I’ll End This Engagement


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I suddenly possessed Leah Prezis, the fiancee of a second male lead and the vindictive evil woman resented by the readers. With the betrayal of the female protagonist and her fiance, I put my everything into changing the fate of Leah, the wicked woman.

“I’m going to ask you to break our engagement. ”

Finally, I asked for a breakup in order to escape from the barbaric death ending, and he said, “I can’t do that.”

What? You can’t do that now?

And I never thought I’d get hit in the back of my head right before I managed to escape from the terrible fate of Leah Prezis.

“Why, do you want me to beg you not to leave, on my knees?”

When I saw a certain man’s persistent smile, there was only one thought that came to my mind: No, you’re crazy!

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ije geuman pahonhae deulilgeyo
이제 그만 파혼해 드릴게요
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New Desi_Dreams rated it
May 18, 2022
Status: c37
I’m really enjoying this novel. Wook is a great translator!

I think there may have been a continuity issue in chapter 37 though.

In the earlier chapters, it was my understanding that

the FLs dad died committing suicide to prove the ML was telling the truth. But in chapter 37 it says that he died of fever like the FLs mother?


Other than that, I love that this novel expresses the internal thoughts of a person a lot. I like the plot, the characters, everything.
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New Tarotta rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: c23
I just hope that people around our protagonist will finally realize she lost her memories, almost everything she's doing is embarassing, it's hard to read this novel sometimes. Looks like the author doesn't like it when the transmigrator blends in too easily. I don't like the MC but I'm curious about the ML and his relationship with Leah, is he just a tsundere who actually cares about his fiancee or does he have another reason for keeping her close, even though he doesn't like her. I hope it's the latter!
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caroviee rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: c50
Kinda interesting but yes basically the same plot with the other novels. I am really curious about what happened to the og Leah, I also pity her.

The fMC is decent, I love how she slanders Davan in her head. I pretty much agree with her with the part that Davan is tr*sh. And as for the ml, which is Davan, he's a garbage ugh I wanna slap him and open his head to know what's going through his mind.

... more>>

He said a lot of insensitive words to Leah like the time when he said I don't want you in my future. It made my blood boil.

He sees Leah as a doll. When Leah suddenly changed, it made him uncomfortable. It's like a doll who's not following his master anymore. That's what he thought. He was so sure that Leah would follow and chase after him forever, so now that Leah changed, he says that it's annoying and tells Leah to act like she used to.



Tbh, I prefer the emperor for Leah. He's really nice and cares for Leah a lot. He didn't really admit it when his aide asked if he has feelings for Leah so it's kinda vague if he loves her romantically or not. I can't wait for her to run away from Davan. I wanna see him suffer and regret :D


Recently, this was adapted into a manhwa and the art is so pretty omg. I hate how Davan looks so good with that sh*t personality of his 😭 <<less
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cc408 rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: --
Mhm, it's your typical "reincarnated as the villainess in a novel" trope with the MC trying to survive and changing her end.
Despite being a vain woman who loves good looks, she's sane enough to not like the ML, who killed the original villainess, in the original story. As far as the recent chapter, ML is being a total jack*ss to her, but this type of ML usually ends up being the biggest idiot in love, so I'm looking forward to that moment. There are mysteries to unfold for sure,... more>> and I'm curious about where all of this is going. <<less
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shugu8rena rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: c3
Hmm.. I guess I don't like the jittery type of MC. To me, her dialogues sounded too anxious even though she haven't done anything yet to the OGFL, can't move on or adapt easily, the annoying type or maybe because I've read so much of the same plot that this one does not sit well as good as others. Lol

I don't agree with the original Leah's love so I can't sympathize with her. Her feelings, her responsibility. Don't blame others for it. If someone is not good for you then... more>> stop. Move one.

Davan.. I won't like it if he's forgiven so easily for his actions. Gonna skip this for now, I don't have the motivation to continue reading it. <<less
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