I’m A Doll, But The Tyrant Is Obsessed With Me


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Others usually appeared as human when they possessed a character in a book, but I possessed a doll.

It was also a favorite doll of the tyrant whose neck went flying because of the male lead.

‘I’ve already died once, but I don’t want to die again!’

To survive, I must edify the tyrant.

To do that, I must first move my body… What? Oh, it’s moving?

“Are you really Chloe? No, who are you?”

A young emperor of the Burgundy Empire and a tyrant with the end faith of dying. Reclaim my body while edifying him!


The hair was not black.

Instead, it was shiny gold. It was the same color as the doll.

Standing still, panicked, Declan asked again in a trembling voice.

“…Chloe, are you really here? But why do you look like a doll?”

From the time the doll moved its hand, he had an expectation that Chloe might have been in it.

In such a situation, although it looks translucent, there is a person who looks exactly like a doll, so it is worth expecting that it was Chloe.

Because in the end, people just believe whatever they want to believe.

“I am not the princess.”

His eyes greatly shook at the firm answer.

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인형인데, 폭군이 집착합니다
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12 Reviews

May 12, 2021
Status: c7
So far, this series has proven to offer a refreshing amount of weirdness for the in-a-novel transmigration isekai subgenre. Our MC has possessed a porcelain doll that belonged to the deceased younger sister of the mentally ill emperor Declan who died saving his life seven years prior. She is mostly an onlooker, but this has also enabled her to notice a strange energy around Declan, leading to some questions about what the hell is going on. Also, she is beginning to figure out that she can exert willpower to move... more>> slightly, allowing her to communicate on the most mundane level with Declan. There is a sense that her ability to interact meaningfully with the world will also become more advanced over time as well.
To Declan, his characterisation is compelling because we learn in these first few chapters what major events have shaped his psyche. He is grieving the loss of his beloved sister after she died saving his life from an assassin's arrow. His only relation beyond this is childhood friend (origML) Mason who is trying to support his friend but has to contend with Declan's mentall illness problems which usually result in self-destructive behaviour and destructive as a whole to the empire that Declan heads. The two young men (both are around twenty years of age) have their own battles to contend with and this brought this to blows during the original timeline.

All in all, I am really digging what I've read of the Mystical Merries translation provided by Effe and Nabi. Well worth the read! <<less
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Jul 24, 2021
Status: c15
Very enjoyable read. Lot of cute interaction but not forgetting background explanation and story progression. So far (c15) the story is focused on MC (Doll possessor) and ML with ocassional shenanigans from Emperor butler, Noah and flashback about the Princess and her doll, Erica. While other character of original novel only mentioned briefly.
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Vroom vroom
Vroom vroom
Sep 02, 2021
Status: c82
I love this story! First time reading novel then FL transmigrated into an object. Its really refreshing reading not ab villainess/revenge.
I find their (FL and ml) interaction really cute, how ML already scared to loose her, can't wait till he will able to feel her touch, like right now he can already feel warm in her hand. Maybe she will take a fully human form soon??

edit: the story it pretty good, although it sometimes gets boring as you can predict stuff. She becomes a human in around 80sh ch, and it could really just end here lol, but of course we got more bad guys ahead...

i love stories that keeps me on edge and goes 180 degrees the other way one minute out of the blue, so this is novel is the opposite which is why I had hard time reading it till lovely dovely part, but I still liked it!

so yeah the novel more on the fluffy side, cute, sometimes annoying MC (as in every korean novel), but not that s*upid to hate her!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 14, 2022
Status: --
annoying as hell MC


I trust you! I trust only you in this whole world! She says as she begs ML everytime not to kill or hurt anyone like as if he has no control over his actions and needs to be reminded not to kill these audacious people who keeps coming in and bothering him because she’s so insistent on not hurting any of his enemies godddd white lotus annoying shes not even funny or witty or anything just annoying

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
I am out of names
I am out of
Mar 08, 2022
Status: c45
I love this. So much so that I don't care giving 5 stars even when the translation is far from being finished.

The premise is extremely interesting in this sea of novels that all seem to be way too similar. Not only that, but is executed extremely well.

The interactions between all the characters are never awkward and seem very natural. I especially love the chemistry between our FL and the ML. The FL doesn't have a doormat personality and talks back, even scolds the ML earnestly sometimes. Their bickering brought a... more>> smile to my face every single time, they have such great chemistry.

All in all, I can only recommend. <<less
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Oct 06, 2022
Status: c41
  • White lotus FL
  • Psycho tyrant ML who always wages a war because of his dead sister. (Which is understandable and with the help of FL he will kinda have character development from that.)
  • I'm already on chapter 41 and I still don't know much about the FL's past life. (I don't need to know everything, I just wanna know how old she is, what course/job did she have, etc. to gauge her abilities other than her being cute to the ML and seeing some weird sht.)
  • I thought the FL has strong mentality at first but...... nevermind.

    when she knew that the puppeteer is just a normal person she just suddenly burst out at Declan. I know that it's just a normal reaction from a normal person but the way she does it is just so annoying. She doesn't even think before speaking. It's not like it's Declan's faut that your expectations are broken.

I don't wanna upset the translator for bad reviews but I just gotta say it. 😭😭

At first the story is going okay not until that scene, it just suddenly feels like everything the FL said about protecting the ML and always being with him are just her being pretentious/hypocrite. Anyway, I'll just read this again when more chapter comes out.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 16, 2023
Status: Completed
It's been SO LONG since I've found an ABSOLUTE FAVORITE on this site...
Their relationship is the PEAK FLUFF. The plot is nice, the side characters are fun, translation is excellent! Really, nothing was missing and strangely nothing annoyed me either.

FL is cute and fun, and is cheeky enough to be equal with her ML, his majesty. And ML is... just perfect. He cares for her greatly, notices every bit of her reactions, and never ever lets the reader down. There were no dragged-out misunderstandings between them since they talked like a normal couple. Like I said... JUST PERFECT.

100% would read this again! ❤️
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 01, 2022
Status: --
It is one of the best K novel. It deserves a manhwa. I laugh so hard reading this, the story is so unique. Idk if the genre should be horror or comedy🤣 because imagine seeing a walking doll or seeing the emperor talking to the doll or the wind🤣

I disagree with @anggr291 saying MC is white lotus

... more>>

First of all, MC was stoping ML to start a tragedy (war). MC was send to that world to fulfill Chloe's wish to save ML. If ML killed one of the high ranking noble without reason, the nobility will use it to bring down ML the emperor. Second ML also wanted to kill ogFL before MC stop him because it would result is war between 2 kingdom since ogFL is a princess. On the original story the nobility and another kingdom work together to end the notorious emperor who kill people without reason.

So instead of direct killing. MC soul who could go out of the doll was invisible to others except ML. Was following the enemy, evesdroping and collect evidence so ML could charge them then they would have a reason to kill a criminal and Duke Otien will little by little lose its strength.


2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 24, 2024
Status: Completed
I initially thought that based on the title and tag, the ML (Declan) will be a toxic yandere one... but it proved me wrong bc he's very doting and protective of FL (Erica) while being supportive of her mission.

I liked the trust between the leads and how they got good relationship despite being human & doll/soul in first few chapters. Also, there was obvious big growth of ML being his psycho phase (with being obsessed treating doll as his deceased sister doll due to loneliness)... to being a good partner... more>> to FL. Meanwhile, FL got huge contribution to their good relationship, she's decisive and got good heart. She immediately discovered her feelings and straightforward abt it.

I also liked that the OG ML and OG FL became their friends and got good relation with them.

The only con was it took more than half of novel for FL to turned human. The tension and chemistry between leads were already oozing that I wishing author to just skipped mystery thingy & just turned FL easily to human lol <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 13, 2024
Status: Completed
A fresh plot of novel where the MC is transmigrated as a wandering soul in a doll. Intriguing and fun to read. Love the interactions between the FL and ML. Enjoyed reading their cute relationship.

I think it was well written and well translated so everything was enjoyable till the end of chapters.

Thank you for the author and the translation team for completing this novel~
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 15, 2024
Status: c116
It's well translated, and a great story. They have a refreshingly non toxic relationship. The ML isn't really very Yandere ... more>>

maybe somewhat possessive/extremely protective, but she is literally made of porcelain and only he can see her at the time he acts that way. Additionally, his own sister was mu*dered. Later on he just doesn't want men touching her too intimately, but she is the same way towards him. His level of possessiveness isn't very toxic, it's not so much forbidding her from doing stuff as it is forbidding other men from requesting petty favors like handwritten notes and private dances. It's more childish than threatening and I suspect he'd back down quickly if she insisted. There is no paranoia about her cheating, she is actually more insecure than him. However, her insecurity isn't extreme and is easiy assuaged. Neither is overly pushy or exhibiting unhealthy levels of jealousy.


Calling him a psycho is unfair

he is more depressed than truly psychotic. He is self destructive and has little reason to live but part of him doesn't want to give his enemies the satisfaction of dying. They are constantly trying to kill him and his initial reason for being in a war was that they forced him to fight. After his sister was mu*dered and he couldn't do anything about it he did indeed rampage. However, he genuinely grows throughout the story as he gets over the depression/mental breakdown.


As for being a white lotus, in my opinion, she isn't one

She's definitely a bit too selfish in some ways to fit that definition. She also isn't always honest. Maybe it's because she ends up being a saint type character that this might be thought. However, a white Lotus is extremely unlikely to just let villains get their comeuppance. She doesn't heal people she hates even though she easily could. As for her background, she'd just enrolled in college. She may not have even chosen a career yet. I think she's most likely 19 years old, but she could be 18. Since she never attended classes, her major wouldn't define her much. This is from chapters 1 and 78.


The characters show real growth through the story, too. My main complaint is a suspected mistranslation of the God's name as Rohim when it's really Lohim because it's clearly referencing the biblical God

the author pretty much paraphrases Genesis and gives the angel character what I think is a psuedo hebrew name. It's hard to tell when it's not originally English. It's not precisely Christian/Jewish fiction, but it's pretty close

and Elohim is hebrew for God. Still, I didn't spot any other obvious errors, and unless you know hebrew that one won't stand out.

Definitely worth the read. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 12, 2022
Status: c81
I really like it, a bit different to other knovels cuz our FL is a soul inside a doll and the only one who can see her is the our tyrant ML who turned into a simp cuz of our FL. I like their slow but cute romance and no our FL is definitely not white lotus. I like that the OGFL is also not white lotus as far as I know, and since our FL and ML romance is blooming and ... more>>

FL is finally human since she chose not to come back to korea

So I'm hoping it won't get boring.

I'm also hoping we'll get to see romance between OGFL and OGML. Tho I'd like to have more threatening villain as the current ones isn't really that much and it focuses mainly on


them trying to find a way to make our FL human

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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