I’m a High School Boy and a Bestselling Light Novel Author, Strangled by My Female Junior and a Voice Actress


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I’m a high school student who became an author after debuting at Dengeki Bunko. After taking a year of hiatus from school to write my work, I transferred out to another high school to study, and met a girl called Eri Nitadori in school, a rookie voice actress cast as a character in the anime adaptation of my work.

In school, we treat our professions as a secret. However, Nitadori’s very popular in class, and I’m a loner…the only chance we get to talk to each other is when we take the Limited Express train together every Thursday, seated side by side as we head off for an anime, After Recording.

To improve her skills, she asked me questions regarding the profession. While I was answering the questions regarding the process–how did it end up like this.

This is what I last remembered before I lost consciousness, and the story of my near-death experience.

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Danshi Koukousei de Urekko Light Novel Sakka o Shite Iru Keredo, Toshishita no Classmate de Seiyuu no Onnanoko ni Kubi o Shimerarete Iru
I’m a High School Boy and a Bestselling Light Novel author, strangled by my female classmate who is my junior and a voice actress
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canaria rated it
November 9, 2016
Status: v2
An informative novel about writing a novel. The story mainly takes place on an express train with the MC talking to his junior and coworker about how to make a novel, how authors are paid, how to file taxes, the process of animation, etc.

a slight mystery novel trying to find the reason why the MC was being strangled by Eri. Bits and pieces of the puzzle are revealed in their daily interactions as the MC recalls the moments that led to the predicament of him being under Eri with her... more>> slender hand choking his carotid artery. -the funny thing is that the LN vol.2 cover says 'time to pray', while in the novel Eri states that she uses a magic incantation to calm herself and increase her focus which is 'time to play' or time to act the part also the title of the 7th chapter.- <<less
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Incar1 rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c1
There's slow, then there's skipping 90% of a chapter without missing anything relevant. The vast majority of chapter 1 was just an explanation of how light novels get made. It had nothing to do with the characters or their situation. Worse, it was an incredibly redundant explanation, re-explaining multiple times.

End result: too boring for me.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Metatron rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: Completed
Definitely has become one of my favorites.

A really straightforward tittle with an amazing story behind it.

Definitely worth the read.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cbrtlsseca rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Suggest skimming the first volume for the relevant parts of the story as it is roughly only 20-25% of the book that is relevant to the story. The whole series could easily have been done in one volume that is how little actual story there is.

Volume 2 is probably the only good volume as it seem to have an actual story and what led me to read volume 3 which is another huge let down.

Volume 3 was a waste because the writing IMO was like two people stare at each... more>> other and never saying anything. The story could have easily been completed in 2 chapters if the author did re-hash every thing from the previous chapter and volume 2. Also the whole book was them never getting to talk by some means or another so the plot just stalled till the last 2 chapters.


Then the ending was like here is the hanger for Vol 4 but there will never be one. Also since the story had very minimal progression there is never actually any Romance in the story, we have no idea what happens Romance wise so I guess end it how you want. But the way the characters never actually talk to each other I don't know how long it would have taken.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Craig31111 rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: v3 q&a
This was a, how do you describe it, interesting web novel.

the start is just telling how to make a light novel, (novel about how to Wright a novel, ha ha, funny.) but then gets weirder fast. From this girl strangling him on accident to learning his mom ones tried to kill him, this book has it all. Except real other worlds. And fights. Ok these are a few things it doesn't have.

I rate 4/5.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ibad08 rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: v3c7
firstly, I'm sorry for the sloppy review and stiff language, but this novel is pretty good I can't help myself to write a review

this is a good novel recommended for those who feels sick keep reading a harem and isekai novel. The novel feels really slowpace with lots of mystery that pretty hard to uncover (in my opinion though). The translator is good and the author is full of knowledge and knows what he/she writes.

... more>>

The story is also feels lighthearted, but getting deep at the start of volume 3, and also many foreshadowing that was hard to uncovered that makes it feel less predictable


though the story is too slow pace, that make it sometimes feels boring and make you want to skip some of the chapter, it's still worth reading <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
windrixx rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: v1c4
The premise is interesting, the story hooks you in, and the description of the light novel industry and creation process is quite interesting. However, the translator's (hellping) notes/jokes EVERY other sentence make it impossible to enjoy. If you're going to read this, remove them first.
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Namaewa_ARV rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: v3c7
The plot's interesting but for the first two volumes, I wondered whether I'm reading a romance novel or a guide book to writing light novels. Though informative, I didn't find it that much relevant to the story as a whole. It was more like, for the sake for filling the chapters, more and more information was added. I have to admit that I skipped some chapter content because I couldn't comprehend why it is needed for this story. But the mystery part was interesting, though it was forshadowed heavily. Even... more>> the suspense part about the heroine wasn't really a suspense.

But I have to admit, I really did enjoy the story. I wish there were more volumes to the story. It was sad to see the volume 3 ending in an incomplete way. There should have been some closure. <<less
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