I’m Not Going to Do Something Like Break off Our Engagement


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When I first met the dukes daughter of the same age, who was going to be my fiancée, she screamed and collapsed after seeing my face! Eeeeeeee!? Whyyyyy!?

You remembered? You are a villainess? You will be ruined because of my cheating? Even if you say that to the 10 year old me while crying…..You are terrible, me from that story.

The thing is, there should be a lot of things that can be done so that something like that doesn’t happen. Let’s think about it together! Come on, trust me.

This is a love story of a prince and villainess who, from the age of 10, go against the cruel fate of an otome game’s story while being lovey-dovey, and fighting against the compelling force of the game while flirting.

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Boku wa Konyakuhaki Nante Shimasen Karane
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New Novirp13 rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: Completed
Real Score: 5.5/10


This novel is very... ordinary. kinda meh, to be honest.

... more>> Sure, the story can be very romantic sometimes. Like the scene when they get married or when they dance under the moonlight. It's so sweet, I'm going to have diabetes.

I also like the inner dialogues coming from the prince. He's a straight character type, so when someone acts like a boke, his inner dialogues become super funny.

But the side characters really felt like NPCs. The capture targets weren't developed enough. You know, like in the "Jishou Akuyaku" manga, we have special chapters that tell us about the issues of our friends and their fiancées. Well, in this novel, since the prince didn't establish any friendship with the capture targets, we didn't get to see their stories either. Heck, even the scenes that related to the heroine felt super brief, they don't have any long-lasting consequences. The magic aspect wasn't explained very well either. Like they wanted to include it, but decided to suddenly axe this concept right in the middle of the story. The story focused more on the development of the kingdom, such as creating a machine that produces ice, discovering vaccines, or building appropriate schools for orphans. Instead of an otome game, this novel felt more like an isekai where an overpowered MC brought modern knowledge to the past so they could make their country prosperous. That's the wrong genre.


I think Ren's appearance was too sudden, too. Yeah, I get it; he's the hidden character. But seriously, that doesn't mean you have to introduce him in the very last 10 chapters. He lacked personality. I, as a reader, could not connect with him. His inclusion felt very shoehorn, and he was there just for the sake of a sudden plot twist. There was no buildup, no foreshadowing. The plot twist is just bad.

And because we readers didn't really know Ren, I couldn't sympathise with him when he suddenly accused his own brother's fiancé. Like, I legit kind of hate him. Dude, you've known Serea since she was 10, right? You should've known that she's not a bully; how could you believe in Heroine's words, someone you've known for less than a year? I get it; this is a game world, so you were indirectly influenced by the magic of this game world, but still! Use your brain, okay? Use it! :/


So yeah. 5.5/10. That 0.5 point I gave was just cuz I like it when Serea and Shin acted lovey dovey. Other than that, it's so... barebones. <<less
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Roby1610 rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: c19
Its just nice. I like how the MC isnt the one who isekaid. Its a cute, fluffy romance. The only nitpick I have is that I feel like the characters are slightly young (id prefer them being like 13 or something at the start at least), but honestly its not a problem.
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ShadenKnight rated it
March 4, 2022
Status: c30
It's quite cute, but be warned when you try to machine translate using Google, the results are a jumbled mess that is hard to read. It makes enjoying it harder, but you can kind of get a good idea of what's going on if you don't try to make sense of everything. I am currently only giving it 4 stars based on what has been translated so far.
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Coronmira rated it
March 14, 2024
Status: c107
It's interesting that the story is told mostly from the "condemner" character, not the villainess, heroine, or an initially unrelated 3rd party. Maybe I haven't read that many villain/villainess stories with condemnation events, but it's a refreshing take to me. Regarding other aspects, it might be a turn off though for some readers that these two children are influencing things at the kingdom-level like leading the development of medicine and eradicating smallpox (their other ventures like orphanages and educational institutions for commoners are more believable with the villainess' knowledge).

... more>>

I honestly thought that after Shin (condemner prince) and Serea (villainess) got married early it would be just random fluff all around and eventually getting boring but them preparing and doing the countermeasures against pink hair heroine (what's her name again? Ringo Blabber? Liner Bubbler? Rintarou Chocobo?) and Shin accidentally sabotaging her encounters with the capture targets, the story was still a good read. The ending was satisfactory, the game's compelling force still managing to make the condemnation event happen in a different way but was resolved cleanly because of all the groundwork Shin and Serea laid out, and the two of them live happily ever after.

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Dragon_Storm99 rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: c18
The writing is actually pretty solid for the most part. What made me drop this is the fact the author doesn't care about age whatsoever. This novel would work much better if the characters were like 15+ with the events going on. The sheer fact that these experts and leaders commit to what is likely equivalent to multimillion dollar projects with very little questioning just on the word of a pair of 10 year olds is utterly ridiculous. That could be somewhat ignored if you could forget about their age,... more>> but it's brought up like every chapter. <<less
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