I’m Pregnant With a Wealthy Old Man’s Child


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When he woke up, Zu Qi found himself miraculously transmigrated into a weird novel and became cannon fodder.

In the early days of that cannon fodder, he used some tricks and climbed onto the Second Male Lead’s bed. After he got pregnant, he became a rich and powerful family’s “Rich Wife”. But, in the later part, he was tortured and abandoned, and the ending was really miserable.

The only way to change that tragic ending was to prevent the Second Male Lead from falling in love with the Female Lead.

But, Zu Qi believed that he didn’t have such a great ability and charm

So, he quickly packed his luggage and with a big belly of being pregnant for more than six months….. He ran away!


Coming from a rich and powerful family, the big boss, Xue Jue was handsome and wealthy, and his personal life was very clean. He was rumored to have a fiancee in captivity at home and their feelings were on the verge of breaking up! Thus, countless men and women were looking forward to it, to have a chance themselves.

One day, the steward called: “Master, it’s not good! Madam left the house!”

In that afternoon, at his own holiday resort, the angry and gloomy Xue Jue found Zu Qi, who was in his swimming trunks and proudly showing off his big belly, both hands holding roasted chicken legs each and eating them with an oily mouth.

Zu Qi issued the conditions: “Give me 10 million! I promise to disappear without a trace with the child.”

Xue Jue sneered: “In your dreams!”

In the end, Zu Qi was taken back.

Zu Qi: “?????”

“The plot should not develop in this way!”

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New JustAki rated it
July 19, 2024
Status: Completed

It's not too angst and just plain fluffy. Good for reading n just passing time.
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Chiaroscuro rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: Completed
This is nothing new. But it's sweet and funny.

MC transmigrated to novel, ML is the second male lead eternal spare tire of hetero novel. OldMC drugged ML to "climb" and got preggo.

ML's cousin hated MC but he got a good head/logic. He basically said if they changed ML's gender they can put MC to jail (acknowledging raep) but ML somehow accepted oldMC

BUT the trajectory changed when MC transmigrated. There are lots of misunderstanding due to MC knowing the plot. Some angst and dog blooded plot but not much.


MC have secret space that has every fruits/vegetables/flowers that can cure something. He'll later sell it with the help of people in the space


What makes it entertaining is the interaction between MC and ML.


when they confessed to each other, MC acknowledged he raepd ML and basically sort of ask for forgiveness, and ML sort of did forgive him. It's rare to see this scene that I must mention it

ML IS ALSO NOT s*upid OMG he realized MC IS DIFFERENT.

MC later on will confess about his crossing and his space to ML so basically no secret between them


It's no gourmet novel but it's a good sweet snack.
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ylial rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is okay. It's predictable and cliché. Probably, u'll be disappointed when u have several BL novels like me. But, I didn't put so much expectations due to translator's note so I still enjoyed reading it. Open ending and not polished so I didn't know what happened to MC's family nor to MC's business

This stands out among the mpreg novel due to how the ML took care of his new born so despite being busy with his daily work. Usually, it is the MC who does it in... more>> other BL novels. It suits well in this story bc the ML is 31 and the body of MC is 19 only (MC's soul is 26 if I remember correctly). So technically ML is a little mature compared to MC. I skipped the extra

PS. I find Duan Kai's attitude to his lover (not really lover since they're not in relationship) very nauseating. As MC says, a scum. <<less
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cosmicimmortal rated it
November 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel wasn't particularly good or bad. The MC was a bit annoying and the ML loved unconditionally.

It was also not very deep with any details about the novel and there were many plot holes and simply just plotlines which the author doesn't bother to continue or explain

... more>>

we never find out why the novel and the world he transmigrated into is different, or why he has a spiritual space.

The whole plot with the original protagonist and heroine is just glossed over too, it was a redundant plot setting tbh.

Also the business part of the novel is super lackluster and tbh even the entertainment circle part too.


The novel however wasn't bad. I enjoyed it. The relationship between the MC and ML is cute. There were moments which made me laugh out loud too.

Overall while it was a decent read, it left a lot to be desired. I didn't feel the satisfaction of finishing a novel when I completed it if that makes any sense. It was more like "oh cool, nice but whatever" <<less
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lian lian
lian lian rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is interesting. But idk if the author is extremely creative or just ran out of ideas but I think that the "Magical Space" or whatever was unnecessary. The MC is an IT guy!! I mean if he wants to earn money he could obv go that way, idk why the author decide to go on the farming route. And it thru a magic space!!! Duh!! I mean there's nothing wrong with farming but he's already transmigrated into a novel, Alternating space inside an alternate space is a bit... more>> too much.

The scene-stealer in the book is our lil baby Xue wan!! He's such a cutie, wish there were more scenes for him tho. <<less
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CaptainxCres rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: Completed
Underwhelming (⁠ب⁠_⁠ب⁠)

Zu Qi transmigrated into the book and become cannon fodder who drugged Xue Xuan, r*ped him and get pregnanted and somehow get engaged and live off of Xue Xuan's money. Anyway I don't think nobody care about the original owner enough to wondering about the personality change when Zu Qi transmigrated ಠ⁠ᴥ⁠ಠ

I like the setting so I gave it a try. But it feels like everything is over the place. There's no up and down moment, nothing really happened much people just love to make rumors and rumors... more>> weren't true ¯⁠\⁠_⁠ (⁠ツ⁠) ⁠_⁠/⁠¯

Too much plot but nothing is important and can throw away after mention once


The space that come out of no where and only exist so ZuQi can make money ರ⁠_⁠ರ

No explanation about Ah Kuan who used to enter space and somehow no longer can and the fact that he's never made money off of it ಠ⁠益⁠ಠ

WanWan only knows how to cry and recognise only his 2 daddies ಠ⁠, ⁠_⁠」⁠ಠ

There's the side couple that has no closure (⁠ノ⁠`⁠Д⁠´⁠) ⁠ノ⁠彡⁠┻⁠━⁠┻

The original owner's family who I think selfish and greedy never actually appeared to make troubles. So I don't know how to feel.

Don't even mention original ML/FL, even though ori ML get his show-time but I think it's nothing at all ʕ⁠ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ⁠ʔ there's no reason why he have to think he is in love but if author say so then so be it. Ori FL basically don't exist.


Not worth your time but if you really not want to invest any emotions or braincells then you may try. <<less
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DreamingBlue rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: --
The MC transmigrated in to the story caused it to go of traject. You won't get the original plotline but move according to the MC actions and choices. The changes happen pretty fast.

The MC have pretty much 3 important plotlines: the family with ML, acting and farming production. To me it seems like his family life pretty much got shoved to the sideline when all is said and done with. Got the Ml, got the child so he moved onto his carreer and making money.

The ML is pretty good. In... more>> the original story he dumped the cannon fodder and child to go after the one he has feelings for. Understandable cause Zu Qi did r*ped him and the child was used as a tool against him. Zu Qi changed into the MC and so the ML begins to change too. Don't see much of him except when he comes in to care for the child, be a vinegar jar and a fodder to the MC story.

Nothing further down the original story comes into play so there's a hole there. The only conflict from the original story that were solved were the old conflict of Zu Qi and the ML family. <<less
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September 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Please bear in mind to read the novel without thinking too deeply about it.

Plot wise, it got lots of holes lol. And I very much believe that most of the characters are just decorations

  1. The cousin only existed to help MC give birth. It seems like the author did attempt to give him a cp but then tr*shed that idea not even halfway in the novel.
  2. the original family of zq. I found this really funny. The brother message MC then blocked him and that's it. Author should've just made original zq as an orphan rather than half ass a backstory or better yet, just don't mention it entirely.
  3. the emerald thingy I still don't know what's the purpose??? Imo, the MC doesn't really have any need for it. Oh wait scratch that. I guess the author used the fantasy setting to give the characters a beautification effect without needing to get plastic surgery lol. All for the sake of "natural beauty"
  4. the original female lead suddenly went awol, though kinda understandable that this isn't her story anymore but in the first half of the novel, she still has participation then the next half she just went poof
  5. back to point 1, where the ml's cousin's supposed to be pair, da heck happened here?? I am very much interested in duan kai's (?) route but there was no development. They just shown a live show to the MC and ML and that's it?? What is the purpose???
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katsudone rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I want to say I like this novel BUT there are A LOT of things that I CANT IGNORE OR PASS BY FOR THE LOVE GOD.

Example one, how the hell Org!Xue Jue become blackened? Example two, whats the fate of Xue Wan AFTER Org!Zu Qi left (aka, got kicked out) when it described Org!XJ didnt give a sh it toward his own child (and Org!ZQ) ???? Example three, what the hell happened in the end?! Example four, that emerald? Where is that come from??? Author, explain?!?!?

I knew what Org!ZQ did... more>> was wrong, but Org!XJ neglected his own child, throw anything aside to pursuit Org!FL just fu cking rubbed me off in every freaking way. And, there are two extra. Oh boy, I had expectation some explanation or the aftermath what happen in ORG! plot will thrown in it, but what I got was disappointment. The extras were ok but..... it was plain meh OTZ

Yes, there are dog blood drama in here. And they are hilarious, luv. Those dog blood drama either happened surrounding people around Zu Qi, or people who trying to drag him in but the uno card flipped and it was them that get dragged to the bottom of hell instead LMAO.

And yes, this novel is THAT type of cliche stereotype. If you dont like it, might just skip this.

It is slowburn. I like how Zu Qi knew he was the wrong one, he knowledged his own mistake. once he realized he likes Xue Jue, he has doubt either will XJ forgive him or not. Meanwhile in other side, Xue Jues side, it started small, which XJ thought as "habit", and it growth rapidly like surging fire. Oh honey, he drank his own vinegar too.

The misunderstanding surrounding ZQ and XJs relationship by outside view was getting my nerves as the story went and it infuriated me. It would be a total lie if I say I dont like eating melon (gossip) but I have set my own boundary as outsiders to stay neutral no matter what. If you dont "exactly" know, just stfu rather than jumping to your own conclusion and spreading it like virus.

Their baby, Xue Wan, is cute and clingy. Sighs, I hope Org!XW is fine : ( <<less
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ulajaybisc rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Cute and fluffy. I enjoyed it
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Xiu_er rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.8/5

Reading this felt like reading two stories that only intersected a few times, but were otherwise kept separate. What I mean by that is how the MC kept his acting career and magical produce/medicine selling business apart to the point that he was sneaking around like some double agent. Dude has a problem with being honest imo.

He also is pretty careless, almost neglectful at times. As a public figure/celebrity he should be careful with his actions. But he is either not really self-aware or plainly doesn't care about what... more>> others think about him so he gets himself into situations that are easily misunderstood. Then he stays inactive and let's the rumors run wild even when he is aware of said rumors. I feel that this is a bit disrespectful to his relationship/partner. But I guess, his faults are due to his inexperience as a celebrity and as a proper partner in a relationship. No wonder all his past partners broke up with him for the same reason, his indifference which, I guess, includes his neglectful side.


Apropos neglectful, I also feel a bit sorry for his son. The ML and MIL do the bulk of the raising at first, doing the night shift and all while the MC gets to sleep and follow his career, leaving his son to others to care. He often comes home late and doesn't even take a look at his son. Why? Because the baby is already sleeping. Who says you can't take a look at your sleeping baby? ಠ_ಠ

Only later on he actually does parent. But it seems like it's only during breaks between work. I guess, it's the indulgence by everyone else that allows him to act like that. I don't have anything against working parents. I have something against neglectful parents who say they care but act otherwise.


As for the ML, he is good in my books. He acts reasonably, not too domineering or controlling, but rather doting and spoiling towards the MC. Sometimes he indulges the MC too much imo. Why else would he give off neglected SAHM vibes at times who has to run after "her husband" who forgets that he has responsibilities at home?

The plot itself seems fine in general. But a lot of potential of plot points seems to have been neglected/left forgotten. By that I specifically mean the magical produce business and the og. owner's family. I feel like the magical produce business didn't add much to the main story line aside from getting the MC connections for his acting career.

The og. book plot of the book he transmigrated into doesn't play much of a role either aside from providing the setting. There is no force majeure that corrects the plot to follow the og. plotline.

The og. FL is just a passerby and the og. ML... He does play a bit of a bigger role, but the MC isn't even aware that he is the og. ML. I feel a bit sorry for him.


To sum up, the novel itself was entertaining enough. But I was left with a few itches unscratched. And I felt like giving the MC a slap to the back of his head a few times despite him seemingly not having any major problems in the EQ/IQ department. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Psychoutre rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: c79
MTL'd which was doable.

Pretty cliche and was unexpectedly containing fantasy elements - which I didn't pick up from the sypnosis, so I was a bit surprised. Tbh it's kinda random in the novel, it's like a separate plot setting. I did expect more moments with the MC's child! But it all just seems to involve the child crying and needing either parent to coax it back to sleep... disappointing. MC is also SOOO awkward with the child, it makes me wonder whether it was actually the ML that gave birth.

I... more>> liked MC and ML's relationship in the beginning though I guess it is a bit hard to go over MC's (or the original body's) misdeeds before the transmigration.. I just can't fully click in with their romance and felt it was a bit dull.

I thought there'd be more focus on how the MC works to avoid the supposed flow of the novel's plot, but that wasn't really the case. MC just accepts whatever happens and doesn't really make an effort to change the tide (or run away - as he initially planned when he first transmigrated in the story) for instance whenever the female lead is involved in the story:


MC gets pressured by the flow of the media and forwards the female lead's reposts of his original posts. Never tries to avoid interacting yet wonders how he finds himself tangled up with the female lead.

Accepts his new agent despite knowing that the agent also has the female lead under their assignment..


I am quite happy that the author has given MC some personality compared to the usual wishy washy, meek MCs I've seen. Grateful for his 180cm height, the fact he's not unusually lightweighted, etc or any characteristic that'd make him comparable to a girl in appearance.

I figured I'll just stop here as there really isn't anything else motivating me to read beyond this point. Not a big fan of the fantasy plot which only seems to act as an excuse for MC to have security against backlash or his initial lack of funding/financial independence. Confession wasn't really fireworks-worthy either.. There also weren't any fixed antagonists in the story that would make me want to stay. <<less
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hereforthebl rated it
November 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Done reading mtl. It was a great read. Good story flow. No drama. If you want to read a light story, I recommend this. This is not an exceptional story, but worthy enough to read and not get disappointed.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 29, 2024
Status: c50

I started this to pass time. I was highly entertained by it. BUT it got boring very quickly, everything moves at a snail pace AND the whole spatial space subplot ends up having more importance than the romance, child care and so on. I wanted to read more about the two leads' relationship, but I got everything else but them.

Not to mention I saw rocks on the side of the road more interesting and likable than MC.

Not sure I can recommend this novel to anyone. It wasn't that bad and... more>> I tried hard to enjoy it and keep reading it, in hopes things will look up. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. Dropped. <<less
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WallEyeKnee rated it
March 8, 2024
Status: Completed
MC has alot of things to cope with being stuff with black pot of drugging ML right at the start and also being pregnant straight away in his new body, I felt bad how he had to dealt with all these also with ML's hostility. Good thing he was mentally strong enough to get his mind straight.

ML is straight up tsundere and holds grudges but he see straight through people and slowly come to understand who MC is and his innerself, starting to find the feelings and never let go

Mum... more>> Wang is really caring and Baby Xue is a happy baby but also cry alot

All cannon fodders is non issues, they sort out immediately.

Main Novel MC and ML both likes MC the best in the end lol

The origins of the system and the people in the field is never explained so don't mind it

All in all a short novel, plot not too deep, alot fluff and good read <<less
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Marshmallow Skye
Marshmallow Skye
October 5, 2023
Status: --
Hmm I probably shoud rate it 3.5 stars. It promised to make me laugh and did a great job at that. I wish the ML had actually retained the tyrant CEO type personality, but he gets very idk feminine? And dependent on the MC, he takes on a very wifely role.

The MC is OP af. This ofc a parody. It does a great job at that. It:s very hilarious. Very very unscientific.
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xjgg rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: ---
i really can't like the MC. He stamped ML as a scum because in the og novel, ML neglected his husband, who in his words, "risked his life to give birth to his children". So he acted confident, demanding ML to give him 10 millions to break up with him. Later ML reminded him that he had drugged him. MC then remembered that there were a few words in the novel stating the og zu qi put strong medicine in ml's glass and had s*x with him. Who the hell... more>> read sth like that and didn't immediately think "oh he r*ped him" until the end of the novel? Then proceeded to think the victim was a scum for not wanting to interact with his rapist. 'Maybe he wasn't a good reader and just didn't connect the dots, ' I thought. But then even after he remembered this, on the next day he still tried hard to provoke and irritate ml. He also demanded ML to adapt to him. He still thought of ML as a scum who abandoned his husband and son. When they were shopping, he made up a story about how ML fell in love with him first and started pursuing, harassing, and stalking him. At this point this bastard was just a complete a**hole. MC also didn't really take care of his son tsk. <<less
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mxdberries rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: c47
Okay I caved and read the MTL, it's mostly readable. But the longer I read the more that I can't find MC interesting in any way! The story lacks consistency from the plot to the characterization. The summary and chiaroscuro's review had me very interested in it yet the longer I read the more aggravated I get with it.

ML mainly stays consistent, he doesn't like MC for what the original goods did. He doesn't instantly fall in love with MC (not after he starts making money, making connections or heck... more>> even after giving birth) it looks like it'll take time to heal the rift and build a relationship. The closest thing ML got to falling for MC (as of ch 47) was picturing them as a family raising their son together, not necessarily as a couple but definitely coparents. I thought "wow this is good, I can't wait to see how it goes."

But MC, ugh he's just not consistent in my eyes. Okay your world has changed, you're pregnant now, you know you're in a book. At first I thought he was a bit carefree, kind and unabashed but there are times where he acts like a total uncaring jerk. MC who claims he'll run off with his kid if things go bad, keeps pushing the baby on to ML and barely taking care of him. He has a space, it's powerful with some limitations, yet the space also has inhabitants (I've never seen that before) after MC finds them he offers food to them since they are losing resources or something, and then forgets about them... repeatedly. And time flows differently between the two places, so who knows how they're doing.

Like okay he's going to do business using the space but it's limited by the seasonal goods. he's actor but he's blacklisted, no wait a guy he helped before is gave him a big role without his company knowing?? He doesn't even seem to be interested in either career, he just wants a carefree life away from the plot. Edit: I read a little more and now they're bringing up MC wanting to have always been an actor but literally came out of nowhere! No real hint of it before.

And don't even get me started on the side plot with ML's father, I really don't care about the guy or his mistress after they fell from their pedestal. Unless they're going to come back later on to seek revenge, there's no real point to showing them being miserable so much. <<less
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December 29, 2023
Status: Completed
I got kinda bored and I feel like it lost some steam the more I read. Maybe it's bcs it's mtl but ye.

I liked how initially the MC was teasing the ML so much but I didn't really get the feeling that they were suited tgt? Like yeah ik they fell in love slowly but also I don't rly see it? Idk. I also felt like MC didn't really show as much love/care for the ml? And sometimes his kid and I prob just chalked it up to him being detached from the world and how he only sees them as book characters.

oh and I'm not sure if it's bcs of the mtl but I didn't see it coming? Like all of a sudden the hero likes our mc??? They were like good brothers before. So when the hero sudd showed some behaviours, I was like???

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 10, 2021
Status: c1
I was thinking to read but I encounter a comment mentioning Female Lead. Was I reading it wrongly? I thought I saw the tag Yaoi and Mpreg?
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Can't wait for a proper translation! I finished reading the mtl tho.

Modern world. Entertainment world. Mpreg. Transmigration. Magical space.

The MC transmigrated into a book world but it never really mentions why he died and crossed over?

... more>> I liked his interaction with the baby in his stomach. And the little baby was so cute with his crying tricks.

There's a lot of plot holes and sustenance missing to the story but at the same time it means less boring details and schemes and revenge and repeat.

There's a lot of tr*sh characters with the same cheater archetype and the ML basically feels like the last pure ground. He's very cold faced but warm and innocent on the inside. The MC often teases the ML into blushing at the start but later 😉 he gets to experience the reverse.

I feel like the novel could've been so much better but it's still pretty good 😊👍 <<less
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