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Fu Mingyuan had become famous when he was young, with a good appearance and body. At the age of 25, he won the title of film emperor, and he once said that acting was better than dating. Until one day, he found that his younger brother, who was in junior high school, was a supporter of a male anchor named “Cyber Sweetie” who he watched every day.

The clear voice of the male anchor sounding from the phone: The winning cutie, do you want Gege to kiss you or hug you?

Completely serious · game noob · Film Emperor Fu went into the livestream room and lectured: Don’t corrupt minors

Later, a poker-faced Film Emperor Fu came to the little anchor Shen Qi’s ear and said in a deep voice: I’m an adult, you can corrupt me.

After retiring for a period of time, Angry, the former captain of M1G, who returned to the e-sports arena with a new team, won the first match. Netizens exclaimed that God A was “old but vigorous in mind and body”

Fans were busy rushing around spreading the news, and countless male and female fans were crying out to marry him.

Film Emperor Fu Mingyuan made a Weibo post: Thank you, @Angry is mine.

? ? ? ?

Netizen: What is this, did we read who made this Weibo post wrong?

Angry forwarded the post: Hello everyone, I’m Cyber Sweetie. Let me introduce @Fu Mingyuan, my boyfriend, KissKissShy.Jpg

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New tatsu2001
January 14, 2022
Status: --
IT'S SO CUTE!! MC literally flirts so much with ML 100% recommend when you just want something entertaining to read!!☆*:.。. O (≧▽≦) o.。.:*☆

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iceilluser rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: Completed
So I'm the translator, so of course I'm rather biased, but this is a really fun novel! You have Shen Qi, who is a shameless retired e-sports player, now livestreamer (although he doesn't stay retired for long as you can tell from the summary), and Film Emperor Fu Mingyuan who learns to relax (and be shameless) with Shen Qi. Their relationship is very sweet and full of flirting and FMY doting on SQ, and as the summary mentions, they get together relatively quickly and without too much drama, and then... more>> it's the two of them supporting each other as SQ forms his own e-sports team and deals with his rich family issues and FMY juggles being a top actor along with taking care of his little brother. Said little brother is a bit bratty, but also pretty cute as he gradually grows up (and he even gets his own side CP!)

Give this novel a try if you like dog food, flirty shameless MC's, doting ML's, fluff, and relatively no relationship drama! <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Boi MC is thirsty asf lol.

Their relationship is quick but on ML's part it makes sense. It's kind of hard to see the why on MC's part. Like why MC fall for ML that quick, but anyway~

MC is a coquettish talented PUBG player that got slandered and retired only to come back a year later. Did I mention how he thirsty asf for ML? Lmao. He's a little foxy minx with ML.

ML is a 50 y.o in 27 y.o body lol he's straight laced, drink goji berry tea, but very... more>> serious, always serious about MC and their relationship. He's "pure" and have really good self restraint.

Both especially MC doesn't have stellar parents lol. Despite ML working as actor it wasn't very heavy on entertainment side, just a bit. Instead it focused more on PUBG and how MC build his team.

Dog food aplenty, dog blood just a splash. It's sweet sweet sweeeeet.

Recommended. <<less
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PyonYan rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I love the MC so much he is such a thirsty little sh*t hahahahaha

MC is that annoying little gremlin side character in other stories who is smart and a genius at the specific thing they're good at (that the readers can't help but adore lmao). He's a very entertaining protagonist indeed. ML is a very traditional in habits person, the kind that believes in an absolutely healthy lifestyle and being proper. But he gets influenced by the MC as their relationship progresses and loosens up alot hahas.

Side characters are also... more>> really well done. The story's focus is on MC and his journey, so it's truly a gaming novel and doesn't have much to do with the entertainment genre. <<less
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tricksyness rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Couldn't resist and MTLed the rest of the chapters. Definitely recommend it if you're looking for fluff and romance on the forefront instead of a subplot! There are also a lot of fun[ny] shenanigans that happened as MC dives into E-sports. I really enjoyed reading it!

Just a warning though: This novel tackles a bit on the stigma of ... more>>

having a close relative with a mental illness and also one who committed su*cide.


MC is a hilarious troll and very shameless as he pursues ML. Lots of interactions between MC and ML in almost every chapter. Also a lot of touching and moving moments.

Near the end of the novel, it mostly focused on the E-sport aspect rather than the romance, though ML was still there stanning MC. <<less
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Sky2829 rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
4 stars but I added an extra star for the last extra about the side couple. I don't why but I absolutely adore them.
The story is pretty cute. It does get a bit draggy in the middle or maybe it's just me not in the mood but it's worth reading.

I especially wrote this review just to criticize ML's parents. I just can't forget it.... more>>

Why would they have children if they don't want to look after them? If it's for a heir or just wanted to have one, wasn't ML enough? Didn't they realize they weren't cut out for parenting then? ML grew up fine doesn't mean everyone will be fine in such a situation. Even though I liked their love for each other and their support for the main and side couples, they were really negligent. Acting close once or twice a year isn't enough to make you parents. Fu Mingli feels especially neglected. When I first saw that he thought his parents didn't love him and his brother, I thought he was being naive just because they were busy but as I read I found them extremely bad. When Fu Mingyuan tells them that Mingli isn't like him and needs them, the father just says yeah yeah I'll visit him and stops the topic. Mingli doesn't feel comfortable with his parents at all. At Mingyuan's wedding when Mingli awkwardly avoided them (like he always does), they felt bad and the mother's eyes turned red. If you feel concerned, why didn't you feel so earlier? In 16 years, you never felt like you were neglecting him? I don't understand why they chose this form of parenting or the lack there of. I'm really glad that Mingli met Cen Xiao who'll be with him and take care of him for life. Maybe that's why I really loved their love story but I really hope Mingli does not have to be as sensitive as when he felt that his brother would stop loving him when they fought and had a Cold War for some time.



I also felt bad for Su Ya, she deserved better. I also hope that she'll someday wake up and find that that bastard isn't worth it, leave him and find her own happiness. I felt really sad when I saw the lines that said she knew she was finished from the time he rescued her. She didn't yearn for love in her youth but fell in love with someone who doesn't and wouldn't love her back when she got older. Everyone deserves better than that s*upid father of MC who cheated but didn't feel bad for his wife who committed suicide rather when MC stopped seeing him as his hero and used his wife's mental illness (which she got because of him) as a method to destroy his son's career. He then developed an illness and had to repeat everything he did with his wife with others and used others' love for him. As MC said, I don't understand how someone can sleep around when his wife is pregnant and later partly disabled due to childbirth but develop a mental illness when they die. I don't want to understand too. That ** (I don't want to curse but I'm in my mind) doesn't deserve to be understood.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
omgquiznak rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a nice and cute novel. It's more romance focused, and the e-sports part isn't really heavy, mostly only being in the last 15~ chapters. As long as you know the basic rules of pubg, you'll be able to understand most of the novel, though knowing more knowledge does help you understand it easier (maps, guns, things you can do in the game).

The romance is quite cute, and I enjoyed reading it. Character personalities and side characters are nicely written. The amount of anti-fans were a bit annoying, to me,... more>> especially of how some comment layouts were confusing (or maybe it's just me). There were things I wished the author expanded on, like

how the ML tried to shake off his title of "his mother's son", how they fell in love with each other, the MC's "stepmom" and the ML's career as a whole.

Some of these were briefly mentioned so I thought it was foreshadowing and it threw me off. The setting of the ML ('s career) was confusing for me, as I never really understand the reason for making the ML an actor besides his (only very briefly mentioned) passion for acting and perhaps for the author to be able to write CP fans. It's not badly written, I'm just sour that the ML's career doesn't get more focus (I'm sorry for being salty).

Anyways, it's a nice and cute novel to spend the time with, if you enjoy a fluffy romance with some random "kyaaa!!" moments. I've been reading a lot of novels of this type recently, so it wasn't really my cup of tea (sadly). Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 12, 2021
Status: c4
Currently reading this in Chrysanthemum Garden :)

So far, I'm liking going back to reading about a CP in the PUBG E-Sports/Livestream universe. It somewhat reminds me of Yu Yan from <My Fan is My Direct Boss>.. voice-con live-streamer and famous ML light-hearted drama. I can't wait to read more...
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