I’m Really a Villain


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After being defeated by the protagonist Chu Yang, Xu Zimo unexpectedly returned back to the days of his youth!

The days of security when he was the young master of the True Martial Saint Sect, back when his father was the Vice Sect Master. The days before Chu Yang destroyed him, his father and his sect.

Xu Zimo has resolved himself! As a real villain, he will kill Chu Yang, execute his wives and loot his treasures!

In this era, he will seize the Heaven’s Will and ascend as the Immortal Emperor!

This is the story of a villain’s rise into a true devil!

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New Tsoob rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: c200
I was surprised how much I liked it, as when I read the summary for the first time, it didn't seemed that big of a deal to me, like sure, yeah, the idea of the work was comparatively new (at least the only thing that I knew of which was like this was Hystory's Strongest Senior Brother) but judging from the cover (which was just using the Dishonored 2's artwork) and the overall vibes I got from it, to me it seemed like a boring poorly executed novel.

It... more>> is nowhere perfect and revolutionary as it also got it's fair share of cliche and problems and because it is not translated I had to read from MTL (which is barely acceptable at best) I couldn't enjoy it to its fullest unfortunately.

But so far as im reading it got new ideas and was considerably enjoyable and I believe if you can read Chinese (how I wish I could) , can deal with MTL or have the patience to wait until somebody pick this up and hopefully do an acceptable job, I can surely recommend this as of the chapter that im reading it worth picking up and its better than most generic xianxia novels. <<less
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May 6, 2020
Status: c2
Very interesting so far. It's interesting how the MC is not from some backwater country but instead in one of the strongest sects. Will continue to follow.
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Apollonas rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: c322
Really one of the best of it's kind in my opinion. In many ways it has really surpassed the expectations I have for this genre of books. Most of the cliches of course are all there, but they are all handled in a very good way. There is a great attention on detail and a lot of times we see things from the perspective of other characters, which often have their own mini story arc. Usually I am not a huge fan of this in most books but thus far this has been done in a way that further enhances the story. We have seen set ups for plots hundreds of chapters ahead in the story, something that really indicates that the author has most of the story already made up ahead of time. It really also shows in the good quality of the writing. Everything so far has been great, and I am actually quite excited for what has been foreshadowed but has yet to come. If you like this genre of books this is definitely a must read.
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VeryGoodThanks rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: c353
I recommend this novel those who loves mighty and determined protagonists.I really love this MC and story line. Storyline has a lot of elements. Lot of characters have their stories and feelings. If they choice not wisely they can die in a moment of blink. It is really good............

. I write at the name of old story about life of main protagonist Xu Zimo's first life ... more>>

=>The "lucky protagonists" of the xianxia or etc. can be used for some god complex ones goal and "the grandfathers in the ring" can be some bullshitting arrogant old ■♤■ (i wanna write bad things to them where the ■♤■ symbol stays because who the hell give them choice someone and make it strong enought to seem invincible against their peers. Why the one you meet must be it and the others must pray him/her or see him/her as a mount tai [mount tai lol]) .


Old storys protagonist Chu Yang's very big harems one character is Baili Xiao. She pretend love Xu Zimo because he is their sects temporary heads son and if he loves her he can help her while she gain enough power to go back her lovely "brother Chu Yang" (it is a form of adress)............. Let's return to the subject of Xu Zimo, the main character of the current story. son of the temporary head of his order (sect ?) . Because his father was strong, he was treated well by his environment for their personal interests. Naturally, Xu Zimo grew up as a spoiled person and doesn't work very hard at cultivate

but one day A beautiful girl from a poor village comes to the cult (sect ?) where his father is temporary head. Girl inherits special abilities from the sects one ancestor. She pretends to have a romantic relationship with him. Xu Zimo helping the girl get stronger and they engaged. The girl still doesn't get too close no matter how hard he tries, but she always gives hope when he's about to give up. Xu Zimo discovers that the girl has a romantic relationship with a boy from the village where she came from when she has a fiance (Chu Yang is that boy lol) . Could the girl not be too close to her fiance because of the boy from the home village when she has a romantic interest in himself ? Of course he being jealous. He sends a few people to the village to beat the boy and tell him stay away from the girl. Just because he's a man from the village Xu zimo doesn't care about the rest and don't send others for beat the boy again.

I love the arc when Xu Zimo fight against the Chu Yang at the tournament. I love this arc because of the humans reactions, causes and consequences. While read it maybe you can love this consequences too. <<less
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