I’m Actually a Bigshot


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Others were chased by fierce ghosts for three days and nights in this horror world. However, Su Qingxing, who was hiding in the group pretending to be a rookie, quietly waved to the ghost child over there and asked, “Xiao Ming, where is your mother?”

The “female ghost” drifted in, fearful: “Lord Guide!”

The story of a big shot from the underworld pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger*.

*扮猪吃老虎: bàn zhū chī lǎo hǔ: A Chinese idiom that means acting dumb/pretending to be weak to lower somebody’s security so that attacking (surprising) them is easier.

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3 Reviews

Feb 27, 2022
Status: c13
An interesting take on infinite flow. As the summary says, MC is a guide in the underworld. He had to go inside the copy/trial and acts as a player (He also needed to break the copy to return to the underworld).

What's different is....

... more>>

A guide judges if a player can reincarnate or be sent to eternal hell. Basically, the criteria is different with each guide. If the guide is good, then most probably bad people will fail the underworld trial.


Also, the back story of MC and ML is quite nice (the author actually explained how they met so early!) Although the ML appears the typical cold/indifferent person (who only shows his foolish side to MC)... <<less
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May 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Edit: This is probably one of my favorites unlimited flow/horror/underworld stories! It may not be an 'epic' at first, but after the slow incline -- it gradually blossoms and presents such a wonderful and unique world. Definitely takes you to explore the different sides of unlimited flow!!

It has a similar feel to New Times, New Hell -- because the unlimited flow is actually for the undead, there's a societal structure that the MC is working in. But there's also arcs within it.

Each arc explores different elements, but it doesn't feel... more>> like an escalation as much as a natural progress of knowing more about the world.

Characters you've seen before will appear again, slowly but surely -- a world that hooks the reader in is built through the story telling. I think it's quite good! I was abit discouraged to read at first bc of the review, but after actually reading the novel I quite like it!

At first, I wasn't sure if I would like it. Not just because of the work-line uncertainty but also I need to be convinced to like the romance as well. I admit, I thought it was going to be a boring novel, or at least with a very bland and very typical romance CP dynamic -- it's not. It's actually an enjoyable and interesting novel that breaks out of the typical norm!

If you can handle the MC not being OP because he has to play a weak chicken to not get caught by authorities (he's undercover!) then I think you'd enjoy this novel. Take it easy and chill, the MC's job occupation is actually kind of fun once you learn more about it (i.e. After he comes back from the human world/business trip) -- from being a trialists like the others to being part of the NPCs, you get to see different sides to unlimited flow horror and gets to explore different roleplays.

I think it's really cool, also this novel focuses more on human intrigues rather than horror-elements/ghosts. So the main point is to see different types of people and how they react and how they tackle different situations. Although it's not extremely complex or mind-blowing, I think it does it job of delivering a good amount of what it says to deliver. (Edit: Until the end arc, it changes its writing style very drastically and became a different genre altogether lol, but its fine)

So for those who likes to see pvp in unlimited flow, you might enjoy this alot!! The MC is a guide so he has background checks on everyone, it's one of the perks to enjoy in the novel -- even if the trialist looks innocent and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them when you meet them, the truth will come out in the end and they will be judged based on merit/what their actions have done in the horror world + irl. It's quite a fun take on karma. Very practical.

There's mysteries to explore with the characters with the mains kind of awkwardly shuffling around each other not exactly saying what they are just yet. To be honest, I was worried the most about this. I was worried I wouldn't like the characters outside the trials, or I wouldn't like the romance/characters and how they get together. But actually it's 'so far so good'?

I think while it relies on similar tropes such as ML meeting MC when they were younger, MC having mysterious background that we don't know about, ML being the big boss/coming to meet the MC -- it takes an alternative route with these set ups. With each element, it has it's own different narrative/stories and doesn't just go with the typical route. It has it's own approach, and after reading it I don't feel repellent towards what it does. It's interesting in it's own ways.

I wasn't on board with the idea of ML and MC already being engaged at the beginning at first, and I'm still uncertain about how to feel because it honestly feels like a cop out on the romance. To just start a novel, come in and hear that they're already kind of bound together without rhyme or reason is a bit weird. Anyways I do enjoy the ML's awkward attempts at getting to know the MC. Once I got to the human realm/business trip arc and see two underworld people who have no idea how to cook/how humans behave try to be human and cook instant ramen together -- I was more satisfied with the CP because of this clumsy, awkward attempt by the both of them. It's quite endearing!

Overall, I'd recommend anyone who wants to have a less intense unlimited flow situation to come enjoy this novel. I think it's a little like a lazy river -- it carries you without you having to move/swim, but it may not be the speed or intensity that you want. It's still a very good novel with alternative ideas, there's alot of content packed into each arc/chapters that you think you're nearly at the end -- but it's only been 40 chapters!? It's a nice satisfying ride, I recommend you give it a try!!

tl;dr -- It doesn't have that oof/intensity or pace to it, but it does deliver a satisfying and enjoyable read! Explore the different sides of unlimited flow horror, this novel does that well! <<less
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Mar 14, 2022
Status: c10
There's no suspense at all since you know that the MC won't be affected anyway.... more>>

All the ghosts follow and respect the MC, the only thing he has to do is figure out the way to get out of the instance.


Which leads me to my second point, the MC is really weak. He has the physique and physical strength of a human and doesn't seem strong at all.

For example, in the second instance, he was easily killed by someone. It's just that he didn't die since he's a Guide of the Underworld.


So even if I read only 10 chapters, I can tell that the premise of this novel is really boring and mainly focuses on the development of the relationship between the MC and the ML.

Which I can guess already is the dog and the boy in the MC's dream from the second instance.


I can't help but feel cheated since the description made it seem like the instances were the focal point and would be scary but humorous. <<less
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