I’m a Bastard But You’re Worse!


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Dyngir Maxwell, successor to the margrave of the eastern provinces of the Lamperouge kingdom, was infamous for his womanizing habits, but proved himself multiple times in conflicts with neighboring countries and a major player in domestic politics well trusted by other nobles. Everything was sailing smoothly for Dyngir, when a life-changing event occurred:

“Dyngir Maxwell! I hereby declare your engagement to Selena void!!”

Dyngir believed the relationship with his fiancee to be idyllic, but she was actually having an affair with crown prince Sullivan. The moronic prince even dared slander the good name of the Maxwell house…

If this is your game, then I’m going to play too. You picked a fight with the wrong person!

“I’m a bastard, but you’re worse!!”

The series of events starting from the cancellation of an engagement eventually turned into a historic event that would shake the kingdom to its core and involve the neighboring countries too!! A heroic tale of scum versus scum, starting from a cancelled engagement!

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Ore mo Kuzuda ga Warui no wa Omaerada!
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32 Reviews

New Iris_Hydrang
Feb 21, 2024
Status: v1ss
Came in thinking there was plap plap but all of the plap plap was glossed over

Any plap plap that is implied is boring (to both ntr/forced haters and lovers) and feels like it was tacked on as a character trait

Story feels like a handful of tropes badly meshed together, comedy isn't there, and the flow ain't it

Characters other than the MC have no depth

Not a fan of male tsundere/rough love

Tldr; boring and not worth your time waiting for it to get better (it's also on hiatus)
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the that gives you likes
the that giv
Sep 12, 2020
Status: v1c5
A novel about a guy with common sense taking revenge on a guy with flowers in the brain.

Don't read if you are feminist, gay or think that all women are saints without libido.

When people has power, money and rampant hormones, is more than obvious what they do for fun, especially when someone mess with their thots.

well written, easy to read, for the moment on the r15 side.

The translation is ok, but very slow.
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Sep 04, 2020
Status: --
Okay maybe this is kinda of my fault but I wanted to read a broken engament story from the Males perspective

I assumed that itd be similar to the ones I usally read

... more>>

Ah well big mistake. MCs a real manwhore, who isn't above raping young maids. I swear there needs to be a tag to show If the r*pe is done by the MC.

Theres some hypocrisy mixed in there somewhere at being angry at the prince for taking his women but no I won't get into that.

And uh bastad scummy MCs are just as bad as beta forver virg*n MCs. I get the author was trying to go for the "Magnificent bastard" trope but it seems they only got the bastard part down.

Theres not a signal likable trait of the MC besides the fact he cares for his father who will probably get a heart attack anyway from the sh*t his son pulls off anway.

Also father is the only character I actually like. The rest are your stereotypical nobles who if the setting was a bit more realistic would be riddled with STDs.

The prince and ex fiance. Typical braindead idiotos. Not much to say about them so far


Again maybe this wasnt for me I'm sure some people will enjoy it. I was just expecting something different. So dont go in reading this if you expected a genderbent broken engagement story like I did

I'd give this story a 3.5 if the MC wasnt so damn unlikable.

But if your a fan of a scummy MC who contrary to the summary is acaully a worse bastard then the other bastard then you'll probably enjoy it. I found him to tryhard <<less
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Sep 03, 2020
Status: v1c3
Usually I kinda steer away from this kind of novel when I see the tags but, in a wimp I decide to read it. Unexpectedly, this is a good read.

From current available free chapters (3), we got our Strong and Genius MC, not in the "genius" way by bringing modern things into fantasy world then everyone praised the hell of it, but by being decisive in his decision. Sure he is s*x mania, but at least he isn't creepy as many other MC who when for the detail of how... more>> his fetish just for add the word count. The narrative is compact but not feel rushed as the story flow so well.

I don't know how the story will be but as chapter 3, I really feel the great potential this novel has.

I can only say try to read the first three chapters first, if you like it, then good, but if you still think that this novel isn't your cup of tea, then it's your lose anyway.

PS. Sorry if there any mistake, as English isn't my native language <<less
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Jan 03, 2021
Status: --
The story is pretty boring and there are several bad things about it...

... more>>

On its premise, I thought this novel is all about an anti-hero yet badass as*hole who overcomes adversaries in both engaging political and physical warfare. But I found out that the hero is just a boring gary-stu, still an as*hole though. He effortlessly defeated his enemies and bully them, no any real challenge or whatsoever.
Even the enemy is no better, they only exist for the hero to trample on and make the hero look good in comparison. Like the former crown prince.

This story also has a serious illness of "Tell, but don't show."
One Example: Author love to tell that the hero is prodigy in many aspect every single time, whether it's through narration or dialogue from others telling how genius he is. Yet, the hero never acted like one nor displayed any of these supposed prodigical abilities except his fighting prowess.


Right now, this novel lacks any substance for me to immerse into the story.
I'm currently giving it a low score, but that might change in the future if the story gets better. <<less
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Jul 16, 2021
Status: v1ss
It isn't horrible... but nothing good? Nothing really makes it special.

The MC complains about people being too amazing or too perfect, but in reality, he basically has everything you could even want.

  • Super Secret Ninja Assassin that loves nothing other than sucking you off - check.
  • Super Over Powered Adventure who likes it rough - check.
  • Perfect busty noble daughter as maid - check.
  • Rich Nobel - check.
  • Super Strong - check.
  • Super Smart - check.
  • Super Magic Items - check.
I could go on and on, but everything he complains about is petty.

One thing I did like is the world setting... however, that gets all overshadowed for the Mc's delusions. I mean he has no real reason to do what he does, since he sort of has everything. Why does he even care that he lost his fiancee, who he didn't like? It just feels like a leap of resolve that was forced.

Nothing is introduced smoothly, almost like there is no flow to it. We get introduced to a character with a quick bit about their past.

The best way I can describe it is, like reading the last volume of a 10 volume series about an Over Powered MC.

While the story itself is lacking in a lot of areas, the detail itself is well done and there are some interesting things in it. I just wouldn't recommend it. It isn't bad if you are looking for a quick story about fantasy / OP MC / Hentai, but if you want a dark rich fantasy story then it isn't worth the time.
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Jan 18, 2021
Status: v1c24
Definitely worth your time.

if you're looking for some Alpha male MC then just give it a try. The updating speed is not bad either, if you want read earlier from the others you can donating, they have Patreon for it.
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Feb 25, 2021
Status: v1 interlude 4
I finally found something similar to The Marquis' Eldest Son's Lascivious Story. I'm tired of those vanilla easygoing stories where the MC is an yes-man (or woman) who cosplays a saint or is simply too pure and soft-hearted.

A MC like this and Gordenze Wilk is so refreshing, he's truly egoistic and know what he have to do to achieve his goals, he isn't some scared-cat with syndrome of typical jp MC. Some people may call it edgy and wish fulfilment but they couldn't be more wrong.

This is a chad as... more>> Fire Emblem's protagonist. <<less
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Dec 22, 2020
Status: v1c20
This is amazing!

Here, we have our chad MC who spent his puberty being on a battlefield. He is a prodigy, he quickly learns everything ranging from martial arts, military tactics to political aspects.

It's still too soon to write a comprehensive review so I'll just leave this here.

  • MC's personality kinda warped due to him spending time at a battlefield therefore becoming somewhat numb to emotions.
  • Fiancee is pathetic, can't even distinguish reality and fantasy.
  • World-building is okay, it's in middle ages with empires and stuff
  • It's interesting so I'll be reading this again after a year since the translation is kinda slow and I can't even gain access to the raws.
That's all for me. If you don't like bastard MC's even though they are like that due to the environment they lived, then move... more>> on and find something vanilla. <<less
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Oct 24, 2021
Status: --
It is amusing to read yeh... Reading this will twisted your mind a lot.. bcus it is like we're reading the story of if the scumbag in hero's stories are the MC.. and this scumbag is a fcking prodigy.. I'm disgusted with MC sometimes but I'm more disgusted with majority of peoples in the comments each chapters bcus they side with each MC's actions and justified them like he did something good.. which is not really in some cases.. They kinda got only little amounts of empathy too or maybe... more>> they are hypocrite or maybe they're a bastards too.. MC is a fcking bastard.. truly.. but he is not THAT evil.. not really I guess his alignment is in category of chaothic neutral or chaothic good or should I put him in chaotic good scumbag.. This is a story with a bastard MC that is like the chosen one got EX-tier plot armor a prodigy that can do anything. He is a fcking rapist but he will treat the women that he made his own kindly, well not likes anyone can stop him.. He is a fcking genius manipulator. He got guts, he is not a p*ssy cus he eats them as a breakfast, lunch and dinner, he is charismatic too, is he a sociopath? Probably. What should I say other than he is truly a lucky bastard living the dream fcking almost 100 females in his life since he was 14-15 years old. Is he a good guy? Well even tho he brings judgements to other bastards he is not a good guy. He only do its bcus that's what benefits him the most.

The world building is almost to none but it is there a little bit.. the magic system hmm kinda not really that many explainations other than relics and all. This novel is average at best. And there's no anyone can keeps him in checks even his own father.

The 5* reviews is too high for this novel.. They say he is not average MC but that's not really true bcus they compared this to non-adult stories or like someone below me who compared it to isekai MC.. if we're to compare this with some other r16-18+ stories with same genres he is not really that unique. I can't say for the writing since this is not official translation.. but the translation is good so 3* <<less
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Jan 10, 2021
Status: v1c25
I don't understand why great novels such as this always have translators with tr*sh updating speed.

The MC is a bastard but honestly I love these types of MC, too bad there's not a lot of novels with this kind of MC.

As of the latest update it doesn't feel like the actual story has started it felt like kind of a prologue to me. So there's not much to say but I loved it. A ruthless MC to enemies and women (in a different way ifywim) is what I really... more>> like.

I have great expectations from this. I'll be checking it frequently.

By the way some mfing ret*rd really said

"Why does he even care that he lost his fiancee, who he didn't like? It just feels like a leap of resolve that was forced. " Bruh, let me f*ck your gf and lets see if you can say that again. S*upid ppl like this really gets on my nerves, no offense tho. <<less
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Apr 04, 2021
Status: v1 interlude 9
Absolute alpha MC, when he was given birth to, he congratulated his parents, if you gave him a smoke, he would give the smoke lung cancer, that's how much of a badass the MC is.

But it's not all perfect, the story is quite confusing as it has no direction to walk towards and its just freestyling, but recent chapters have been showing more and more development towards that part!, it's getting better each chapter as we unravel the mc's past and such.

Waiting for a new arc! Hopr it doesn't fall... more>> through and drop in quality like some r18 who just stop caring about plot and become a s*x maniac novel. <<less
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Jul 24, 2022
Status: --
In a spectrum, this is like the Japanese beta MC in a harem, but on the other side. The MC is a completely boring Gary-stu overpowered MC, just like an op japanese beta MC is. The story TELLS how the MC is a prodigy that faced the hardship of war starting at the age of 13, then SHOWS the MC being all strong and shit. What's the point of reading someone living life as the strongest, smartest, and most cunning person in the world with no one to be wary... more>> of. The character moves in a way that has no drive or meaning. He's not plotting sh*t because of a bigger picture. He's not training because he wants to do something. He just reacts. Reacts as a big and op character.

I've said all of this, and I haven't even gotten to the main issue. The MC being a rapist and an a**hole. The beginning of the story revolves around messing with the idiotic prince that has no reason to be idiotic other than for the author to hook readers. He's done with from the very beginning. The prince never even stood a chance. How better of a story would it have been if the MC started getting MORE stronger after being embarrassed. Instead, the story starts with the MC having everything a man could ever want in the world. AT THE AGE OF 18. The story completely shows the target audience it had in mind. H**ny losers. I enjoy erot*c sh*t as well, but making it THE main point of the story is dogshit. <<less
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Apr 25, 2022
Status: --
It's good, but I'm starting to see a pattern. Things gone good, until you pushed the enemy 1 inch before death, and then they pulled out magical plot device, or magic tool, whatever you called it, and it goes yadayada for a while.
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Feb 20, 2022
Status: v1c25
This is a unique twist on a fantasy story.

The story follows the MCs POV 50% of the time with the other 50% being on the side characters actions. However, don't be worried since these POV switches actually continue the story along a steady pace. Unlike other novels which rehash previous scenes and retell old content. In turn, this makes this story a very rare gem.

So, the MC is a morally grey guy. He's a womanizing guy, but isn't a typical beta harem protag. He is direct, smart and doesn't allow... more>> slights against him. If anyone offends him, he'll get even in a ingenious believable way.

Overall, if you like Alpha MCs who treat woman like normal people, (well outside of the 'plot'), you'll find this story interesting enough to read. It is a rather refreshing take on this genre.

Rate 4.4/5 <<less
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Jan 22, 2022
Status: v2
Look, the novel is nice, BUT the MC is a f*cking a**hole

Seriously, its not "alpha MC", its "as*hole MC"


The girl betrayed the MC because she loved the lrince and she gets the bad end, he betrayed her MANY times just because of lust and he ends really well... This is really nonsense

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Jan 15, 2021
Status: --
The title doesn't lie. MC is indeed a licentious, bloodthirsty, sadistic bastard, which is why I read this in the first place. Many times I've read novels with a synopsis saying that the MC is scum but turning out that the MC is just an edgy yet forgiving guy whos afraid of mu*der who shys away the moment some person offers themselves to him.

IMO, the make-the-prince-pay arc was meh since a lot of chapters were wasted just for it to end in a predictable way (prince getting destroyed and fiance... more>> getting mind-bent). But yeah, all in all, your usual JP novel with an op protagonist, nothing special or groundbreaking about it except its actually giving you what you're looking for. <<less
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Jan 27, 2022
Status: v2c24
The MC being fully aware of how much of a bastard he is kinda makes it hard to sh*t on him.

"I did not think of myself as a good son. I was well aware of what kind of weight I exerted on his nerves." It's good that he has some sort of self awareness of how much of a pain in the ass he is to his fahter lmao

Like the title says, this novel's villains and opposition to the bastard that is Dyngir are just that much worser than the... more>> guy and to be able to do that is quite something else after seeing Dyngir do some r*pey hentai protagonist stuff throughout the story.

From the looks of it, he falls in the category of "Chad MCs" for the other readers that like to vicariously live through these MCs that get laid, when in fact the MC of this one is a straight up scumbag. He has good points, but he's still a scumbag. Quite fun and satisfying seeing him go so far with his elaborate revenge plan when he tries to get payback for people wronging him though. <<less
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Mar 14, 2021
Status: v1 interlude 7
While I do like characters like these they really dont shine at all with a shitty cast. The satisfaction of revenge is none existant due to how simple the idiot prince and delusional ex-wife are. The action and steps towards revenge or getting stronger is barely touched upon either making this just mediocre for me atleast. Waifus barely get any banter during chapters and for the most part only show up for s*x scenes.

I'll keep reading for now and fix this horrible review incase it gets worse or better
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Mar 26, 2023
Status: v2c62
How to put it? It's a novel that sounds like it's bad when described here, but is actually good, but then becomes meh. That's pretty much my take.

The setting is okayish, it's pretty much one of those European medieval society types with Japanese flavor mixed in (and in this case also Chinese, to some minor degree). It's nothing special, but fitting for the story.

The summary and some reviews would have you believe the plot is tr*sh. No, it isn't. It's actually fairly good for a Japanese webnovel. The same goes... more>> for the protagonist. The whole "stolen fiance" thing is only the plot of the first volume, and feels kind of like the assassination of an Austro-Hungarian royal that sparked off World War I - an event that could be written off as inconsequential in the light of subsequent events, but nonetheless it sparked them off.

It was actually written quite well. It sounds cliche and cringe when described, but it was done well. The protagonist (at least in the first chapter, less so afterwards) was pretty civil and level-headed about the whole thing (I don't understand why some people criticize him for pursuing the events at the start when it's clearly explained, even spoonfed, to you that it happened in a very humiliating way that would destroy his family's standing if handled poorly). Like, honestly, the only bad thing the protagonist had going for him was his le*dness, but I personally didn't mind much. Well, he did some bad things that are offputting when they pile up, but nothing right off the bat. Plus, if you wait to find out some bits and pieces about his backstory, it makes sense that he has a screw or two loose. Overall, he was okay because he was a tough guy who was happy to fight (be it in a battlefield or in a bed), and had a strong personality, which is unlike 99% of Japanese doormat protagonists.

Anyway, I digressed slightly. The plot is good in first volume, but things start to fall apart in volume 2. It becomes meh, somewhat boring, somewhat predictable, somewhat bland. It's not bad per se, but the story lacks depth. It wasn't an issue at first, but because the author keeps on including POV chapters (other characters' point of view), the novel becomes bland with time. I mean, I like the POV chapters here, but there must be proper balance with protagonist's POV chapters, and the balance unfortunately began to tilt toward other characters, which makes the reader lose touch with the protagonist somewhat.

Other characters, well... The author put some proper effort into male characters despite it being a harem novel, both on the allied, neutral, and enemy side. Many harem novels neglect other male characters, but not this one. It's similar for female characters, but... well, they're still pretty bland and 2d. Maybe the princess got some more depth, but the romance was rushed and lacked in depth. Pity because it started off well.

So overall, it's a mediocre novel to me. Not nearly as bad as advertised, but also quickly deteriorating. Maybe it's because of this that it went on hiatus. <<less
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Sep 12, 2022
Status: --
Err, sooo... Better than my very low standard for every fantasy novel. Characters, except the villains, the prince and ex-fiancee, are built properly. Things don't feel too forced. The plot isn't very interesting, but coherent and executed decently. In short, quite good for a generic fantasy.
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