I’m a Villainess, Can I Die?


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My sick sibling died so my usefulness is over.

With that I choose to die, but I became a villainess in a third-rate novel?!

In face of miserable end, I thought I can end this troublesome life with my own hands…

But why do they keep trying to save me?

“Don’t take your partner status from me, Selina.”

“Can you dare to be greedy?”

My life is getting better and better, and the day I will die is coming. What should I do?

Associated Names
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I'm an evil woman, so can i die now?
The Duchess Has A Deathwish
The Duke's Daughter Has A Death Wish
악녀인데요, 죽어도 될까요?
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michaslbabe rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: --
I've been looking for something like this, I'm so happy I found it! It's sad that there's not that many chapters out, but so far I really like this. If anyone could recommend me some other novels where the MC is depressed/suicidal like this pls do :)
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Resplendor rated it
January 5, 2021
Status: c11
Provisional 4 stars.

Not enough chapters to give it a proper review.... But so far, I'm loving it!

This is not fluffy.


Fluff may happen with character development. Right now, it's pure angst though.

And the angst is just the right amount of heart rending sadness. But all the true tragedy seems to have happened in the beginning, so there's nowhere to go but up! :)

... more>>

the transmigrator FL is suicidal due to her previous life and doesn't feel connected to her new life (as she reasonably pointed out, it really isn't hers) so her suicidal thoughts continue on. This distresses the rest of the characters, who aren't quite sure what to do with their previously spoiled brat who suddenly seems like another person and disturbingly tries to throw themselves off high locations at seemingly random moments.


The translation isn't great, but for English not being their first language, the translator is doing a bang-up job. :) I've read a ton worse and it's nothing an editor couldn't fix.

Worth a read if you like a bit of pathos in your isekai. <<less
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
March 24, 2022
Status: --
There is many suicide attempts. MC is calm and apathetic, she spent her entire previous life taking care of her sick sister cuz she was forced by her parents. That was her only purpose and never had time for herself, so when the sister dies her parents throw her away. She thinks there is no more purpose for her life. So she commits suicide but is reincarnated in the body of other Lady and she just wants to rest and die. As you could guess from the title, she has... more>> no desire to live life. <<less
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Crantz rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: c17
At the beginning of the 1st chapter ud be kinda disapointed by the lifeless and quick description of the MC's previous life. But the more you read the more u get to see that this was intentional, and it works!

The MC is actually really depressed and has no desire to live however she wants, she finds everything bothersome. This novel deals with ... more>>

suicide and suicidal thoughts, so if ur sensitive to these kind of topics just prepare

But to me, the way these serious topics ddnt come off as serious or as urgent as it might should (?) Like the novel is mostly written in the MC's pov, and since the MC is super chill and nonchalant about it, I am too, even though I know that it shouldnt be... But I do feel that the MC's condition is wrong whenever other characters are in the novel, like on how sensitive and on edge they are on the MC's actions.

Despite the monotonous feel of the novel in the beggining, I think that by chapter 17, it became more life-like. There isnt much change, the MC is still nonchalant about everything, but she does show some interest in other things by this point. Plus, I think as the novel went on more jokes were being made. And I bet this would be the case as the MC progresses. So I really like this novel for this.

Although I like how the story progresses, I sometimes dont understand some parts. Idk if its the translation, or there are just some bits that would be understood much better or had more impact if lil more info was added. But, at least the translators explain them, and im greatful for that.

The novel isnt the greatest but it isnt mediocre either, so I thinks its a solid 4 for me^^ <<less
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NovelenthusiastIDK rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: c35
It’s nice to see MC I can relate to, not really to her life experience but feelings. I appreciate that her character is consistent and she doesn’t suddenly stop being suicidal because she gained a loving family, the pain and trauma you went through will never disappear. With time It gets better but It’s still a constant fight
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ligayago rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: c11
This story cuts deep. For someone who is brainwashed to be a tool / to live for someone else, and then suddenly having no purpose in life, being transmigrated is something that can either heal the MC or kill her instead.

This is not for the faint of heart. This is full of angst and should have trigger warnings if you have depression. Actually don't read this at all if you have depression.

But still a good story, the emotions and reactions of the people around MC is just my cup of... more>> tea if I feel like reading angsty stories. <<less
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SweetBago rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: --
I started reading this and I love it~ she's depressive? Yes, she is. As a person who suffers depression I can say, she's quite amusing. She makes me forget she's looking a way to die. Her thoughts and way of speaking is entertaining to the point you just forget she'll be ending her life- well, she'll try at least.

I have to add this! Translator (the current one since as far as I understand the old translator dropped the novel) stated that her sibling in her previous life WASN'T a boy... more>> but a girl. It's not a spoiler since it's a minor thing, and not at all important but I just wanna say it~

Other than that, ML is quite interesting. I can't sense his struggles, he doesn't like her but at the same time he just doesn't want her to die. He likes the 'new' her but he's afraid she'll change to the 'old' her... SUPER INTERESTING.

Don't let yourself be fooled by those saying she's depressing and annoying- She's such an interesting MC!! <<less
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Fathom rated it
November 2, 2022
Status: c58
Although, the story starts off as the typical death in the modern world heroine who gets stuck in a Novel transmigration as a villain, the story is very different from the stereotypical Novel Transmigration story.

The FL is apathetic, depresses, pessimistic, and very suicidal. She's seriously got many emotional scars and a huge mental issue. Coming from such a dark original life, when she gets thrown into a novel as a villain who didn't originally appreciate her life and family, there's a serious disconnect between the FL and the Novel world... more>> characters.

The FL's suicide attempts and her apathetic thoughts are written very well. If you know you're going to die anyway, why waste the energy in living life. It's too much of a chore for the FL.

Because of original sad and tortured previous life, she doesn't understand happiness, love, friendship, care, warmth or even what she likes to eat. She's been so beaten down emotionally and physically that it's easier to just roll over and follow other's commands to stay useful to them. It's a very sad and well characterized character.

As for the romance in the story. The FL is so emotionally stunted, she doesn't understand any sort of emotion. She doesn't even know how to even feel liked or like others. As of chapter 58, it's still not clear who she may end up with. It's even possible she may not end up with anyone. For now, it's a toss up between the original novel's ML, and the original side character who killed her.

She's truly an interesting character, and I really look forward to reading more about her coming to terms with her mental state and her efforts at trying to temporarily give life a try.

The translations are fairly understandable, however, the lack of periods is something that takes getting used to. Even though the beginning of sentences start with a capital letter, the lack of periods makes it seem like they are all run-on sentences. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Marveya rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: c30
I love the way it was written and the way the author showed us the readers the in-depth of the MC. I feel soo sad for the MC that a part of me kinda supports the MC wanting to commit suicide
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XxScarletDespairxX rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: c31
This is so good (for me because I like reading angst) but if you don't like angst or it might trigger something in you please don't read this !

She is very suicidal and lifeless and at this point already tried to do it twice so yes please do read it with caution

About her suicide tries (there might be more but these are the ones we got for now) :

... more>>

the first one we got is actually like at the very beginning of the novel, she tries to jump of a tower but was saved by lucas (who I thought was the ML 💀). And at that point her family got suspicious so they went to get a doctor who diagnosed her with depression... I think, or just someone with a mental illness she was also labeled as someone with amnesia (she played along with it because it was kind of true she doesn't have any memories of the original selina), and at that point they were kind of very protective of her because incase she tries to do suicide again. /so fast forward/ her second attempt was to do suicide at the clock tower, that's why she picked at the moment where her brother and lucas was gone. But lucas was suspicious of her so he sent aiden to keep on eye on her, she also knew about it that's why she tried to distract aiden, and blah blah blah they went to a store with some people and those people started arguing, and she sent aiden to get something somewhere so therefore it's the perfect chance to escape. She escaped thru a back door and was on her way to the tower, when aiden came back he was confused on where she is and started looking for her when he found out she was gone, he went to the tower with his magic (because pretty much everybody knew that's where she'll go because she wants to try to die at the quickest and less painful) they meet and talk blah blah blah of course he can't stop her with some talk no jutsu so she jumped I saw someone says that he actually kind of saved her but she wtill went into a coma. And that's when she met selina.


About/Who is the ml:


I just found out in some of the spoiler that aiden (the magician) is the ml


About the original selina:


I also read somewhere that the real selina wants the MC to live and find happiness on her body (maybe it's why she shows up in her dream)


P/s if you want more spoilers just go to the novelupdates forum. Also I just found out this has manhwa! <<less
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ObsessedtoeveryFL rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: c10
I rate is 4 star because its not finished yet but the story is amazing the translation is also good and last is because this is my cup of tea. You guys should read it🤗
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