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After his death, Hang Qing got a system that allowed him to release the halo of Gary Stu (aka. Mary Sue) and conquer the villain in every world.

“You have an unparalleled appearance, a charming body, an irresistible voice, is conquering a villain that difficult?”

“……But I’m a f*cking man. “

“It doesn’t matter getting bent a little, you’ll get used to it.”

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Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder rated it
January 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is really interesting.

If you've read "It's Actually Not Easy Wanting To Be A Supporting Male Lead", then you will definitely LOVE this novel. I was absolutely thrilled when I found this because I wanted to find more novels similar to IANEWTBSML. Although, not the same in every aspect; for example, the ML is the villain that the MC must conquer for his missions. But enough about that, let's focus on this novel:

Our MC was a straight man (not for long) who was killed in a car accident... more>> and his soul binds to a system. In order to return, he must get the favorability (love) of the villain and stop him from interfering between the love of the protagonists. And like the summary says, our MC receives a halo to help him in his missions.


but his charm was too great and undoubtedly attracts the attention (and love) of not only the villain but also the protagonists of each world he goes into (heck, even the little cannon fodders)



This is NOT a harem. MC only focuses on the ML


It was somewhat difficult for me to completely grasp the character of the MC, he integrated into his cannon fodder persona really well but I DO like him. He's very quick-minded, smart and willing to take risks. MC doesn't care much about other things except for his mission so


when the plot derails itself from its tracks, MC is able to pick himself up pretty fast lol.


But before you start, I'd like to give a heads up about the first arc. It's not my favorite and thankfully its the ONLY one like that. The rest of the arcs are completely fine for me. Overall, there are 7 arcs in total, not all of them are listed on the summary.


the first arc contains r*pe, if you are uncomfortable with it then please skip to the second.


I love this story and will follow this translation. Do check this novel out, the arcs are interesting and it's an enjoyable read. You won't have to worry about mindless characters who cause unnecessary trouble *roll eyes*. Giving this a 5 star <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
March 27, 2020
Status: c20
The MC is supposed to seduce the villain so the protagonist and FL can get together. The problem is that he accidentally steals the FLs aura. So everyone falls for him, the villain, protagonist, FL, CF. Everyone. And he's oblivious to it all. At the end of every arc we get a chapter from the villains POV which is a nice plus.
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
February 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Although there are different arcs with their unique essence, it's still a sudden and rushed ending.

There are moral, ethical, disturbing and disordered flaws in each arc practically...

... more>>

Arc 1 - Swimming - r*pe

Arc 2 - Pop Star - Lowkey Imprisonment

Arc 3 - Abnormal Boss - Self-immolation

Arc 4 - Aplha - Gender Discrimination (towards Omega)

Arc 5 - Ghost - Perversion

Arc 6 - Ger - Incest

Arc 7 - Student - Cognitive Gender Disorder


The ML is definitely twisted. What's with the response to MC's "I like the villains a little.." as taking him back into real world and telling he manipulated this all... And then the novel ends.

Although there are some arcs which can be appreciated such as Abnormal Boss (for an interesting murder theme) and Ghost (for an interesting clues-discovering trope to uncover the ghost castle's secrets).

Practically as soon as the MC enters the world, all protags and villains just fall in love with him except a few sensible ones... such as the girl protag in Ghost arc.

All-in-all, it may contain some unhealthy elements and you are at your own to read this one... <<less
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AweSamARMY rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: c1
I am just here, wondering where the heck you all read this ㅠㅠ... may the invisible air or someone help me find the chapters. (Also, I coughed up b l o o d when I saw it releases every 511 days ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

I will edit and write an actual review when I read this, sorry and thank you for dealing with me.
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rhianirory rated it
February 27, 2020
Status: Completed
you don't read a story with yandere in the tag and expect sunshine and fluffy kittens and upright moral characters. The tag is there for a reason.... more>>

the mc's main targets are all the big bad BOSS of each world and you can't really expect the villain to be morally correct. Though at least in this one his goal is to make them like him rather than make them regret past actions


in terms of yandere QW, I'd rate this one mild-moderate, depending on the story, since it's lacking in many of the painful details and visceral impact that some of the others have (I've read a few that left me feeling gut-punched at the end). The MC himself never seems to be traumatized by his experiences, even when the ML is at his most crazy, and that gives the whole story a layer of disconnect. The first world was probably the worst and it gets less insane with each world.

there were two things I didn't like, the first being the one chapter abrupt ending. The second was the fact that everyone and their dad fell in love with the MC in every world, and in each world he is completely surprised and unprepared for it. You would think, by the fourth world, he would have realized the pattern. It got irritating after a while. My actual score is 3.5 <<less
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solivagantsoul rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: --
warning ⚠ may contain spoilers!

im not going to rate this novel because frankly I dont have the right to. I didnt check on the tabs and thus failed to notice the r*pe and confinement tag.

But ill say this once-this kind of story if written well can be regarded as a good read, where the readers learn to love and hate the ML and may even pity him making excuses for his abnormal/immoral behavior. Unfortunately for this one it hasn't been executed very well. Cant tell whether its the translations or... more>> just the original.

There is no explanation towards why the MC is able to change how the original villains and protags even side-characters fall for him. Its almost instantaneous that its hard to swallow.... The first arc was really bad, fast paced even for a QT not to mention how a lot of info on MC and ML even other important characters is so vague. but usually in QT novels the first arc is always dissatisfactory so I try to go on for 2-3 arcs and they do improve.

In the second arc the situation is pretty much the same a mentally unstable ML, r*pe, death. In this arc the flaw of the MC was revealed even more clearly. Its one thing to play with the villains (ML) feelings but to purposely keep provoking a madman..... sigh... There was severe lack of communication and the ML lacked security while being compared to another man constantly not to mention the MC's actions towards 'another man' causing the ML to misunderstand over and over. Not saying the ML is right but not the best approach to take for dealing with characters who he was told from the very beginning were 'villains' and he even knew their actions in the original books.

it was also very disappointing to see how bad the MC did for his first mission that was supposed to be a beginners/low-level mission.

edit: I just saw a comment saying that this has potential to be a cheap smut- ik it was supposed to be a jab at the novel but honestly there is no part, at least in the two arcs, that can qualify for it to even be called a smut. in the first arc the ML just pulls MC out of the water and does him without consent. It would have been a bit better if we at least get to know what the MC's feelings towards the guy is-but no, so the act seems even more detestable since the ML literally didn't even give two-shits bout him later until.... yada yada yada.... in the 2nd arc it gets worse since the ML takes the MC forcefully while he is in the hospital a treats him roughly without preparation and tears into the MC (you should know what I'm implying) and again with the being confined. people should know the dangers of caging a sick person and the result it has on both mental and physical health. <<less
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Kailyria20 rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: end
This was interesting in a way, each arc was sometimes predictable and some weren't, my favorite arc was probably the ghost trapped in the castle... pft, a ghost being scared of other ghosts...?

It's not particularly unique in the world-hop system type novels but it's a nice read since it's also pretty short with only 7 arcs.... it kinda wrapped up really fast at the reality-end tho, I feel it was kinda abrupt too but oh well.
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Fran2YnK rated it
February 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I’m too lazy to leave reviews but I had such a hard time to find this novel again that I may as well just do it. Don’t hope for a good main plot, and there’s not much point in reading all the arcs, there’s not a big interconnection between them. The system is just a decoration and I don’t like the reason of the transmigration. I also hate the ML in the original world.

Even with that I gave 5 stars because if I read each arc as a short story... more>> they are good. With more details each arc could be an amazing independent story. Some are dark and ML is the villain so there’s no point in finding redeeming qualities for the ML, and for me it’s not a HE. But there are good plot ideas that I like. Also I don’t like the main plot (last chapter) but it’s the reason the MC has a protagonist halo.


The worlds are artificially created by ML to force the MC to love himself so everyone in those worlds just love the MC because of the ML influence. It seems really toxic that MC just accepted everything and gave an opportunity to ML. He spent three years in a hospital because of the ML system and yet he wasn’t even angry. And ML just let him out of the system because MC was already in love with him.


An easy story to read, but you should consider the warnings of r*pe. There’s a lot of no moral things and abduction. Like I said ML is the villain, he won’t become a good citizen just for the MC. Not in the first arc and not in the lat chapter.

I love arc 4. I find it as a good and maybe novel aspect in omegaverse worlds.


Firs MC is alpha but it’s the shou. So yeah, gay omegaverse alpha x alpha wich for me makes kind of more sense for a bl. No mpreg. MC is a double spy but both empires have the same target: ruin ML (the villain) family and kill him. So they send MC to seduce all the family. Sure, MC doesn’t really make the effort and everyone just fall in love with him but it’s nice to find a really easy going seductive MC. And it’s the only HE.

There’s some omega discrimination but for me that’s the default in omegaverse, and that’s why I like omegaverse with this kind of plot that’s not centered on fragile omegas and pregnancy, I don’t read bl for that. ML is a big general that takes the decision of conquering both empires so MC can be free of his spying work. And it’s the only world where ML and MC spend their lives together.


Arc 5 is really interesting and sad. Not my favorite just because I read a lot of horror and survival bl and there are better ones but it’s one of the best plots in the novel.


MC was abducted by his teacher lover and kept in his castle and after she got mad the three died, leaving a curse in the castle. MC starts as a ghost that helps the protagonist group of four to survive the hunted castle. Two of the group are the protagonists couple, one is the ML which is actually the only legal son of the owner of the castle and the las one is the bastard daughter of the owner. After thinking they have cleared the castle ML wanted to take away MC but MC soul dispersed after leaving the castle, he knew it but said nothing because it was the only way to remove the curse.


Arc 6 is the usual imperial palace harem drama, but it has good plot twists. I’m too lazy to make a big good spoiler but as the hardest MTL arc I wouls try with a short one.


MC is the Quee mother but the emperor is not his son, he has one divorce before going into the harem and is sterile. ML is a general with militar power but bad reputation, and wants to marry the Queen mother after noticing he is not the waste everyone thinks. The emperor, his older brother and the ML all want to get the MC but before that the first emperor return (Queen mother’s husband) and makes chaos. Finally ML kill him and tried to abduct rhe MC but he dies.


Arc 7 is sweet but a little boring, probably the only ML villain that is good. Like there’s no time for him to show his low moral.

Arc 1 is not bad I just find it boring, but I don’t like sports plots.


ML abducts and r*pe MC. Then the protagonist gong also abduct him. ML really loves MC just, well he is the villain so he has no idea of how to act. After clearing things MC and ML starts a relationship and everything is going well until a car accident, ML can’t swim so MC saves him and then dies, too tired to continue swimming.


Arc 2 is the normal storyline in the showbiz.


MC is a great musician that doesn’t use his family background so he is neglected by his agent. He climbed the big boss tight (ML) saying he Is in love with him. There’s a lot of drama and I can’t remember how it ended, but I’m sure MC dies.


Arc 3 may be the darkest, I didn’t read it again because Ifind it a little boring but it’s nots bad, just not my taste. <<less
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February 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Arc 1: contains non-con, and yanderes (but like, the ML is the plot villain in all arcs I think) readers be advised: ... more>>

MC Hang Qing having fun swimming before the official plot starts, catches the attention of both the original!ML and original!Villain so later on he tries to divert their attention by flirting with the cannon fodder unfortunately for MC all three men go yandere lol. Crazy Moonlight did an awesome job translating! Lots of kidnapping = so exciting


Arc 2: Musician arc, so far my 2nd favorite & I liked the original!protagonist > original!Villain tbh but too bad he's not the system target

I got more excited over MC meeting the original!protagonist music king Song Yan/Ye all the time. Like, MC and villain Jiang had an exciting meet-cute, but like, MC & protag Song are actually cute together (either as shou best friends or a potential ship, even the fans ship them!). I'm just going to fan over my ship in this spoiler section:

    • Protagonist Song never treated MC coldly from the start
    • Music King Song is in disguised (masks + hat) and at a cake shop for some reason. MC walks in to enjoy a chocolate cake (he usually follows the original body's strict diet to take care of his vocal chords, but he decides to treat himself). So while MC is happily eating, King Song joins him at his table and they basically have dessert together (so sweet). Then, when they go up to pay the protagonist forgot his wallet so MC covers for him and it's off to the start of a great friendship
    • Music King is the first guy to recognize MC's voice when MC was singing in a mask on this show they're both on.
    • Later on, it's Music King who defends MC from bullies (where the is villain ML?). He's totally the second male lead, the second male lead syndrome too strong
    • So they bump into each other somewhere and decide to go eat at this restaurant they both like. They find out they have similar tastes/strict singer diet to protect their vocal chords. I honestly think protagonist and original host would have been a good match (since the original host Han Yun took good care of himself and was originally talented anyways). Song pays back money to MC and the gongs misunderstand
    • Both gongs (Jiang Moyoung and Cheng Zhou) have tacit understanding (they're both possessive and worry that their partners will hook up) so they both call their subordinates to call their partners to separate them before they can eat together LMAO I can't believe they can't even recognize or respect their shous' friendship but they're yandere so whatever
    • Music King also supports MC on Weibo, which is why his fans ship them because usually original protagonist is neutral (no endorsements, scandals, private etc)
    • He also goes over to MC's place to cook. (So when villain does this later on, I didn't find it as romantic LOL)
    • So MC goes with his mom to meet her friends and runs into protag Song who is a student of one of the mom's friends (small world!). Later on, the mom misunderstands and approves of Song for her son lol
    • MC is invited to Song's party and plays an erhu that the protag bought for him (cuz they're friends). They go out into the protagonist's garden and Song tells him "I like you" & "I broke up with Cheng Zhou" meanwhile MC sees the villain Jiang, points to him and says "I like him" (for his mission's sake) so things get awkward LOL
    • They sing a duet at MC's concert
    • MC saves a fan by pushing protagonist Song against her, but he misunderstands as MC saving him from a bullet LOLOL
    • I think MC & protagonist should have made it clear they were just friends, because the gongs were so insecure. Protagonist Song and original ML argued a lot which made the protagonist like MC more and the villain was also always jealous and kept trying to separate them (he wouldn't even let MC chat on the phone with protag who is his only friend in that world... so unreasonable! As much as I like yanderes, I got annoyed with the villain which is why I liked the protagonist more)
Arc 3 & 4 are ok

FAVORITE ARC - 5th villain: Ghost in the Castle (fifth arc!)

- I won't spoil this, it's worth the read!

pretty cute & mysterious ghost boy in a nightgown (scared of ghosts lol) protects teenagers from the castle's malice, however as the control over the castle shifts to the true blood heir, the truth of the Rose Castle comes out. Also, MC starting to see similarities between his MLs, but hasn't made the connection yet...


Arc 6: Queen Mother (MC plays little White Lotus)

political intrigue, ML showing masochistic tendencies (his favorability rises with slaps and kicks), MC starts suspecting ML is the same in every world. It gets even more exciting when MC gets kidnapped, & there are a plot twists. MC is wondering what's wrong with the system for the nth time. On top of that, the original host's good friend who passed away, Jiang Rong, is misunderstood as MC's White Moonlight by all the men LOL. It was a pretty well-written arc


Arc 7: MC is a high school boy with non-mainstream tastes (edgy art, poetry and music) and cross-dresses in cute clothes (which is why he's bullied at first)
  • short arc, but it's also a high-school romance so the dates were pretty cute (like exchanging love tokens: MC gives villain!ML a painting & so villain!ML gives him a watch aww).
  • It's also funny since there's so many "ambush in an alley" scenes to introduce the next character or speed the plot along LOL
  • MC also opens up to the protagonist!shou about the original host's traumatic childhood so that instead of falling in love, protagonist!shou would adopt a more protective and parental attitude.
  • MC's original host cross-dresses to distress & relieve anxiety and I really appreciate that the MC respects his original host by keeping in character and cross-dressing
    • In this arc's modern world where there's stigma against homosexuality & the original host was bullied due to wearing feminine clothing, I'm disappointed that his friend (protag shou) labelled his behavior as "gender cognitive disorder" and it was really sad when MC original host's grandmother broke down crying thinking it's her fault thinking she went wrong raising the original host (although she doesn't fuss when MC comes home dressed like a girl).
    • At least the boys and grandma accept MC after their initial shocks (MC even scores double the affection points with the villain lol)
  • there's making out and touching between MC & his ML (which compensates for the PG in the previous arc LOL)
Real world: last chapter

the last chapter is easy to read on MTL and also explains the origin of the system and why MC was chosen (ML explaining himself is hilarious LOL).


Overall, MC has a calm personality and ML is yandere. If I were to rank the arcs:

Ghost in the Castle (favourite) > Cold Singer Pop Star > Little Bullied Student > King of Swimming > Arc 3 & 4 <<less
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thisisodd rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: --
I just finished arc1. MC pretty much treating all of this with a grace of an office worker on their daily life. Interesting, make sure to read the tags properly because some of its is pretty trippy but the mtl bypasses it, its alluded and not graphic so far.. Considering Ive read worst.. Thats not really meant to be reassuring..
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Sliph rated it
March 27, 2020
Status: c18
The plot is ridiculous, no character is genuinely explored and the villain has no redeeming qualities other than his face. I feel like the author is just trying to be edgy by writing this...

The first problem I had with it is that you really don't get to know the MC's thoughts and feelings throughout. At least, not in the first arc - which is when I stopped reading.

Second problem is that a HUGE portion of the novel is just 'omg look at the MC's perfect waistline' or 'wow look at... more>> MC's firm muscles'. And everybody falls in love instantly because oh lord MC is just too hot, it's ridiculous.

THIRD problem is that the character's genuinely could not be any more unrealistic, I have no problems with the yandere character troupe but good lord let there be some explanation for it... like idk some backstory? Or just elaborating on the ML's feelings?

All I've seen from this novel so far is a bunch of people jerking themselves off to the MC, I gave this two stars simply because it could have potential - as a cheap smut novel. As a compelling, character-driven story? Haha. No way. Literally just relies on shock factors to keep you invested.

If you want two-dimensional characters and poorly executed stereotypes, this might just be the novel for you. Just don't expect plot that actually makes sense, <<less
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grlldfsh rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: c6
So far so good. It stays true to its title with all its tropes and cliches. Oblivious MC that everyone unknowingly falls in love with and a possessive ML. It's quite fast paced too which is a plus for me.

The translator's doing a great job too (another plus).

So, if you're looking for a novel to read from time to time and wouldn't want to emotionally invest in, I think this is the one for you ~
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