I’m Glad that I was Abandoned


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I was abandoned by my abusive family and then I met a new family.

I met a master who I would devote my whole life and swore loyalty to him.

I never thought I’d be betrayed again.

My master betrayed me like my old family.

I knelt before her to buy the favor of the princess who will have the dragon in the future.

“Let me apologize to the Princess.”

Been betrayed in return of loyalty, I finally decided to leave him.


Suddenly, a strange girl’s voice was heard.

[Erne, I’ve been waiting for you.]

The girl…. the silver dragon of the Empire chose me. I’m not the girl who was supposed to be the master of the dragon.


And a strange man came to me.

“This time, I will never make the mistake of leaving you alone.”

The Duke of the Empire, a red-haired young man, knelt for me. You thought of me for a long time, longing for my heart.

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버림 받길 잘 했습니다
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