Illusion (Lan Lin)


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Everyone knew that Master Qiao Si stood for the word “ruthless” in City S.

No one dared to call him by name,

Even Master Qiao Si himself seemed to have forgotten his actual name.

At this point of life, Master Qiao Si thought he was capable of seeing through anything in the world,

Except for his half brother –

He’s willing to exchange anything he could afford for a look from Qiao Che.

Duan Heng, who came to serve him ten years ago,

A future star under his patronage and one of his pets,

Was also one of the “tributes” to Qiao Che.

However, this young man was like a loyal and handsome large puppy for him.

His bold love was almost addictive.

Momentary happiness, though it might be illusory, was nonetheless happiness.

Those feelings that should have been long forgotten started to come back……

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Cuo Jue
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Kerri rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: Completed
This is my first time writing a review for a series. I was surprised this series didn't have any to start off with.

So I'm going to leave one...

If you are familiar with Shui Qian Cheng and her series In love with an Idiot. Then this is just down that alleyway or similar in some aspects or more so than not.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to read the first couple translations since the site is no longer available so I completed the series though MTL and it was... more>> not too hard to follow along with what was going on. Thought some parts were kind of hard to understand, it wasn't too long of a read. I'm not going to spoil what happens in the series and I'll leave it to your discretion what you think of the story. Please review over the tags as I tried my best to add as many as I could to inform you of what is found in the story. If you are not comfortable with the tags then I advise you to close the tab or leave this page.

However, if you want spoilers:


The MC (seme in the beginning then become seke) is a spoiled master who thinks too highly of himself and belittles everyone around him. Everyone around the MC is so two faced that there's really almost no likeable characters except probably the butler and the other Uke. Throughout the story, the MC is the second most pitiful character in the story, the first is the ML (IMO, although he's a little messed up, I think he's pitiful in being so dedicated to the MC even though the MC's unfaithful asf (sleeping around with beautiful ukes), decided to kill the ML and sent the ML to another to serve. I say that the MC is pitiful because he's r*ped/forced into s*xual acts by the ML, and by his younger brother (Later, I read that the author changed it to half-brother due to complications that arose from the in*est-like relationship.). I stomach and endure to the end, I don't know if the MC is worthy of the ML or vise versa.


But overall, the story got a 3 star only due to me reading the MTL version of the story. I don't know if the translated version would be better but I would have like to read it. Who knows if it would clarify certain aspects of the story I didn't get. <<less
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