I’m Being Held Captive by Demons


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The yamen has a decent job, kind parents, friendly colleagues, and a boss who takes care of me… For a long time, Kong Ning felt that the world was beautiful.

Until the wedding night, the smiling lady gave birth to demon eggs one after another in his body…

On the date of wedding, he came to know that his wife is a demon.

immortal mountains collapsed and gods disappeared. In a world of endless darkness, demons have kept all living beings in captivity.

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ANonMouse rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: 108 (mtl)
At the time of writing this review, there are 4 "5" votes and 3 "1" votes. With a vote in "2" and "3", that brings it to a very controversial middling score. Personally, I am dropping a "5" after nearing what seems to be the end of the first arc because the experience has been great and I'd hate for people to pass up this novel that has no written reviews and such an undeserved middling rating.

So far, the best aspects of this novel are one of the most compelling... more>> initial antagonists I've read in webnovels and a great mystery to uncover. It's very unique because I rarely see mystery being successfully used as a tool for cultivation type novels. Rather than wondrous, it's a dreadful type of mystery, which evokes fond memories of various quality psychological thriller animes/mangas.

I also feel like it's one of the only novels in the genre that actually put decent effort into the "transported to another world" trope, so despite it using similar tools as countless other cultivation novels, it still feels fresh to me. The MC himself isn't just a stereotyped caricature either : even in the hundred chapters I've read, he's failed, experienced growth of various types, and adapted himself to situations.

I don't want to say too many details because as much as I don't mind spoilers myself, I think many would appreciate the unadulterated experience, so all I can say is to please give this novel a try if anything I've written appeals to your sensibilities. <<less
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