I’m Hui Tai Lang


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Transmigrated to another world, bringing with him “Hui Tai Lang System” and becoming a wolf, since then he has been living wolves’ pack life… Even though there are countless unclothed female wolves enticing him in every possible ways, he still remains unmoved, in “Wolf’s World” Decline the Willow’s enticement!

He has howled for long periods to the moon uncountable times, his heart yelling: “I have a dream, I dream that one day, this community will stand up, to really realize their creed’s true meaning: “We believe truth is self-evident, creatures live equally; I dream that one day, my children will not be judged by their race, but by whether their characters are good or bad to assess their life in the nation.”

TL Note: “Willow” symbolizes women in China, so in this case, this idiom is saying: No matter how much you entice me, I cannot be moved. Wolf’s World – Being eaten until not even the bones are left, saying they are dangerous.

I’m Hui Tai Lang average rating 4.2/5 - 93 user ratings
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I’m a Grey Wolf
Wo Shi Hui Tai Lang
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jbnitro rated it
January 13, 2017
Status: c250
It starts great, with a very interesting setting. The MC is a human reincarnated as an abandoned wolf pup, later adopted by a different pack of wolves.

He struggles to find his place in the 'tribe' and through a game system he becomes strong and respected. The problem of this novel is mainly how passive the MC attitude becomes after he meets the humans. The way he interacts with them reminds me more of a domesticated dog, rather than a fierce and proud alpha wolf. His choices lead him to heavily... more>> damage his own 'clan', and the repercussions are very long lasting.

I liked only the first 80 chapters, because after that point, the novel gets pretty generic and the MC behavior is quite frustrating.

I'd recommend to give it a try, nonetheless. <<less
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