I’m 8 Million Poor


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In the cliché romance novel, “I‘ve been in love with you for a thousand years”, Jiang Baiwan, a second generation rich female villainess, committed su*cide after her family went bankrupt. When she died, all she had left was a bank card with 8 million in it and a small villa in her name…

The white-collar worker Jiang Baiwan woke up to find herself transmigrated as that rich second generation who had just began to swallow sleeping pills!

And when she checked the number in the bank card, the newly transmigrated bankrupt rich girl almost fainted with excitement…

Heavens! Eight Million! I’m rich!

As the big BOSS who controls the lifeline of the global economy, Ji Chen felt that life was not challenging.

He watched on with indifference as the Jiang family went bankrupt. He could even watch his former fiancée Jiang Baiwan, whom he had never met, live on the streets because of the bankruptcy and it wouldn’t cause any ripples in his cold heart.

Until one day, Ji Chen saw his former fiancée walking down the street, treating a designer bag as a fish basket while chewing on a pancake in her hand.

……How can this woman be so leisurely!

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New ryrdgx rated it
April 15, 2024
Status: Completed
4.2 but I gave 5 stars to bump up the unfair rating. Good fluff read with a positive FL and an occasionally shy ceo ML lol
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Lan wuji
New Lan wuji rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: c16
I just want to ask, why doesn't FL inherit the memories of the original host? Watching her making up all the dog blood drama in her head is very embarrassing. I got multiple SHE from this.

I agree with @Lumina6584.

The ML is simply a spicy chicken (tr*sh). Sure he doesn't do anything extreme but is your conscience not hurting? You abandoned the original host. As her fiancee you only watched she suffer to the point of committing su*cide but now that she acts different, you're suddenly interested?! F*ck off! This kind... more>> of spicy chicken isn't worth the cabbage I painstakingly raise! I love the FL even though she's silly sometimes. Seriously though, dear FL, if you transmigrate without original owner's memory, can you act with caution? Begging author to input some IQ into the novel.

Also the OG FL is a f*cking waste. Every scene is you crying. Cry cry cry might as well drown yourself to death! Sooner or later even if you don't drown yourself to death, I bet you'll fking die from dehydration.

Anyway overall love the trope but gotta say the spicy chicken ML simply makes my blood boil. Can read for the sake of FL but can't be taken seriously. (2/5) <<less
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Lumina25684 rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: c17
Honestly, I'm persisting, but it feels very s*upid and brain dead.

ML let her family be ruined by Novel ML and doesn't care, even breaking engagement with her (apparently original's parents died because of that and yet here comes MC who is so good, she puts up with everything and makes herself guilty for them. She's just the same as Novel FL, except not a crying bag, but an optimistic').

ML later stalks her and embarrasses her by giving her a check and telling her to stop following him, but he's the... more>> one who stalks her after. Everything feels fake and contradictory. One minute, she's like 'I'm not giving into his looks' and the next, she's staring s*upidly and the crowd goes, 'he's so handsome!'. Also, because she skimmed the text, she doesn't know he's a former fiance and makes up a s*upid drama about original playing a poor boy and leaving despite everyone saying ML is richer than Novel ML. WTH.

The story is very illogical. Original loves Novel ML and was ruined by him, but also sticks to her fiance and was abandoned by him? Now, just because she becomes a little interesting in his boring life (it's always this cliché), he watches her and she becomes s*upidly embarrasses and guilty towards him despite having done nothing wrong. <<less
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mustachemerlin rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: Completed
The entire story is pretty simple, but I'd call it streamlined, it hits the points it wants to hit. I have this idea? I think that every story has a "heart" to it, right? Some core pillar that holds the whole thing up. Michelangelo famously said that he didn't sculpt angels, he saw the man in the marble and let him free. Like the rock already "knew" what it wanted to be. Miyazaki (the guy behind Studio Ghibli) said something similar, "I'm a s*ave to the movie. I'm not just... more>> doing what I want, the movie, it has a certain way it needs to be made" - and I could list many others. It's a theme you hear from the *really* good artists. They don't make art from nothing, there's something they see out there that the rest of us can't, and they're just pulling it from the great wherever into the realm of reality. That "something" would be the heart I'm talking about. This guiding force that whispers in an artist's ear, this is what I am, this is how it should be, this is how you have to make it.

Bad stories are often stories that can't hear that voice. The story has a heart, and the author doesn't get it. They cut out the pillar holding everything up.
As an illustration, an example of not being able to hear the story tell you what it is - I grew up a huge fan of the Halo series. But it was never the same after the IP transferred from the Bungie game studio to 343 studios. This is a widely held sentiment, Halo fans have been universally miserable since 2011. And I think? Bungie understood Halo's beating heart, and 343 did not. 343 Halo, it's a superhero story. The master chief is the center of the universe and everything revolves around his choices and what he does. But Bungie Halo - there was the heart of it. Halo, is about feeling small. You're just one guy in the middle of a huge war stranded on an unfamiliar planet in a vast, unknown universe - anything could be out there, anything could happen, and you're just... there. You do your best, and sometimes it helps, but it's always not enough, you're just one guy.

And that informs EVERYTHING about what happens, how the story is made and how it goes. You try to save the spaceship, but your heroic efforts don't do anything, it still crashes. You're not the big boss, you're a soldier and you follow the captain's orders. You save some marines, but not everyone. You stop the bad guys from blowing up the universe, but the Halo ring the game is about still blows up, with everyone on it (it's the alien planet you're on so that's bad. generally it's a bad day when the planet you're on explodes). And the game ends with you floating in space, alone in a tiny little life pod a million million miles from anywhere... and the war is still going on, somewhere far, far away. The game is epic and bombastic... and it's all to make you feel so, so very small in front of it all.

So, you see why making that "one guy in the middle of a huge world" into a superhero power fantasy everything went to crap. That's directly counter to the pillar, they're bad authors because they couldn't see the thing that made it work, they saw "oh it's epic, so you should feel really big!".

It's funny, I watch the behind the scenes and a lot of it is "Oh the old weapon sounds, they were too small, we made new ones with some OOMPH, put the bass in there, really make it feel big and powerful like it's doing some damage, you know?" They were making whatever they wanted, instead of listening to the story, and making what IT wanted. Halo already had a heart, but they didn't know it and ran headfirst in the exact opposite direction. It was always *different*, from then on.

So, you can see why I say it's so important to have that precious intuition, the ability to see the man in the marble and know what it is you're making. And how it can all go wrong when you can't. It's a skill that's all the more precious because it can't be taught - you either "get it" or you don't.

So, that was a long lead up, where I showed you this thing so that I could explain why I like this story. Even though it's not a complicated story and it doesn't have anything particularly unusual about it. There's something special there. The thing that's special here - The author of this story sees what they're making.

This story, like every story, has it's heart. It's a very simple and funny heart, after all, a story's heart doesn't have to be a profound or complex thing, it just has to stay true to what it is. The heart of this story? Jiang Baiwan doesn't need you, she's got 8 Million!

And it's the mark of someone with vision, that everything in the story works in service of exactly that. There's an overbearing CEO, and like every overbearing CEO, he wants to roll up into Jiang Baiwan's life and say "I like you so I'm taking over your life now. Live like I say" - but he can't. He doesn't have the ability to, Jiang Baiwan would never let him. Their past where he was awful to her means he doesn't have the status to tell her to do jack squat. Even his ultimate skill, his money, it's useless! Jiang Baiwan doesn't need his money, she's got 8 Million!

The netizens are in an angry frenzy and the entertainment industry wants to make Jiang Baiwan conform to their standards and their expectations? She doesn't care, and she refuses. She doesn't need to be in the entertainment industry, she's got her own plans and her own ideas... and she's got 8 Million to make it happen! Who wants to be famous? She wants to

open a snack shop!


I could go on but if I list too many examples I'd spoil the whole book... because it is. It's the whole book. The book has a heart, and the author knows what it is, and puts their efforts to making sure everything supports it all the way through.

The theme through to the very end, literally reinforced in even the last paragraph, is that Jiang Baiwan is independent in every way that matters. She has her own life and her own goals and her own thoughts, she can support herself and doesn't need to rely on Ji Chen or anybody else. Sometimes she does, but it's never because she has to, but because people care about her. She's a free spirit. That's what the story is about, and it knows that that's what it's about.

It's not deep, it's not complicated, it's not shockingly original. None of those things are what it needs to be - it is what it is supposed to be and nothing else. You might call it pure. It is solidly made with clear intent, a quality result of someone who knew exactly what they wanted to do and did it. It's not the best story I've ever read, but it is a good story. If some stories are grand incredible masterpieces, amazing monuments and someone's life's work, like a big 7 story marble statue towering over a city... this story. It's a birdhouse, made by a really good carpenter out of nice, hard wood. The measurements are precise and the cuts are all very clean, it doesn't wobble, it's very sturdy. It's a very cute little birdhouse that will keep the birds warm and dry, and it's going to last a long time. You can tell it was made with care, but not meant to be a masterwork. People won't gather from all around the world just to see it and stare in awe and marvel at its marble majesty. But. It's a good thing. A very good thing, worth appreciating. The birds like it. Even if you gave them a big statue, they'd probably just poop on it and then get rained on without a nice bird-sized wooden roof. Sometimes, a little birdhouse was the right thing to build, y'know? It's cool that the carpenter knew that it was the right thing, and made it exactly how it needed to be. <<less
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December 22, 2020
Status: c73
I almost finished it, but it just got too boring. It's not a bad book it just lacked a lot of something.

The Original FL was so annoying. All she does is cry and keeps implementing the MC at every go around. It makes no sense. Also her annoying boyfriend as well who treats her like a baby.

4/10 would probably not recommend.
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Pezwitch rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: Completed
I read Shanghai Fantasy's TL and I don't understand why this novel has such a low rating, if I could give more than 5 stars I would, just to get the rating up

And I'm not sure which novel @Lumina25684 read because her review didn't make sense to me, whose parents died?

The OG body's parents took her brother and left the country. The OG's Fiancée's father is alive and pushing for their marriage


How is the former fiancée stalking her? Her new apartment is a few blocks from his office, so of course he sees her occasionally

She doesn't know who he is because in the novel his name isn't mentioned often, he's described with the generic term "Fiancée"


And I'm not sure what is illogical about the rest of the story

The transmigrator FL is a poor orphan who transmigrates into a book she has read the description of and skimmed a few chapters, but has not finished reading. She finds out she owns a villa, has 8 Million in cash, and has a contract with an entertainment agency

She decides to move into a small apartment and rent out the villa so she can have an income stream. Then she decides to live her life happily and ignore the novel's protagonists. What is illogical about this?

She doesn't recognize many of the novel's characters BECAUSE SHE HASN'T FINISHED THE NOVEL, not because she is s*upid

And I found it refreshing that

everyone noticed she had changed. Her former fiancée noticed it first and figured out the soul was different. His father and sister noticed personality changes. Her brother noticed personality changes. Most of them thought she became a better person because she suffered once she became poor, but, THEY NOTICED CHANGES, which was a nice touch


It was also refreshing that she wasn't Mary Sue.

She made mistakes, when she started her Malatang shop her cooking was bad so she had to hire a cook. She didn't blindly trust people, but, she also didn't think everyone who spoke to her had an agenda either


This is a good novel, which I highly recommend 7 out of 5 stars (hoping to get the rating up)
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s pretty easy to root for FL. She’s honestly, as realistic as fictional characters can get, with a likeable personality. Tan Mi (FL’s friend) also turned out to be nuanced and likeable.

The rest of the characters are very two-dimensional and caricatures of popular tropes. The pacing of the story was dragging, and there were a lot of plot holes. It was an interesting concept if only the author didn’t force the love story with ML.
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kyrez rated it
November 1, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is light and fluffy~ 🌈

and I like how we get glimpses of their characters' growth. I think the pace is quite believable..

... more>>

FL actually denies the 'reality' of her transmigration by chasing money~🍫💸

and ML is a smart man but kind of an idiot about things related to hearts and feelings. He's actually very very cute (moe^^) 🍯🍒


The side characters are the matchmakers of the ML and FL... and the protagonists of the books? They are really 'idiotic and selfish' villains. I shake my head (smh) every time I read about them. 😐☠️

In short, I think the story is nice especially if we're looking to read something cliche but not too dramatic nor heavy. 😻🍭

So happy that I chose to read this novel. So I'd definitely recommend you to try it yourself! 😉👒🛋 <<less
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seawaterwitch rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: c23
Not Bad. It is Indeed Hillarious Funny. The translation also good.

It is about story of rich girl soul being replaced by poor girl. They had different point of view of how to live a life.

The ex fiancee is handsome. Imagine your ex fiancee is Jungkook BTS or Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves. How you can not drool? But you just arrived in that world and you barely know your ex fiancee.

... more>> The white lotus rarely out. So these story is tipical korean drama.

I gave it 5 stars. Most important is quality of translation. I love it. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: Completed
A cute and light story. The pacing is a bit bad that I had to skip some chapters, and the characters are one dimensional, but at least it won't make your brain cringe with logical fallacies like a lot of CN web novels out there. Recommended to pass time, though there are still lots of CN novels better than this one.
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Kheta rated it
February 11, 2024
Status: c84

It's an okay novel. Nothing out of this world about it, the love story is compact and there's not a whole lot of action going on. Character development is also just eh.

It has its good moments and can be funny at times, but it's not really my cup of tea y'know. Not enough self-reflection or forethought by a lot of the characters. Kinda want to finish it because I got so far. It's definitely an okay read if you're in the mood for a story with minimal love triangles and... more>> no gore. Like some bad stuff does happen though. Just nothing too tragic.

A lot of the plot is contrived at best lmao. Though the author is pretty self-aware about this and tries to manage a lot of the issues in the plot as above board as possible. But again, not a series for me and I mostly completed it out of boredom. <<less
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ri_n rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a basically a no logic, sweet pampering story so dont try to overthink about how the ML and other characters became close with a "previously" bad tempered MC.
The author has forewarned both in the synopsis and in-chapter author's note that its really no logic.

The interaction between the MC and ML is smooth and sweet and MC is comedic. The side characters are also interesting in their own different ways.

MC's character became annoying halfway tho because the author made her a money obsessed person that just keeps talking money here and there, also the frequent title drop has become an unsuccessful joke and just strengthened her annoyingness.

Give it a go if you want to read a light romance story that goes straight to romance without any further build up but if you want to read a comprehensive story that does not immediately fall-deeply-in-love at first sight and has solid emotional and mental build up, then veer away from this one.
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Humbledaisy rated it
April 1, 2024
Status: c72
I’m not finished yet but - it’s an amusing “book wearing” story with an inherently frugal heroine taking over from a spendthrift FL. Since it’s a novel, many of the characters have excessive “love brain” so much so that it’s funny to hear side characters say things like “President X is so great at work but his mind turns off when it comes to his girlfriend.” It’s my theory that the novel’s OG heroine (this story’s villain) is actual a giant smartness drain!
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October 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a cute and fluffy read, yet a bit slow at some point.

Ji Chen is a cute ML, very innocent and Jiang Baiwan is adorable and a breath of fresh air. Her friendship with Tan Mi is very similar to Kyoko and Kanae’s from Skip Beat and I really liked them both.

... more>>

The story has minimal drama but the original protagonists are pretty pathetic and ridiculous and to be perfectly honest, exhausting. They were at first here for comic relief but they took their antagonist roles quite seriously.

The original FL lead is soooooo tiring. She’s a small celebrity literally known for always crying and acting like she’s been bullied. The first time we see her, she comes to see MC with ori!ML and the scene ends up with him princess carrying her because she cut her finger. They don’t have a forever but they are both so s*upid they low key deserve each other.

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gzd132 rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Once I started, I couldn’t stop!

This book was a short, sweet and fun romance with no misunderstandings and plenty of fluff.
I truly enjoyed reading this over the span of a few hours. It was definitely worth it.
Honestly I wasn’t too sure about this book because the synopsis didn’t really sound that great. However, I’m glad I decided to pick it up anyways.
The chemistry between the leads is wonderful; it was beautiful how their relationship grows slow and steady. It’s built from friendship and trust between one another, then eventually turns into something more.
There’s definitely a bit of face-slapping (the original FL) thrown in there too, if you enjoy that.

All in all, check this book out if you have some time to spare.
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Samina rated it
July 22, 2020
Status: c1
I read it all I really like this it's simple story I enjoyed it well I wish it has extra stories
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