I’m a Villainess, But I’m Happy Because I’m Healthy


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“I’m the villainess!!”

Aslan recalls memories of her previous life.

By the way, she was a villainess in the game.

But her biggest problem was.

“Mother! You said these were all baby fat!”

1:1 ratio of height and weight.

That was the biggest factor that frustrated her.

If you do this, you will die from obesity.

“Must be healthy and enjoy the heavenly waters!”

It was a moment when her fate changed.

“Health is the best!”

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악역 영애지만 건강해서 행복합니다
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01/27/21 Lost Pen TL prologue
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HentMas rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: prologue
I'm in love with this story and characterizations, yeah yeah, usual Otome setting with your usual kind of obliviously overly kind character... BUT.

She's very self aware of everything.

She's understandably distressed from her position because of her previous life, which is very well portrayed and explained in the novel, she follows a character growth that is organic to the story and characterizations, the tone is very well achieved with childish representations when appropriate and a realistic reasoning of the world around her, I love the world building, I love the characterizations... more>> and I love the tone.

Of course, this story is probably not gonna be a break trough from the regular "Otome" setting, but even then the technique of the author is GREAT, the rhythm is fantastic, the tone is wonderful, the world building is good enough (It flops between exposition dump and characterizations, so it's not really perfect but it's good enough for what it's trying to accomplish, specially when the perceived bias of the reincarnator comes full force against the reality of the setting), it's a very competent story.

I LOVED one tidbit specific for the character growth of the ML, I really recommend that you read it to find out because it's not that long but it made things GREAT for setting up the future characterizations and hyping the future of the characters... I'll spoil it if you're really interested on seeing it, but I really do recommend you actually read it because within context it's EXCELLENT.


After the MC and the first ML meet in their childhood and they develop their relationship, they are having a hearty farewell because it's time for them to separate, he asks her "what is your type of man" and the instant he asks her this, she thinks about healthy muscular men (muscles fetish) but being ashamed of this way of thinking, she tells him "I like kind, good, polite men"... and after saying their good byes he begins to ponder how to become that, at that moment HIS FATHER intervenes and acts as a REAL FATHER (I should know, I am one) and provides context from his experience as an ADULT MAN that haves lived trough every kind of rejection (I should also know, I have also being there) and joining his experience and reasoning trough his perception, points him in the right direction to exercise his body... IT'S SOOO WELL DONE AND REALISTIC, an such a change where the parents in this kinds of stories are just there as background, I loved this father and son moment SO MUCH, coming from other novels where the parents are just... not really parents, I really fell in love with how the author managed their relationship


Just to be clear, this isn't that long from the first chapter so you should probably read it IN the story, but it's a perfect example of the great characterizations and organic growth of the story that the author has managed trough his set ups and pay offs, its just a small detail that lasts a couple of paragraphs, but it does sooo much to convey the tone and rhythm of the story.

So yeah PLEASE read this story, also FYI, for some reason NU keeps wiping out most chapters from the database and just leaves the prologue (no idea why that happens) but the translator is up to chapter 18 from the date of this review, so go into his site lucilostherpen dot wordpress dot com and follow the translation there!. <<less
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Mercedyn rated it
November 1, 2021
Status: c19
I read this a few months ago and I always wish to find new chapters once in a while but no updates :/

Otherwise the story was nice, well written and translated, good characters and natural interactions, what's translated so far is the childhood before she enrolls to the school of the original story, and it was a good setting that made me exited on what would happen and how the original story would change (so I'm sad it's not being updated :'/)

I'm not gonna be very precise because I... more>> read it a few months ago, but if the og translator sees this or anyone is thinking of picking it up please see this as a sign TT <<less
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