I’m Faking Being Ordinary, and I’m Going to Do Everything in My Power to Manage My Double Life So That It Doesn’t Come out That I’m Actually the Identity of the Person Who Helped a Beautiful Model Girl in Class


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The protagonist, Magiri Iroto, was a student at Tokutaibetsuse High School, commonly known as Tokukou, which only people with special skills are allowed to enter. However, due to a past incident, he decided to pretend to be an ordinary person. One day, on the way home from the gym, the protagonist found a beautiful girl model from the same class, Nanahoshi Chiha, being courted by a large man, and saved her by defeating the two large men. The protagonist was frustrated that he couldn’t pretend to be ordinary from tomorrow, but at that time he was on his way home from the gym and had his hair bangs up, which he usually wore down, so his true identity was not revealed, and he decided to use two different personalities, the ordinary Magiri Iroto and the high-spec Magiri Iroto, to avoid having his true identity revealed, under the alias Kirimato Iro

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