I’m a Holy Knight Who Fell in Love with the Heroine, But She Keeps Becoming Part of That Guy’s Harem – Can Someone Please Tell Me What I’m Doing Wrong?!


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Summoned to another world, there’s me, Yamada Ichiro, and the scheming pretty boy, Ryuguin.

The appraisal results reveal that Ryuguin is the Hero, and I’m the Holy Knight.

While Hero Ryuguin lazes about without putting in any effort, I repeatedly venture into dungeons to save the world, always ending up battered and covered in wounds.

Even though I help the heroines grow and forge bonds with them as we survive near-death experiences together, for some reason they all fall head over heels for Ryuguin. Right in front of my eyes, they confess to him and leap into his embrace.

Ryuguin’s harem just keeps growing.

This is the story of how I escape from Ryuguin’s harem party and start doing things my own way.

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The Heroines I Fell in Love With as a Holy Knight Are Becoming Members of His Harem One After Another, but Someone Please Tell Me What’s Wrong With Me
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matosch rated it
July 24, 2023
Status: c36
I read this story I think to almost of the end via google translate.

The MC is a "kind soul" and "cry baby" but extremly Focused person (no, he is not your typical dence MC).
While he trains and Study like crazy (maybe 3h sleep a day), he is set on getting back to his world.

The Hero is a Lazy Mama´s kid that only thinks about himself even while having better beginning skills then MC.

While MC trains like crazy and Hero lazying around, MC and Princess get flirty while both complain about Hero and reson for summon. This is going on until the day they leave for the reason of summon, then suddenly the princes makes an unreasonable move.

Over all I can only say the reasons why and how it happens is like many other Isekai story´s where Skills are partly more op then actual training and expirience, Except you are

extremly lazy and self conceidet/arrogant.


In the end:


While he gets Flirty with the Princes, Holy Saint, Wizard and Sword Saint. Somehow The Hero always ends up with them even when not interacting with them at all.

The Hero will have his way with any Female (forced or not) he wants while his modern ideas are either already known or he himself has so low knowledge of it that people will loose everything or die.

While he is in fight only protected in background and gets cozy with the females, MC gets s*upidly OP in Terms of that world.
Turns out Hero has a hidden Skill (yeah totally boring) where he can make the archievments of MC his own, even Written parts in the world (seriously boring world skill), turns out he has a 2nd extrem skill where he can surpass the strongest in the world for a set amount of time (We know who it is).

After he gets defeated he has to make good in the world with some Godly commandments that don´t let him do bad stuff (seriously where does that come now?) and MC finally gets together with another girl (yeah he consider mouth to mouth feeding first kiss and falls for her?)


In the end the idea was not bad but the way the story is written is boring and mostly lazy made to fit the standard narrative.

If the MC would be more like the archievments he gained and grow a real backbone as he should have and the Hero would have more intelligence and drive, the Skills more fitting in that world then I could easily give 4 stars. But the way I read it its 2 stars at most.
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Kaorimoch rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: c13
I've read almost the entire web novel through google MT so I could see through to the end, which is around 355 chapters. All in all, the story concept is interesting but the author is not talented enough to explore the possibilities the concept provides. Instead, the story is stretched out painfully where one event can occur, can be recited again in the future three times later by the MC, and included in a side story or two from other character's perspectives. Many story elements are also not explained... more>> well enough, including

the method by which the hero manipulates the memories people have

And of course the main protagonist has to fulfill every single trope of a "revenge against the hero who booted me out" stereotype. There are much more interesting stories with less filler, more logical structures, more believable characters and less frustrations for faithful readers out there that are more worthy of your time. <<less
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Ankiwi rated it
December 25, 2023
Status: c315
This got a manga adaptation surprisingly. The plot with the hero and the 4 women seems to have ended and been resolved but it's ongoing. It's kinda short ngl you can read the WN in like half a day. There are some things that left me questioning.

... more>>

Why didn't the MC permanently kill the hero when he noticed something was up instead of letting the saint revive him? Also shouldn't his powers have been nulled when he dies? It's also strange no one pays attention to the hero's actions outside the dungeon and attribute it too the MC doing those acts. Like couldn't they just look at him or ask any girl who the hero slept with did he sleep with the hero or the MC. It's kinda confusing. They also say he looks like a pig but then why would these girls sleep with him if he's ugly and awful as they say? He's just a holy knight not the hero so he should have less power over them. Also he obtains a very OP wish granting item early on that could fix everything but he never uses it lol. This is from the WN so hopefully the manga patches those holes up a bit.

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Jojidii rated it
May 5, 2024
Status: c13
I like Arifureta, and I enjoy this genre as well. Is he cucked? No. His expectations were betrayed because he was never in a relationship with any of the heroines in the first place (as referred to in the title). He spent so much time with them, only for them to fall in love with another guy! Did I forget to mention he's not dense? All the time he spent with the girls, he knew they liked him, but he didn't confess because he was waiting for the right time.

Thank... more>> you sub29 for picking this up with amazing translation. I know this series is in a bad light, but please don't drop it. (⁠ᗒ⁠⁠ᗩ⁠⁠ᗕ⁠) <<less
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