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The Saint: “Bro Yi, Can you make me your servant?

Yi Feng: “What? A Saint like you wants to become my servant. Do you have any shame?

The Saint: “My sister is very beautiful”

Yi Feng (His eyes is glowing): Little Saint, you can follow me from now. All right, remember to tell your sister to come!

The King: “Yi Feng! Your bastard, what are you doing?

Yi Feng: My bad! My bad! My king, I just want to stroll in this harem a little bit. Who knows those girls have been following me like that?

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Mị Ảnh
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Yuzu rated it
March 2, 2017
Status: c113

Probably the only reason you should read this is for the comedy the MC creates. His way with words is enough to enjoy the story while ignoring how he mixes his shamelessness and perversion in between syllables.

As for the cultivation system, not much to comment. Neutral.

Only the MC is literally a genius at learning but undergoes DBZ training,
[low-key] in a variety of topics that were introduced initially and is later explained up to that point.

Harem wise, lots of chicks introduced already. Childhood friend + girl with mysterious family background + sister apprentices + charm body girl. And that's only in the first hundred chapters. Hopefully he ends up with a proper female lead that can keep a handle on him.

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