and his only real experience outside of the bubble he was raised in was one of mass murder. He had no purpose other than to be discarded, and since he had no real interactions with the world, he took upon the mantle of cleansing the world, but without knowing how to approach the issue from the perspective of normal people, he was simply condemned as a mass murderer. So when he was summoned to another world, his impulsive nature simply stemmed from him being the strongest on Earth. Although he has a genius level intellect and a cold, calculating mind, his lack of experience with people and the regular world puts him at odds with those around him.

As for the plot, it's like a reverse Hero Summon From Another World type of thing, but only 39 chapters have been translated and there have already been numerous signs pointing to a darker and more complex story. <<less
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LeafLetters rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: v1c11
It's hard to keep reading this story. The MC has poor impulse control and is so strong he need not worry about consequences. I think the idea was to make a crazy and bombastic story with a lot of splashy gore inflicted upon at least half the people the MC ever meets. But the MC has no character and the first other character to receive proper screen time is one of those illogical, ditzy, super annoying cute-cute anime type of girls. Why is she a part of a story about... more>> an unrestrained sociopath? The dialogue is sickening! <<less
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keklel rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: c68

So, now that the story is finished, here are my final thoughts on it.
... more>>

tl;dr This novel (68 chapters) isn't long, but the story is really bad and the characters are bad as well. If you just want the science references (and that's all this novel is really good for) you might as well go read proper sci-fi like the Three Body Problem. I rated it 4/5 because it's better than the majority of xianxia trash on this site, but that's not really saying much about its quality.

  1. Characterization was poor. I think this is beyond dispute. The characters are not only shallow and cliched but worst of all inconsistent. MC does a heel-face turn for no real reason. I felt the "personality change" was forced. Sorry, but you can't cure a person of sociopathy by being nice to him. Now you can argue that he's not really a sociopath, but everything he did (killing the heroes and innocent people for money etc) suggested that he was one. In any case, he's not a "good guy" in any sense of the word. Necro Kill is supposed to be a psychopath, but we see none of his psychopathy until the very end, where he starts acts like a card-carrying villain - not like a real psychopath (like Ted Bundy) but more like a Disney villain. As a point of comparison, I consider Fate/Stay Night's Kotomine to be a better written psychopath than Necro Kill - that's how poorly written Necro Kill's character is. The saint is annoying and I don't find any of the MC's reminiscences about her to be moving at all. You can go to literally any run-of-the-mill xianxia trash (e.g Limitless Sword God) and find a less annoying female character than the saint. No, honestly, she is a terrible character through and through. Her entire motivation is stupid (hurr save anyone I come across even if he's a serial killer that will go kill more people), but that is her only defining feature. Other than a few superficial things like, she likes eating and going to the beach or some similarly boring shit, we are given no information about her. What are her political views? How does she approach problems? How does she evaluate people? You can't answer these questions about any of the characters in the story, let alone the saint. The warrior and the hero were killed by the same trick (MC threatens to kill innocent people unless they die, and they somehow fall for it), which just shows how stupid they are. The warrior (who was literally immortal) had no reason to believe that the MC (who has revealed himself by his actions to be a sociopath) would spare innocent people if he killed himself. So why did he kill himself? Plot-induced stupidity. Same with the hero. The hero can literally cut the moon in half. She could bend reality itself. It was supposed to be the most OP power (after the warrior's immortality and the thief's ability to reverse time, I guess you can't really go much higher than that). How did she let herself get killed by the MC? Plot induced stupidity. The entire story was just the MC getting tricked by Necro into coming along to kill all the heroes so Necro can resurrect them to kill everyone and become a god, and then after getting killed, the MC came back and stopped Necro because his power was more OP than Necro's. That's literally the entire story. The MC didn't defeat Necro due to superior tactics or thinking, he won purely because of luck and more OPness. Probably one of the laziest storylines you can come up with if you think about it.
  2. Fights were underwhelming. New powers kept getting introduced like the author was just randomly making them up as he went along. The "cerebral" aspect was ruined by the fact that the MC can apparently buy anything at any time and overcome any situation just by buying more OP stuff. The little "tactics" in the fights were ruined by that. The MC would always just come up with a new thing never mentioned before in the story ("ever heard of this poison? it kills you slower than the other poisons. amazing right?") to solve some problem that just cropped up.
  3. The "science" felt like the author was just throwing in whatever latest article he dug up on wikipedia by pressing the Random Article button once in a while. Remember that medieval German sword strike that the warrior used? It didn't matter because he was OP and nobody could withstand any stroke of his sword anyway. It wasn't like there was actually a sword fight going on at any point in the story, so mentioning this felt pointless and out of place. Might as well have just said "the warrior swung his sword and all the people around him died from the shockwaves". Similar for all the random poisons that the MC used. Just say "the MC used a poison". It's not like the specific poison he used was relevant to the story in any way - he could have used any and still won. His power was just that OP. Basically, none of the science was actually relevant to the story because it's a completely different world where real life problems are all overcome by magic. It's a bit like Elf Tensei except the powers are more cliched and less creative.

Despite all of the problems, I still think it's better than most run-of-the-mill xianxia novels on this website, which is why I rated it a 4 out of 5. Despite its failings, it's one of the most "scientific" novels I've read on this website, even though it's really not that scientific compared to say any actual published sci-fi (go read e.g Accelerando if you like science references).

To be honest, I'm glad it's finally over. The story was boring and I hated all the characters.

A good job and thank you to ensj for translating this horrible mess.

Older review:


>Don't worry about those girls. They were just screaming because you were so handsome. Just like they do in concerts, you know?

This story can be pretty hilarious at times.

Quick synopsis: Murderer created with genetic modification with over 90, 000 murders gets executed, and then summoned to another world because someone made the mistake of choosing to summon the man with the highest number of murders as the criterion for strength...

So far, the story is quite self aware and the MC is quite observant and intelligent.

I guess the main problem with the story is that everything is from the MC's perspective, so we don't really know how the world works nor is there a reliable guide to explain the world to us. This isn't too much of a problem because more and more of the setting gets revealed as we go on.

For the first 7 chapters things happen without much explanation. So you are left wondering how did the MC kill Necro Kill? Necro Kill just suddenly got shot through the head with no explanation so the entire escape sequence felt abrupt and disjointed. The details are filled in on the next chapter though, so it's fine.

I also feel like the way Necro Kill acted, like how he killed the kids and then left himself completely unprotected against a murderer was also a bit weird. But again this is explained by his special ability later on. The characters actions are largely justified although the kids seemed overly naive.

The story is interesting though.

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Rezinger rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c55
The best read I've had for the anti-hero genre, the negative ratings for this are unjustified.

What you have here is an MC who is sociopathic due to circumstances in his original world. He does everything that has the potential to bring him "profit" - as reflected by the ability he gained through his personality: the heart of gold. His goal is to rid the world of all evil, no matter the cost... Might be true or not since we only hear it from a character who is a fan of... more>> the MC, the potential for it to be a foreshadowing is also high.

The story is basically him taking down giants, other people with cheat-like abilities, while tackling concepts like immortals and timelords by thinking of ways to kill them.

This is taking a new look at people with cheats, and an analysis of their personalities and the results of gaining and using their respective powers in a world without morals. Each characters have their own motives and personalities, they are very much NOT 2-D.

Romance is a one-sided love, MC is uninterested and is aware of it.

Open-minded, Empathetic or Misanthropic readers, this is for you.

Overall, a uniquely great read.


Ps. don't hate on the pitiful chick too much or you'll hate yourselves in the later chapters. Also her punches can only heal, and her personality mellows out over time. She's really not that bad, I don't get why anyone's annoyed with her considering how she's willing to abandon her principles for the sake of the group's mission or even her own well being. Her selflessness is a good contrast to the MC's selfishness, though MC wins the ideological battle hands down.

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Oslo rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: c64
Firstly, disregard any reviews from readers who havent read more than 30-40 chapters. They dont know that much about this novel to write in the first place.

Anyway, this novel is a light to read novel. There are no complicated plot lines or reasoning behind the characters. The story is simple: How to kill the heroes of the past using the greatest murderer of mankind, supported by the greatest black wizard and greatest white wizard. And oh, those 'heroes' they are overpowered as f*ck.

Before I detail about the... more>> adventures, let me just say this. Names are overly simplified. The protagonist is mostly called the Murderer. The enemy heroes, or rather the sidekick of the hero called 'The Braves', are called by their positions or role in the hero's team. Such as Warrior, Summoner, and Theif. Thats their literal names and how most characters are reffered as. If you can manage through the ugly naming system, then you may find nothing else that's problematic.

Back to our storyline and characters. To the reviewers who complained about the female 'love interest' of the MC, about how shes ditsy and annoying and overly kind. Of course, she's the Saint for christ sake. That's her role. And her actions of being ignorant/innocent is just a defense mechanism for reason that you readers will fond out. As for the MC, before anyone complains that he's too unemotional or too bland, of course he is. He doesn't have a 'heart' (funny how his skill is called Heart of Gold), that's how he is a genius who acts not because of emotions or anything. He is more likely to act as a robot than a human because that is his character. So dont expect him to feel, or cry or act as a human, because he isnt one.

Most of the beauty in this novel is how powers are utilized and explained. Unlike other stories where skills are used as is, in this story the abilities are explained in full detail (but not in battle, this is not Bleach) and the uses are novelty. For example, the MC's skill is heart of gold which allows him to buy anything, so what do you think the genius MC will do with this lame ass, low power, non-combat skill? Well, one example is how he planed to buy 1 million gallons of water to make a volcano explode, or buy buildings in the stratosphere to be used as meteors. You will find in this novel that skills and damage are not the most important thing in a battle, its the brain that matters, especially when the enemies are overpowered AF (the warrior is immortal, the summoner can reflect anything and almost everything, the thief can stop time and see the future, and the hero can alter reality and the laws of physics).

This is a short novel, less than a hundred chapters long, but you will find that most chapters are worth the read. The characters are simple, the plot is simple, the writing style is simple, but the details in the fights and story never lacks, and it all adds to a relaxing read that still manages to keep you on the edge at times and reaching g for the next chapter. <<less
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Zimon87 rated it
June 27, 2017
Status: c28
I'm sorry to say that I hate this novel. The MC is impulsive and to be frank quite retarded. The female oh gosh, she wants to get her will through all the time but just comes up annoying.

The story itself is quite regular, a male getting summoned into another world and need to fight what he gets pointed at. To linear for my taste. Got abit of a twist but feels like he gets everything he needs from the get go in his hands.
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DocB rated it
September 5, 2017
Status: Completed
This is no novel for novices

the best category that I can put this novel is isekai epilogue. So if you haven't read lots of isekai, don't bother. Now if you have read a lot, then this novel gives a realistic feel of what would happen to the world after and should be a must read

character development is cliche but perfectly done. The story overall is predictable, but details and interaction are refreshing
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Nicron rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c35
I'am going to support it since it's well organised and it's translation is very amazing.

About This novel - I basically think quite unique and the perceptiveness of each character is amazingly described. MC is the most uniqe but it's also the flaw of the novel which would be annoying to readers as story goes on. I guess it would best for novel if he accualy get a change of his wold view as the story advances. Because no ones wants to be stupid forever. His personality might look cool but... more>> it's not fun to stay with someone like that or imagine myself like that for long without change <<less
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Zak_Blak rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c65
That was, by far, one of the best masterpieces I've ever read.

Every character is developed well with depth. Everyone normally complains about the saint's ditzy behaviour, but that's just a coping mechanism. She's trying to atone for the consequences of her past actions.

That is, to say, of healing enemy soldiers, leading to more allies to be hurt. Granted, she didn't have this intention; she can't bear to see pain and hardship before her. Also, due to her ability [Total Recall], she can't forget horrors and pain no matter how hard she tries.


What I'm trying to say is, the characters all have depth and masks portrayed throughout the whole novel. Furthermore, that was the first ending that truly brought me to tears with how perfect it was Whoever wrote this novel is a sage deserving all of our respect.
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Torterrain rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c68
This book is not for mediocre read. It is really dark and heavy themed with lots of death and brutality. This is not about heroes and villains this is about enemies, gains and benefits. What is right and what is wrong doesn't matter. If it does to you then you will get hurt.

ISBBTW is that type of book, but I didn't start reading it to be happy or feel justified. I wanted to know how a sociopath thinks. And even after reading it I cannot fully say I concur with... more>> the MC.

Also this book is full of statistic and planning. Things don't just happen like in happy go lucky animes. Things happen because they have been planned thoroughly. Ofcoure they don't explain things to the reader right away, but give you time to think how to fight against super powers with just enough information.

What this book does especially different from other books i've read is that this is not world oriented, but character oriented. We know very little about lore and the visual appearance of the world, but we learn to understand all of the characters through their little quirks and ways of action.

IMO isbbtw is my top5 wb novel for it being so unique, and I think I won't find other books like this for a long time.

(Beginning: Life is meaningless // Middle: Death is inevitable // End: Heartlesness is not a sin) <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
June 15, 2017
Status: c24
The MC is a mass-murderer who's summoned to a technologically advanced (maybe modern? The descriptions are very vague) RPG-like world in order to help a douchey government hunt down some OP heroes. These heroes have done their job and the government now wants to get rid of them for peace of mind. The MC agrees for benefits. There's a lot more nuance to the situation than that, but that's the general gist. Because the heroes are so OP, the MC has his work cut out for him.

The story is good... more>> in some ways but the meaningful / exciting plot events are separated by so many long-winded conversations that everything feels excruciatingly slow. Don't expect action scene after action scene like most similar series. The MC also has a cheat power called Heart of Gold that lets him buy anything with money... except it turns out to be kind of underwhelming, because (at it's current level at least) it takes him 8 hours to actually get what he bought*. As a result, Heart of Gold isn't easy to use in battle (although the MC does figure out some workarounds). Still, it's not the "Damn, this is awesome!" sort of situation I was hoping for where the MC abuses the hell out of an awesome cheat ability. I'm hoping another series will eventually take this cheat and use it better.

All in all the story is enjoyable but a potentially compelling plot is diluted by farrr too many pointless conversations. I won't tell you to steer clear from it but I'd avoid getting my hopes up due to the synopsis. Three stars.

*Later on he's able to buy other, cooler things, but giving the MC's personality I don't see him using the ability in a particularly awe-inspiring way. He's just not that kind of MC. <<less
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notjoining rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this one for how it treats its "fights". While some might want something flashier, I appreciate fights where it's more about strategy and less about who has the bigger d*ck.

Yes, there is strategy involved here, though it isn't as elaborate as military fiction. I really like looking into how a character wins a fight, especially fights where the odds are stacked against the character. You don't see sudden power-ups, since the power-ups have already been hinted at before the battle starts. The plot armor is also is believable,... more>> unlike Quenser's in Heavy Object, which has a similar method in winning its fights. To be fair though, the author kind of bent his rule in the final battle against the last boss, but since it's the last battle, I had an easier time forgiving that.

Nonetheless, this story cannot be said to be well-written. Any characterization is told, not shown; if that can be said to be "characterization" at all. The romance, while hinted at, has a questionable beginning. Why did she fall for him, even knowing his broken personality? Plus, the romantic development was forced, done to proceed the plot.

Then there's the conclusion to the story. Although the ending was foreshadowed, it was done sloppily. It really takes the wind off the sails when you know the male lead will get betrayed by a friend. Also, fortunetelling/prophecy is a lazy plot device.

Still, even with this faults, I give this one a 5-star. Using my own metric, it means it's enjoyable and a cut above the majority of the novels in this site. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: Completed
Can't give more than 2/5.

You can read the first 20 chapters every words, then skip-reading the next 10, before jumping to the final 5 without missing anything. I already did it.

The whole story evolves around 3 people. Nothing except dialogue between them, which more than half is nonsense babbling and old age dry joke.

The whole story can be summarized by a short paragraph. Better NOT read the spoiler if you want to read the whole story.

... more>>

MC is genetic modified (by 16th century science!!) heartless mass murderer. He is summonned to another world to kill the hero, so that the summoner could kill million people and becomes god. The girl is there because he finally have to love her, and kill the summoner to retalitate. Sixty five chapters are full of non sense dialogue between these three plus word-filling description of game's items and skills explained.


That's all, folk.

No action scene. No combat. No character development. No emotional interaction. No exciting moment. No cliff.

The climax chapter - MC fights Hero. It ends in less than 3 short paragraphs with absolute no-excitement.

He shows up, waiting to kill with his OP. She shows up, waiting to be killed. He kills her, in one sentence. No fight. That's all!!

May be good to other readers, but not me.

BTW, translation is very good. That's why it's 2 stars. <<less
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Cryden rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: c68
I really like this novel. Dont be fooled by bad ratings, its mostly due to first 25 chapters being introduction (probably). Thats probably why people got discouraged and gave low ratings after seeing almost %40 of the novel is nothing but character introduction/base. But after that point, action kicks in, everything makes sense and is believable. Well, maybe the way immortal tank guy died is a little forced but I can overlook that since this is a rare novel which doesnt have characters who fk up with their stupid decisions... more>> and make you facepalm.

I would prefer a darker ending but this is alright as well. <<less
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clowred rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: c68
Welcome to the novel that gave a heart to a monster, to a world where love wins it all. How unique, how rare, how beautiful, how... cliche?

I'm sorry for being born in this world, a freaking long tittle with an annoying message, deals with the motifs of death and regret. Then again, the main character that is the representation of these two motifs is by no means someone that would actually seek death or feel regret. Yet, for some reason, he decides to make one decision that f*cked him up... more>> completely, him a criminal feared worldwide decides to turn himself in to the police only to be executed. Now, this is no spoiler, this is just the first chapter, the premise of the true story, a story that happens in another world, a world of magic where the world turns against the heroes that killed the former demon lord. What is the purpose of our protagonist

that is summoned like a log that had burned for too long in stove, completely f*cking dead?

f*cks up two of the strongest in the world.

Now, I have already presented a f*cking lot of details, which is already annoying, so I will simply tell you that the next half of the story is a filler where the protagonist is less and less what he seemed to be, becoming mellower. This is of course what every f*cking Korean author does to their protagonist after he meets a woman. No mater if he is a demon lord, a f*cking monster that devours human babies as a snack or a mass murderer, once a woman enters his life he will find his human heart. The second part is the actual fight, the death, the betrayal, the raising of skills which culminates with "let the drum make some noise"

the protagonist becomes a f*cking god, and revives his love interest that had died (a woman he had killed once)


Well, well, well, such an incredible surprise reeks with originality. 2 stars from me is the maximum I can give. Lastly, his skill is a culmination of the dream every otaku has, a skill that allows him to buy everything, absolutely everything. Yet, he is not OP. He is just a monster in his search for a heart, which is why his skill is named Heart of Gold. With this being said, the review has ended, enjoy your free time reading this while shutting down 90% of your brain. <<less
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Desired397 rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c32
The series has a bit of an odd start but once you get used to the world you don't really notice it anymore.

The story is that this genetic superman from Earth who also is a mass murderer (because he just doesn't value life except his own, killed about 120k people in his lifetime) who gets teleported into this fantasy world, problem is he just died in the real world so all they summoned was a beat up dead body. Necromancy solves that problem and the story begins.

Only gripe with the... more>> story so far us that the author added in this annoying girl that is basically pulled from some trash Japanese novel (annoying, violent, stuck up, thinks everyone else should bow to her greatness) and forces the MC to stay close to her for BS reasons. If she wasn't in the story it would be 10/10 great novel.

Good read if you like violent gory novels, avoid if you hate Japanese LN style female characters. <<less
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paradoxclouds rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c11
Seems to be another cliché novel with the MC getting pushed around by someone cute and by his superior and of course he can kill anyone else.

It's just the annoying side characters that push him around because why not.

As for the story it's a hero summoning type of world

... more>> Quiet bland without any redeeming qualities other than

look at how annoying this character is or

look at how I have killed so many people hur dur dur

P.s I started reading the novel again but I ran into the same issues as the first time.

The saint is unbearble, Necro is just kinda there, the MC is still as dumb as when I read it the first time.

From what I can read from the other reviews it seems that this is one of those novels were you first have to read through the sh*t parts before you get to the good points but the characters are so horribly bad that I just can't

I also want to point out to other reviewers that rated the book highly because of the latter part of the story

but any part of a book being bad is what makes a book bad. <<less
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Trent rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c8
It's got a strong start, though it is too heavy-handed sometimes. The rating could go anywhere from 3 to 5 stars depending on whether it's actually going to address its ever-increasing issues. We've got mysteries and hints and suggestions, parts that could either have been wastes of words or will turn out relevant to the plot, and it remains to be seen if it's all being written according to the author's plan or if it's going to spiral out of control (if it hasn't already).

The characters have been interesting so... more>> far, though. The story's genre savvy, and is filled with protagonist-level characters who have powerful abilities and hidden motives. On his part, the MC's a mass murderer, and he's preternaturally skilled and efficient with his work; don't expect him to act nicely now that he's in a different world. I'm not fond of what seem to be his killing criteria, but that might turn out to be a misdirection, and his (and other characters') masks might extend deeper than we believe. It'll be interesting if the MC's letting himself become an unreliable narrator by lying to us or himself, though I don't know if I should keep my fingers crossed for that. <<less
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Diddler rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: --
Interesting idea, garbage execution.

In this 68 chapter novel, about 3/4 of each chapter is spent with MC cracking jokes and getting beat up by the saint, whom he's held captive by. Why is the worst murderer in human history held captive and getting playfully beaten up? Don't ask me. Anyways, that 3/4 of dialogue isn't funny, nor relevant to the story whatsoever. Stupid sh*t like ... more>>

I saw the saint, who was calling herself a beauty, as a narcissistic psychopath.

"Beauty, eh... ?"


"Beauty, huh... "

"Don't say it twice!"

The saint blushed.

"In any case! You were in the wrong here, so apologize immediately by kneeling and barking. Go!"

"Damn it, I told you that I'd be your slave if I failed the mission."

"Can we just get started on that a little early?"

"That wasn't specified in the contract."


We moved away from the hills into a plain.

this is honestly painful to read through.

MC's ability is barely utilized until about 30-40 chapters in, which makes the first half of the novel absolutely pointless, seeing as the world building is non-existent. MC gets summoned, stuck in a cell, and led around by the nose,

Then magically falls in love with the her at the end and all the heroes get turned into zombies. But no! They're saved because of his passive ability because he LOVES her. WHOA SO COOL.

You can literally read the first 10 chapters and skip to the last 5 and miss absolutely nothing at all. The story is boring, the characterization is awful, and MC's personality is so inconsistent he flip flops between a mass murderer and comedian every few chapters. <<less
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sandro530 rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a wonderful novel

the way the main charakter changes may seem illogical because he is very calculative but you have to know that the moment his character changes is the moment he is born (reborn) and I think that the reason for his change is the person who made the day repeat itself. Also in the end he becomes a god and I ship mr. Murderer and Motto hai

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