I’m Back in the Other World?


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My name is Fujino Sakura. It seems that I have a “past life” and “knowledge of it.” However, that knowledge or whatever was basically useless to me, and actually got in the way as I grew up. This is a story about how I ‘tripped’ back into the world of my old life.

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Isekai ni Demodori Shimashita?
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SageRozenburg rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: c58
First 35 chapters was good, strong female lead, but author decides to suddenly shift things from adventuring for the purpose of returning back to japan to forced rom/com which show no plans on returning.

Warning: Big Spoilers and Inappropriate topic for people aged 17 and below (R18) read at your own risk.

... more>>

Basically Male Char/Prince becomes touchy feely with MC, then MC got drunk end up getting partially naked together in bed with the Male Char/Prince (Nothing happened). Male Char/Prince found it funny, deliberately made MC drunk which led (past tense: lead) to r*pe misunderstanding (MC always faint then wake up in bed with male char, happened atleast 3-5 times). Author not satisfied the once strong MC got kidnapped, drugged, almost got raped (no penetration, but a number of men caressed/touched/stroked MC's skin/body and because of the drug MC becomes super sensitive a slight touch MC moans (too much moaning from a single chapter). MC gets trauma from men next chapter trauma got cured by Male Char/Prince by being touchy feely little by little, now the MC's and Male Char/Prince's relationship is stronger than ever because MC only trust 1 man now. (Does this count as rom/com?) (the perpetrator of the kidnapping and attempted r*pe only get a fine and not allowed to approach the royal capital, the rank, duke peerage is not taken, the attempted r*pe topic vanish). Afterwards MC resumes adventurer work meets aspiring demonlord and his dragon, MC got hit the dragon tail attack and fainted again (i hope she doesn't wake up in bed again (all of this happened in 4 chapters (CH54, CH55, CH56, CH57)))

TL:DR; CH 53 enjoying shaved ice, MC is happy, cute scenes and etc.. CH54 author punches your face, read above, thank you for the disturbing feeling author.
EDIT: CH 58 >> MC faint because of dragon tail attack right? Wake up in front of god, god apologizes for the world transfer incendent, tells MC she can't return to japan, MC is given OP powers again, one-hit dragon, captures aspiring demonlord, MC (chapter 58) can now instakill dragon, AND now MC (chapter 54) who got kidnapped and almost raped by 4-5 hoodlums is now forgotten history.

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Reuss rated it
May 29, 2016
Status: c58
At first it was nice, MC was smart and strong but after 30ish chapter everything went down hill MC is now a sparkling eyes little girl who is too trusting, idiotic, reckless and weak.

After Mage Assasination Conspiracy MC is now a little shoujo who can be easily kidnapped

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MomTheDemonQueen rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: c58
If you like the story up to chapter 30, I recommend that's where you stop.

This novel was, in my opinion, doing quite well right in the beginning and made it to chapter 30 in a way that made me want to keep coming back to it. Now at 58 I find that for more than 20 chapters it's been almost like a job to come back and read this again, just to see if it stopped being such absolute garbage yet. If the translator continues to translate it past about... more>> 100 chapters, I'll read it again then, but not until.

There are other reviews that can tell you what it's about, but here's the details just in case mine is the only review you read for some reason.

The Main Character is a High School Girl. But in her past life, she was an old man who was a powerful magician in the other world. In her new life, she has studied martial arts, and she's pretty badass.

Then she gets into an accident and goes to the same world that her old man life was from. She does kinda cool stuff and adventures for 30 chapters.

Then she settles down, gets sexually harrassed, cooks all the time, and generally does what she's told from then until the present chapter.

And I'm tired of it. I want the interesting character from the beginning back. I want the interesting-ish story back. Slice of life is EVERYWHERE. I don't need it. <<less
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Artemis1990 rated it
October 7, 2016
Status: c74
I don't understand why the poor reviews so far... I personally enjoys it. This is basically an isekai slice-of-life romcom bit some action here and there. It doesn't have complicated plot, Big bad evil demon lord, or some fated journey to safe the world or even self-discovery. Just lots of cooking scene and comedic characters. There are some intense moments, sure but they are few and far in between.

The characters themselves are fun and interesting. The MC was NOT incompetent as the other reviewers shown her to be. Not every... more>> isekai novel has to be as OP as Satou or Adel / Mile. This MC is skilled in her own right and has clear conscience about things which is enough.

The Prince was kinda pitiful and fun to read about, especially when it comes to his obvious yet poorly resulting attempt to get closer to the MC. Other than the fact that the MC supposedly look like a 10 years old but actually 15 which is considered legal age in that world, their slowly progressing romance is rather cute.

The various side characters (the maid, queen, princess, king, prime minister, other adventurers and the summoned hero) has various personalities that adds hilarious charm to the story and keeps the story from being monotonously centered around the two.

All in all, its a light-hearted reading that is aimed to make the reader smile and relax. I'll agree on the other reviewers on one thing: If you're looking for hot blooded battle or overpowered characters, I suggest you move on. This simply isn't that kind of story. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
August 12, 2016
Status: --
I am at a loss on how to review it, like many others...

I mean, the first 30 chapters set a lot of strong characters, and seems like a proper story has been thought out before writing.

It's fairly slow, but it has enough content about the various characters and the setting that it still feels nice to read.

The problem comes after those 30 chapters, the whole thing goes down the hole and we switch from a strong female lead and interesting cast to a romance/comedy novel without much substance to it.... more>> It feels like if the author threw his previously planned story away (comments from readers pushed it I guess?).

If the author didn't previously have a planned story, then he was really good at hiding it, because the first part really feels like a carefully constructed thing, and it felt like it could go into two different directions (none of which is the one it took), either the "adventurer" route of our main character exploring and searching for clues on how to go back, or the "cooking" route, where she ends up quickly making a living through cooking (it is heavily hinted at being a possible route,

always saying she likes cooking and that she is good at it, even in quantities, and making her do a maid coffee scene for the "service" side)


Sadly, after the switch, we got more and more boring things and situations pulled out of nearly nowhere, and we have a very basic novel at hand.

I'd still highly recommend reading the first 30 chapters (go to 35 if you want to see how much it changes in just 5 chapters), those are a good read, and the translation is also fairly good. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
May 25, 2016
Status: c55
After reading ch 55, I'm convinced the author is a patisserie. I'm giggling like a teenager on drug while trying to diggest all of those sugary scenes.
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TrueLiesLost rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c85
Started out as a really nice journey with a smart female lead who ends up in the world of her past life. Then it starts going down hill as the story becomes about food and romance and the MC just let's herself be constantly harassed by the royal family and how it began becomes a distant memory. Also she is absolutely dense and while I don't have an issue with a dense MC in most cases but she is not only dense but seems to lack basic knowledge for a... more>> girl her age in the modern world. I don't really want to drop because I liked the start but reading it is starting to feel like a chore. <<less
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Tofucakes rated it
August 30, 2016
Status: c54
It started good. The MC is murdered man from a fantasy world reincarnated in the modern magic-less world as a girl. Then the MC got transported to a fantasy world. She starts as a smart/strong girl with memories of her life as a sage. She shows that she's capable despite being a girl with small stature. Everything goes well until she gets dumber and more useless than a decorative piece of rock. I hate "strong/smart" female MCs that need to have a man save them or turn dumb as sh*t... more>> because of love. If you like strong/smart female MCs I don't think this is for you. She'll turn to a dumb ass, flowers for brains MC. It is super annoying. <<less
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Bib rated it
May 8, 2016
Status: --
A really cute story with light-hearted moments which leaves you with a fluffy feeling after reading. The main characters are quite likeable. If you like reading slice of life novels with a bit of comedy and fantasy, this one is recommended.
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September 4, 2015
Status: --
Fun, cute story, a different order of reincarnation (fantasy world --reincarnated-> earth --transported-> back to fantasy world).
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MioCrossfield rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c90
This is not suitable for people who aiming for battle oriented OP protag isekai.

Protagonist previous life was a court magician and died. He then reincarnated into a she in Japan. Even though she possess her previous life knowledge it doesn't meant they both same person. Well just memory intact.

This development meant for Shoujo and slice of life genre. I can't believe I cant stop grinning while reading this story. Protagonist back into her former world, exposed corrupted prime minister and knight captain that scheme her assassination in previous life, yet... more>> she doesn't have any hatred towards them.
She's starting living her adventurer life and ended on evening with cooking while a prince visit her for free meal because her cooking skill that learned in Japan is top notch. Sometimes there's romcomedy mixed with misunderstanding involving royal member.

There's no Cheat or Level system, having previous knowledge and japan knowledge just made her adventurer and her daily life smooth. Both protagonist and love interest also bad with romance, what a loser. :3 <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: c75
Disappointing. Disappointing and annoying characters. If you like a lacking and generic/cliche shoujo romance, go ahead and read it.

Like 1% gender bender and 99% shoujo. She only has the knowledge of "previous life" guy but no memories or personality or anything. It's clearly just treated like a different person, she's 100% female inside and outside. At this point, it might as well be considered to have no gender bender at all. Gender bender would've spiced this story up, and you'll see why it needs it, but it lacks that completely.

Where's... more>> the journeying and adventure, seeking answers and stuff as one would expect from going to another world? Especially with the premise of having previous knowledge. There's none. It's like she doesn't even try, other than cooking.

MC is annoying, dense, immature, and most importantly she is passive as f. In the beginning, her goal was to become an adventurer to make it easier to find a way to return to Earth, to her friends and family, as a normal modern person would do. She didn't want to work for the country and be tied down and all.....

Nope, she rents a home and settles down in the capital, only cares about food and cooking. She lets the prince come to her house almost everyday. It would've been fine if she remains free and continues to do what she wants in that world, but nope, it's obvious she'll end up with the prince and be tied down to that country and world. The royalties and whatever characters are annoying pushing MC and the prince closer together, trying to get her to marry. Also, MC is 15 with an 8 year old body, clearly a minor. <<less
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cherryleaf rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c80
So far the story is hilarious. Sometimes romance, sometimes exhausting, sometimes fun, sometimes confusing. It's like eating strawberries 'Russian Roulette' style. I'm willing to wait as long as the story meet my average expectation.
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c38
I didn't like it It began with really slow moving chapter about the basic setting, background, and the main character.

The more I read the more interesting it became. It's amusing to see how Sakura's personality is influenced by her previous life. And it's nice to see her working hard and making a place for herself in this world.

The Prince doesn't treat her badly nor is he a perverted demon. He's sort of a hits-jackpot-at-being-an-unintentional-pervert if I could put it that way. Albeit somewhat insensitive,... more>> he genuinely cares for Sakura.

I don't think she becomes a dumb damsel in distress sort of shojou character. (Contrary to opinion) Rather, her cute appearance invites a lot of trouble and people treat her like that. But she herself isn't that way. Along the story, you'll see how she adapts quickly and treats others well even if others don't treat her well. And it results in people realizing her good intentions sometimes. (Life's not perfect) <<less
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Elyas rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: c62
For people who aren't into lolis that look like 12 year olds rejoice because if you google this novel there are drawings and she doesn't actually look like a kid it's probably something to do with the standards in that world maybe? I'd say she looks around 16-18.

Also since this was my main issue with the novel I would 100% recommend reading it, it's a nice relaxing slice and life novel with a bit of action every now and again. MC has a very good personality, she isn't some frail... more>> flower, weird tsundere or bloodthirsty brute. She's a pretty regular nice person with a solid good personality. The other characters are also pretty good although you might get slightly frustrated at times it's mostly enjoyable.

PS: Google the Japanese name to know what the characters look like, the name is in the description above! <<less
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Mabbo rated it
December 23, 2017
Status: c96 part1
First and Foremost, MC is a loli. No need to say it though, she herself will always act and mention it all along the story's progress.

Second, this isn't a thrilling action type of novel, but if you're looking for an OP loli highschool girl cooking delicious things for a prince and their sweet sweet romcom scenes, this novel is for you.

Third, there are many lewd scenes casually laid out by the author here and there, mainly focused on MC's undeveloped body. Rather than lewd in "actions", it goes like, well,... more>> checking her chastity, or how to insert the tampon, etc.

Fourth and lastly, there isn't any real plot. No, not that kind of "plot". Well, the MC indeed doesn't have that kind of "plot" too, but no, not that. I mean, the story isn't heavy at all. It's all about MC and her daily life and her cat and the prince. Only revolving around them. Once you thought the plot finally moves, it shattered then and there.


At a certain chapter, she met the so-called Demon King. Got killed by him, or rather, by his rampaging idiot lesser dragon. Met god. Told that she got no chance to go back to her old world. Got cheat abilities. And BAM! She lived her normal daily life as if nothing happened.



Well, the currently latest chapter tells us about her getting back to Earth by chance. Though I bet she'll back to that world to meet the Prince again.

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ishira rated it
May 25, 2016
Status: c55
So far ordinary, slow life story, but quite enjoyable. Also, this is not your stereotype gender-bender, because almost all the time the MC is thinking like a girl, so this story is closer to Shoujo.
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Kadark rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
Another one of these nonsensical novel where the MC self respect is nonexistant. ''What reward do you wish for?", said the King. "Just a poor room in an inn, I need to become an adventurer because, for some reason, I feel I will have more opportunity to find a way back to my world if I do that.'', said the MC, not wanting to impose - THAT would be terrible.
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memoryspectre rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
The basic story may seem a little cliche, but the details are hilarious. The characters are adorable.

First, we have Sakura.

... more>>

She’s the main character and was a male elf mage in her past life. However, although she remembers her past life as a male, she’s most definitely female in the present. She’s 15, short, and often mistaken as a child, but she’s also strong and capable. She tends to get naked and clingy when drunk. (Lol)

Then there’s Prince Sedrim.


I would (tentatively) call him the love interest. He’s the second prince of the kingdom Sakura was transported to, and has a pretty mischievous personality. He’s 21 years old, has enough skills to be respected by the knights, and has a warm personality. He really likes Sakura’s cooking, and drops in on her disregarding his status as a prince. He gets her drunk for fun, but ends up having to deal with the consequences and rumours (lol).

The other characters are pretty fun as well, but I won’t write them up in the review.

FYI - this WN is very risque for a transportation to another world story with a female protagonist. In fact, in the later chapters there's a conversation (between women) where they go into the naughty marriage bed details. <<less
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Yume. rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c145
The story is rather interesting and fluffy in places with the ML however both r*pe and MC looking like a 7-8 year old are used an awful lot for comedy purposes and once in a kidnapping scenario where: ... more>>

MC is forcefully given two drugs of lethal level dosage and nearly group raped by men (She is touched all over but not penetrated.) which she develops a phobia of men over which is miraculously cured in one chapter from being forcibly touched bit by bit by the ML...

She also gets drunk and wakes up naked next to ML with pain in her stomach and blood all over the sheets which was later explained away as her first period, there are many times like these where it's simply shrugged off very much in a "ah well, she's cute so it couldn't be helped" kind of way, she gets fingered by her maid friend, the princess (Whilst the queen and maid watches, or from both at the same time.) and even her own mother in Japan as if it's normal. (Her mother and father even tease her brother of wanting to steal her underwear when the father even mentions it's his job!)


If you can handle instances of near rape, sexual harassment and a self depreciating MC who loves food then i'd recommend this novel as the premise is actually very good, the amount of child predators let's it down immensely though.

I will also note that this novel is listed as 103 chapters and 42 extra chapters which is considered "complete" however the extra chapters are basically a season 2 which has not been updated in six years and ended abruptly with a massive NTR flag between MC and ml, try avoiding final four extra chapters if you read through this novel as it pretty much spoils the rest from those chapters whilst being the start of a new arc that was never completed. (New hidden manipulators, an unknown mastermind, foreign intrigue and a mid mission rank promotion exam which has never received a conclusion.)

Also MC looks like a 7-8 year old who stopped growing in Japan when she was 11, at 15 she received a blessing of eternal youth so she is basically eternally a child around people in her old world whom average out at 170-175cm for women and around 185cm for men. <<less
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