I’m Pregnant with the Hope of the Entire Planet


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After a one-night stand, a normal human named Jian Luo found out that he was pregnant. Not only that, it was possible that what he was carrying was… not a human being.

In the 25th year of the Interstellar century, all human beings have migrated to the Dark Star. Here, their status is low. The natives of Dark Star are powerful and arrogant. They are the supreme powerhouses ruling the universe but their race’s birth rate seems to have been declining as of late. For the last thousands of years, no new life has been born.

One day, Jianluo vomited after being unable to bear his morning sickness: “Ugh…”

The Dark Star cubs in his stomach instantly sent out an uneasy aura that covered a radius of a few kilometers, causing all of the Dark Star’s natives to suddenly freeze up!

After thousands of years! A cub was finally about to be born!

All they wanted to know was, who was the father of those cubs?!

Later, the wisest and most elegant high priest declared: “Only I can give the child the best education.”

The richest man in the universe smiled: “The child will have my surname. Here, you can pick any galaxy you want.

???: “Have some pride, don’t harass other people’s wife!”

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New Rafouey rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: --
  • Hello! Well, how do I say this... This novel at first looked really shaddy to me. I don't usually read mpreg, and this one seemed to be all about it.

    The 'cooking' tag was the main reason I gave it a chance and, really, I'm glad I did. The first part is all about the MC making his way through live streaming and working to make a lot of money and write his name as a chef, ignoring the blatant racism he receives for being human. It's all about the minorities face slapping those with prejudice.

    He is not dense at all, and has ambition. He just contradicts himself a bit when talking about his feelings and sometimes I feel he's a coward and can't see how much effort people are making to make him confortable. And just because he's human and 'inferior' he can't put in his mind that, yes, the MC likes him; yes, he wants to take responsibility for the babies; yes, he won't abandon you after you've given birth. Way to say all his effort to be seen as an equal despite being human are nothing even for him. Danm, he needs therapy.


    He also thought it was better give his children to the authorities after giving birth, what made me mad, but seeing that the human species doesn't have a big live-span, it was reasonable. The same thinking goes to being in a relashionship with a Dark Star (the ML). Their time togheter would be nothing compared to the babies and ML's living years. It's sad, but thinking about the future in a neutral way is one of his personality traits.


    But, I must warn whoever is reading this: the age gap is a bit disturbing. ML is older than MC by hundreds of years. Just because he still has the handsome face and has a powerfull position doesn't mean it's not some kind of an extreme pedophilia. Bro said the MC's age makes him only a baby in the eyes of the dragon race, so he f*cked a baby and is kind of prond of it... ugh I need a moment.

    Well, the way he gets pregnant is kind of reasonable. But, I'm really sad to inform.... there's no smut. Yes, my friends, the scene was cut like some kind of old pg12 romance movie.

    About the tranlation? Hummm well, if you really want to read it, you'll be able to. Just use your imagination a bit and there will be no problems. It looks kind of bot-translated, but I guess this was a good bot that did their best and kinda nailed it.... in a way. That's one of the major reasons I put 4 stars.

    There's fluff, more than one who likes the MC, but in a platonic line (i guess), a lot of face-slapping, character growth and... everyone loves babies.
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mikumiku_100 rated it
March 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I was actually readying myself at first for a shou fishing black-belly gongs (because of the harem tag before) but hey, it's 1v1 all through out.. Which is I like hahaha.

... more>>

I also find it unexpected that the ML is very open-minded and considerate despite his race. Most of the characters with dragon characteristics that I've read before are most of the time selfish and overbearing. So this ML is an unexpected delight. I think the author did a good job in portraying a healthy relationship between a superior and inferior race (as per the novel's setting). I also like how the author flesh out the MC's emotional development along the way. I might not personally relate to some of his decisions and actions but I like that the author made him more humane by showing the readers his internal struggles and dilemma. Although, MC could be categorized as a Mary (or Jack) sue protagonist but the author also showed his independence and bravery.


As for the mpreg..


Honestly, kind of worried about the MC's special constitution and him being subjected to experiments and various oppression but.. It didn't happen :D. Which is nice, kinda tired of those kinds of dramas hahaha. The dark stars people are actually more simple-minded than humans are when you think about it, which is cute xD (well there are a few unpleasant ones but they were easily face-slapped so they don't matter lol). And aaaaaaaa the kids are cute <3. There's pregnancy care and child-care and I am satisfied UwU.


For the other characters..


Seriously, other "potential" gongs were not even given enough spotlight for the story to be considered harem xD. I dunno why someone tagged it that. But yeah, MC basically has 0 - 0.5% level of ambiguity with the other "potential gongs". They didn't even pursued MC rigoriously. They are just like a friend/business partner supporting characters. As for the villain, hmmm, he's not so 2D but his appearance is so short for me lol. It's just a few chapters then bam! Forgotten hahaha. Well, it's fine but I think it would be nice to know more about his perspective on why he did those things. I also wonder how he developed his own individual personality despite him (Silver ash?) and the ML coming from the same gene pool/gene donor. They are both basically clones of the previous dragon king. So it's kinda strange that they are polar opposites as it was mentioned that all memories and perhaps, personality, of the predecessor were being inherited by the new generation/clones.


As for the plot..


It was good. As a picky reader, I could point out some plot holes and irregularities but it was compensated in other aspects so it's okay. For me, the whole plot is light-hearted and have less drama or conflicts. I think the main point of conflict is the discrimination that humans were being subjected in, in the story setting. But it was resolved later on thru the MC's efforts.


Overall, it was a good read so em giving it full stars. I also MTLed it so I might have missed some things in the novel. Might reread after it's completely translated :D. <<less
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Shadowdrop rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: c11
It was honestly hard to read. I couldn't even reach the moment when MC and ML meet.

(spoilers for the first 5-7 chapters)

So, MC transmigrates into the future, and suddenly he is introduced to a handicapped civilization that has vegetable oil and has pans, but only boils all of their vegetables, despite being massive foodies. And that civilization even let humans (you know, the creatures that will happily fry anything from a banana to a freaking oreo) live on their planet for the sake of good food, but only... more>> the high-tech researchers survived, and as everyone knows all smart people are utterly incompetent when it comes to cooking and gardening (it is literally forbidden to be extremely smart AND a functioning adult at the same time, right?). And all of the recipes and millions of online and offline learning materials on agriculture were wiped out why exactly? Anyway, MC makes potato fries (without even any salt) and popcorn (incorrectly) and those aliens first look down on him, then they are completely addicted. Typical. But it's n0t enough, a few more people have to jump out and try to degrade MC to let MC slap their faces (which he did in a very bland but also chuuni way) and to show how the odds are completely against him. So, MC quickly charms the stomach of ML with the power of a very mediocre meal and starts his road to the top as the master of... nothing in particular. He can make some food. Then he gets pregnant. Does that count as character development? <<less
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Kriwufei rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: Completed
This one is really cute. The MC is practical and tries his best to live in the future despite discrimination and everything. Also, I really love that the MC does give birth in this and we get actual interaction with babies! Contrary to original tags, this is definitely a 1v1, no harem.
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xjgg rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: c139
misunderstandings and jealousy galore. Romance-wise, the shou is annoying, god bless.

... more>>

he is obtuse, in denial, and gets jealous with ml's nonexistent potential lovers. ML already offered marriage, MC refused because he thought ML was just kind to him because they were having children. The annoying part comes after: even after MC realized he got jealous when he heard gossips about ml's non-existent potential lovers and that he liked ml, he just. Wouldn't talk it out. He wouldn't even explain to ML when ML asked him why he was angry. It's frustrating.


ML is decent


he is possessive but doesn't restrain MC unreasonably. He also put mc's safety first. He's bad tempered but willing to talk with MC.


it's a bit tiring to read, honestly. <<less
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XavierForest rated it
April 4, 2022
Status: c2
It's cute, but not without problems. I'll write some good things about it later. For now-

There's major problems with pacing. And I can't count the number of times the author would write 'The next day' and then proceed to mention how it had been many days since then. Like, it seemed like (at the beginning of the novel) he worked at the military for two or three days in total, but apparently he was there for a good while?
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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu
April 2, 2022
Status: c52
as of chapter 52, this is my review:


... more>>

A special human that is able to get pregnant, has the golden finger of knowing how to plant crops and cook good food. It seems like he is weak to authority at times (ie: spineless), but there are occasions where he has ideas and thoughts of his own (when he is not being overshadowed by the dark star people)




Overbearing gong, many people fear him. Very overbearing. Has a single night together and became super possesive. There are occasions where he shows a soft side but even then it is not very obviously gentle.


Side characters:


Past a certain chapter, the people I thought to be part of MC's harem became supporting characters and they barely appeared in the text. Another guy I supposed was the villain was also done in a few chapters after he was revealed to be a minor villain. There isn't much focus on the side characters.


MCxML relationship:


Their relationship is very ambiguous. As in, they cohabit, ML has possesive tendencies towards MC, there is also a child between them, but MC doesn't think/admit that he likes ML and ML doesn't admit he likes MC. Hence there are minor misunderstandings here and there. (They seem to be in a purely business type of relationship for now)


About the world setting:


not much thought given to realism, more of plot convenience in settings. Suitable for a casual read if you aren't the type to think too deeply into the story.

I've read the online dating boyfriend is an alien by the same author as that is comparably better in terms for the couple relationship.

I plan on continuing reading to see how things go, but as of now, it's just okay. (My brain has relaxed after reading another story in between though, and I adjusted to treat this as a brainless read.) <<less
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
June 13, 2022
Status: Completed
The translation team that picked this up is doing a brilliant job, at least it made me want to MTL which wasn't awful.

This was an okay read for me, there were a few plot inconsistancies but there was also some real moments that touched me. Like ... more>>

Today is another day to cry for the love of paper people.

Such a good line, especially for novel readers XD


The initial set up was dark, with humans living in dire conditions almost inexplicably, and yet believably because it does happen. When immigrants (in any country) aren't allowed into the general work force and thus have limited funds for education and healthcare these social downfalls do occur. The poor exist, and so do the factors that keep them poor. I thought it was nice of the author to not really demonize the Dark Star races but to show the difference in their philosphy.

I did have some issue with the reproduction problem because for propaganda reasons things like invitro-fertilization and especially surrogacy are heavily demonized in Chinese society. In this case the Dark Stars abuse cloning, which works almost magically, but not? Like our ML Dragon King is different from his progenitor, but supposedly children are born with intact memories of their previous existence and are trapped in the life they previously led. Like if you were a driver, you'd end up a driver. Somehow no one thought of genetic combination and diversification. Or just doing things differently. These people live for hundreds of years like this, which from a human perspective is nutso. No one is ever one thing and societies aren't constant.

But still, this novel invokes some philosphic ideas, and the cute dragons are a plus. I didn't really like the harem aspect, but that disappeared with no resolution, like the evil dragon brother and the magical Elvish bed.

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Melange rated it
June 24, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is really all over the place with a bunch of suitors circling around MC, who appears to have a directionless plan in mind.

Of course he conquers the world with some earthling recipes because interstellar society means peoples' taste buds have rotted off. Then he spends 90% of his time stringing ML and a bunch of other high powered guys around.

Naturally, the novel wouldn't be complete without some "accidents" that just so happen to bring MC and ML closer together. Nothing like some near-death experiences and surviving in the... more>> wilderness to create some romance, right? When you're busy trying to find food and shelter, it's the best time to develop feelings!


They end up having three children and the two males have some incest.

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March 31, 2022
Status: Completed
It's okay but I quite dislike the ML and other dark star citizens.

ML is too possessive, but at the same time, always thinks about sending him to others when he is gone.

For example, when MC is close to others, he scares them while when they're attacked, he says "you can follow _____, they will take care of you even when I'm gone."

I also got annoyed when ... more>>

he knew about MRS feelings after reading the book his secretary wrote but doesn't actually do anything about it. He's also always sarcastic when talking to MC which made me think that MC is slightly masochistic to fall for him


The author forgot some plot points I think


in the beginning, ML is 700+ but later became 500+.

MC was said to not have eggs at the beginning of his pregnancy but gave birth to eggs.

no talk about the prophetic dream being slightly different from reality when it happened.

Some characters endings are not found out, like Yinhui, the king whose abusing his wife so she ran away (mob so I guess it's fine), the previous adjutant, the ones who seem to want to get together with MC (high priest, MC's boss and others, I guess)


Overall, I guess it was an OK read but not gonna be one of my favs <<less
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lavender_drop rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: Completed
3.5 ⭐

The novel doesn't promise that it is anything special or will give you a wonderfully world-built story.

That was my only complaint really while I was reading: that there's a level of shallowness in the story that just look into the dept of world building and how that affects the characters.

It does dive into the whole "we're from different worlds and from different species" but it does it rather poorly. The whole subordinated species and inter-racial marriage was not as explored as well as it should. In that aspect, it... more>> was too idealized and poorly written.

So, if you're looking for something to mindlessly consume: this is it. It's not an epic romance nor is it the kind of story that will tackle hard concepts or truths. <<less
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Glob rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: c52
Love it. I'm kinda too lazy to write but I will say MC can be a bit insufferable.
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Lemonfxx rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: c148
The start was good, I really liked it, yes. Dragons are what sold me. However, ... more>>

the lack of progress/development between the MC and ML's relationship frustrated me A LOT. Even at this point (ch 148, that's about 85% of the novel), there is still no development in their relationship. I really wanna smack hard both their heads. The misunderstanding was so dragged, and stretched out, mainly because they don't f u c k I n g talk! Goddamnit. Just communicate properly for once, and stop talking in a way that always requires the other person to read between the lines! I'm talking to you, ML! And this MC is no better either (actually worse than the ML), always getting angry, sad, frustrated, always putting words into the ML's mouth (a.k.a. Assuming) and, not saying what he's truly feeling---does he think the other party can read minds? Goddamnit. I'm so tired of this he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not shenanigan.


I originally gave this novel a 2 out of 5 stars, but for the translation (human translation that is, 'coz MTL is tr*sh), I added another star. 👍 <<less
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Maiasia rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: Completed
High end of 3 stars. The story was not bad. It had it's moments. There were funny moments. There were frustrating moments. There were also confusing moments but that may be due to MTL. At times I liked the MC. Other times he annoyed me. At times I liked the ML. Other times his baseless jealousy infuriated me. The buns are totally adorable, no complaints there. Then the two other guys I thought was going to be 2nd MLs in MC's harem ended up being platonic! 🤦🏻‍♀️ ML being a... more>> love noob and MC suffering from lack of EQ and inferiority makes the romance drag on longer than necessary since they got together pretty quick towards the end. There are some plot holes and loose threads in this story and I can only say thank goodness it's under 200 chapters. Translators did a wonderful job though. <<less
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Monicas rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Maybe the plot and character setting of ML and MC make the reader bit frustrated because the straight of steel character of ML, how the MC is always misunderstood just makes their love story is growth slowly. But, for the story setting how the MC from beginning as ancient earthlings until he is success to build his career and family is pretty good.
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